17&Quot; Led Open Frame Monitor/ Resistive/ S.A.W/ Capacitive/ Infrared Touch/ 1280X1024/ Rgb/ Dvi/ Dc12V / 350Cd

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 a. High Speed Response
 b. Automatic Scanning
 c. Power supply with enhanced design margin
 d. RoHS Compliant
 e. S.A.W Touch screen
    Resistive Touch screen

    Infrared Touch screen


Kiosk , ATM , Retails, Commercial Transportation, Advertising Display
Signage Display and Many other industrial application


Viewable Size Image17″
Backlight UnitWhite LED 
Active Area (mm)

337.920 X 270.336

Pixel Pitch (mm)

0.264 X 0.264

Number of Pixel1280 X 1024
Contrast Ratio (Typ.)1000 : 1
Brightness (cd/m²)350
Viewing Angle (L/R/U/D)85 / 85 / 80 / 80
Operating Temperature0~50°c
Input SignalRGB
Input PowerDC12V
            Frame Standard Type                                  Open Frame                       



FrameChassis(Closed), Panel Mount
Input signalDVI, HDMI, Video
Input powerDC24V / AC110~220V 
DimmingAuto Dimming
 Touch & etcSAW, Resistive, Capacitive, IR  



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Q:I want to know the flat panel display and liquid crystal display which is more damage to the eyes
Certainly hurt some flat.You adjust the contrast of the lcd.
Q:What is the function of LCD?
First, transfer the VGA (D-sub) via the DVI! Digital signals naturally decay! If you're a friend who's looking for high definition digital video, you don't usually recommend switching! In fact, only signals from the DVI and HDMI interfaces are digital video in the true sense! Any connection can not be a real digital output signal!Second, of course, there are data lines on the DVI! Prices are different according to workmanship and materials, an interface specification is different, up and down uneven! The general DVI-D interface data wire plating Chrysostom in 200 about the price! The average product price is between 50.00-80.00!Third, even DVI data lines and interface specifications are different! Now we are talking about the DVI interface in 1999 by the digital display working group DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) introduced interface standards, is the abbreviation of Digital Visual Interface, its modeling is a 24 pin connector. Designed for digital display devices such as LCD displays. The DVI interface has a variety of specifications, divided into DVI-A, DVI-D and DVI-I. DVI-A is actually the VGA interface standard, it's just a change. Therefore, the liquid crystal display with DVI interface is not necessarily the real digital LCD; DVI-D realizes the real digital signal transmission. The DVI-I takes all of the two interfaces, and when DVI-I is connected to the VGA device, it is the role of DVI-A; when DVI-I is connected to the DVI-D device, it plays the role of DVI-D. To be compatible with traditional analog display devices, most video cards now use 24 digital signal pins and 5 analog signal pins for the DVI-I interface
Q:LCD display lights are not what is going on, the screen is not bright
Change the host to try the monitor, if the good is the computer graphics card problem, if bad, it may be the monitor internal problems, this master came
Q:LCD screen glued on how?
LCD screen glue, you can use alcohol cleaning, or use a computer screen dedicated cleaning liquid cleaning.A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat, ultra thin display device consisting of a certain number of color or black and white pixels, placed in front of the light source or reflector. Liquid crystal display power consumption is very low, suitable for use of battery electronic equipment. Its main principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules with electric current to produce dots, lines and planes, and match the back lamp tube to form a picture.Screen, also called display screen, is an electrical appliance for displaying images and colors. The commonly used display screens are standard (narrow screen) and wide screen. The aspect ratio of the screen is 4:3 (and a small proportion is 5:4). The widescreen aspect ratio is 16:10 or 16:9. When the diagonal length is constant, the closer the width to height ratio is to 1, the larger the actual area. Widescreen is more in line with the human eye area shape.
Q:Do you need to erase the LCD?
There are two entirely opposite versions of the Internet: "degaussing" and "do not erase"! Personally think that does not require degaussing, reason is: liquid crystal display and CRT display principle are essentially different, will not cause adverse effect of remanence external magnetic field and the metal components of the display on the LCD color and color purity, so the liquid crystal display does not require degaussing circuit or degaussing.
Q:Computer even LCD display how to adjust the clarity?
Correcting blind spots. You are no longer called LCD, you mean LCD TV, see your separation rate should be sure you plug in the LCD TV behind the VGA interface! So were the highest rate of only so much, if you have the LCD TV HDMI interface on your graphics card also has HDMI excuse then selling HD line docking computer definition will be much higher, because your screen is 47, your current card is not to support such a high resolution. So even with the HDMI will not be as clear as the display, unless you are on the thousand dollars level graphics card, then HDMI (premise your LCD TV resolution is also very high, 1080P) will be very clear. The screen is LED best. LCD is bad, too.
Q:PHILPS LCD has snowflakes
When the monitor shows snow, check it according to the following steps:1) try to restore the display factory settingsPress the button on the monitor (OSD menu) to find the restore factory settings, click on the confirmation of the existence of the fault.2) confirm whether the contact of the monitor line is in good condition and whether the connection line is damaged or notMake sure the connection is secure and replace the wire to confirm that the monitor is still working.3) make sure the video card driver is abnormalTry reinstalling or updating the video card driver to see if the display fault is still4) if the above item does not solve the fault, replace a monitor to have a look. If the change after the failure is still, that is the graphics card hardware problems, at this point the need to repair the video card.
Q:Is a LED monitor a liquid crystal display?
Among the consumers of many displays, LCD (Liquid, Crystal, Display) refers to liquid crystal displays; LED generally refers to liquid crystal display using LED backlight. So it's not appropriate to compare the LCD and LED's different classes.In the current market, liquid crystal display is mainly divided into two categories, one is the use of traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) LCD, and the other is the use of LED (LED) backlit lcd. Many consumers directly refer to the first type of monitor as LCD, and the second type of monitor is called LED. If the statement is incorrect, it does exist.Because, for many consumers put forward "LCD and LED difference", in fact, the real comparison is "LED backlit LCD display and the traditional CCFL backlight LCD display" the difference between".At present, LED backlight in the civil display market has greatly replaced the traditional CCFL backlight potential, the following author from the point of view of both advantages and disadvantages to introduce two kinds of backlight.
Q:What's the difference between HD LCD and other ordinary LCD?
High definition display, higher resolution, display more delicate, clear. But the host configuration requirements will also be higher. Three monitors are 1080p high score display, cost-effective, the Great Wall m2336 should be the highest.The physical resolution of classification display is divided into the following stages: 480P (Biao Qing), 720P (hd), 960P (Chao Qing), 1080P (original), so the high-definition display technically refers to the resolution of 1280*720 (720P) display.With the continuous development of display technology, high-definition display has entered more and more people's lives. However, most people know is for HD display to see clearly or grainy less, and for a variety of professional technical resolution at. In the understanding, often 1080P, and even reached 2K, 4K resolution display as HD display, in fact, this is not accurate, the resolution of 1080P display should be called full HD display (Full HD).
Q:LCD operating temperature
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