Claa133Ua02S Hw13Hdp101 For Ux31E Ux31A Laptop Screen Assemble

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CLAA133UA02S HW13HDP101 For UX31E UX31A laptop screen assemble   


Brand :AUO
Size :13.3
Brightness :220
Resolution :1366*768
Viewing Angle :45*45*15*35
Backlight :LED
Pixel :WXGA
contrast ratio :400
Response time :8
Voltage :3.3 V
Frame size :306.8*193.83*3.8
Pin :40 pin
Dot pitch :0.252
Screen Type :Anti-Glare


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Packing Method:

packing for each wrapped with foam into a static bag, 2pcs/inner box,10 boxes/ctn

one piece : (37cm X 29cm X 7cm) or (42cm X 29cm X 7cm)

many pieces:(46cmX36cmX33cm) or (64cm X 51cm X 46cm)



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Q:LCD LCD and LED which is good?
CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) backlit LCD (liquid crystal), usually referred to as CCFL backlight LCD for LCD. The use of light-emitting diode LED backlight LCD referred to as LED. LED backlight than CCFL backlight LCD to thin. LED backlight LCD than CCFL backlight LCD power saving, electro-optical conversion rate of about 99%. The LCD electro-optic conversion rate of CCFL backlight is 90%. LED backlit LCD has higher LCD brightness than CCFL backlight, and LED backlit LCD can be seen in the sun. The traditional CCFL backlight LCD brightness is low, can not watch the screen in the sun. LED backlight LCD color is bright, color gamut up to 118%. The LCD color gamut of CCFL backlight is only 78%. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to tell whether it is CCFL backlight or LED backlight, but in the sun you will see. LED backlit LCD brightness is relatively high. LCD backlight or LED good?. LED backlight is of high brightness and can not be used for a long timeYou can try it
Q:The LCD suddenly became blurred
And the drive has not heard, LCD blurred
Q:LCD does not display images
LCD refresh frequency generally support 60Hz, you set the refresh rate to 60Hz, try again, if not, then lower the resolution
Q:How long is the normal service life of LCD?
Service life of LCD displayCompared with the radiation that CRT displays can not eradicate, LCD has inherent advantages, and it basically has no radiation at all. LCDs are ideal for workers who use computers for a long time. Although the liquid crystal display power consumption and no radiation, but the LCD screen life is quite short, only about 5 years, and in use, the brightness will gradually decrease. Compared with the liquid crystal display, CRT display life is generally up to 10 years long, and that the effect will not be too big.The comparison of LCD and CRT is shown belowReference: it is recommended to work under normal temperature / humidity conditions. High temperature / high humidity affects the life of liquid crystal displays.2., intense temperature fluctuations affect the performance of liquid crystal displays, especially low temperatures affecting brightness and response time.It is recommended to work in a smooth, clean environment where dust causes internal electrical circuits to fail.3., do not let the liquid splash into the display. If you need to clean, please turn off the power, spray the detergent on the soft cloth, and then wipe it gently.4. liquid crystal display is glass products, when moving, should avoid collision, vibration.5. liquid crystal display on the surface of multi-layer film, strictly prohibited with sharp instrument.6., forbid to disassemble the LCD at will, if the breakdown, must ask the professional personnel to maintain.7. fixed screen for a long time, will reduce brightness, image retention phenomenon increases, it is recommended to use screen saver.8. do not use for a long time, please turn off the power supply of the monitor and unplug the power plug.
Q:Liquid crystal display, rain like ripples
I don't know what kind of liquid crystal display you use. There are several possibilities:1, the power supply is not clean, there is interference2, VGA signal line use time is too long, the signal distortion is too serious3, the LCD LVDS signal line is not in good contact.4, or the motherboard filter design is not very good.
Q:Can the lens cleaning liquid clean the LCD?
The liquid crystal surface is a film, so you must make sure that the cleaning solution will corrode the plastic!
Q:How does white screen appear on HP LCD?
There are 3 possible areas to judge:1. video card problem(re insert, clean the gold fingers, the fan is normalUpdate driver, you can download the driver wizardIf it doesn't work, you'll have to change it free during the warranty period2. connection problem (re insert, check VGA or DVI interface)3., monitor problems (check the electrical socket is energized. If convenient, then connect to other computers to see whether it is normal)Not yet, a key restore. If you do not prepare the system disk, CD-ROM can be used. Start the computer, press the Del button, set up in BIOS disk start, insert the system disk, and then restart, basically completed automatically according to the steps
Q:Which is the best computer LCD?
Of all brands, the apple monitor is the best. To say why, it boils down to the following:1. most Apple display screens are Retina screens. Retina screen refers to the retina screen, can more clearly reflect the details of things, textures, colors and other physical attributes, so that people can see things more easily.2.Retina screen cost is high. Because of the high cost, workmanship is more refined, the price is high, the effect is good. The so-called penny, a sub goods, that is the reason.3., the future direction of Apple products display is Retina. With the Retina display, it can solve most of the problems that could not be solved before. Because times are developing, society is progressing, and science and technology are more and more developed.
Q:How to choose a computer LCD
It is recommended to buy ViewSonic, ViewSonic warranty for 3 years, the price is also affordable.
Q:How to lock 100 LCD display
Liquid crystals may support less than 100, not CRT...It also requires video cards to meet that requirement

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