21.5 Inch Laptop Led Screen Display 1920*1080 LM215WF3-SDC2 For IMAC

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$88.00 - 100.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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500 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

1920*1080 21.5inch Laptop LCD Screen  LM215WF3-SDC2 For IMAC  


Model:  LM215WF3-SDC2 

Item Condition: New

Resolution: 1920*1080

Widescreen: YES

Size: 21.5 Inch

Backlight Lamp: diodes

BackLight:  LED Backlight

Inverter & Data Cable: NOT Included

Status: Grade A+, NO DEAD PIXEL

Screen Type: TFT Active Matrix Matte

Packing: Antistatic bag and box

Warranty: 3 months 

Status: New, Grade A+.



For panels 1-10 pieces, we pack them in small box 

Volum Weight: 3.5KG/Box, 1-2 pieces/box

For panels 10+ pieces, we pack them in big box, 

47CM*37CM*29CM, 20 pieces/box

Volum Weight: 11.5KG/box, MASS Weight: 14KG/box

Packing will be safe because we are professional. 


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Q:Flatscreen TV vs LCD monitor?
The only LCD monitors with higher capabilities than HDTVs are the 30-inch WQXGA monitors, which have 2560x1600 resolution. HDTVs top out at 1920x1080 (aka 1080p High Definition), which is what most computer monitors top out at as well. So either one is fine, really, unless you want very high resolution, in which case you need a WQXGA monitor.
Q:Do you have a webcam for LCD?
LCD LCD camera. Apple has a camera LCD, absolutely do not sell monitors, have to sell the original computer
Q:Why is my 19 LCD monitor dull?
Hi. Your monitor has a native resolution equal to the actual pixel count for width and height. Set your monitor to this value by right clicking on your desktop and selecting 'Properties'. A wide screen has different values than a 4:3 monitor, but the native resolution always gives the best resolution.
Q:buying an LCD monitor vs HDTV?
on the same time as the adaptation in recent times does not depend, decrease back whilst HD replaced into new, TVs had HDMI and known television inputs on the same time as video reveal instruments in basic terms had laptop ports (VGA, DVI, etc). at present, the only real element that HDTVs have that video reveal instruments do no longer are the photograph accelerators. different than that, you ought to use the video reveal as an HDTV. in spite of the undeniable fact that, the employer isn't a mainstream employer. the known could desire to be questionable and in the event that they go out of organisation, forget guarantee.
Q:laptop wont connect to my lcd monitor?
i'm hoping yu have observed that the Samsung SyncMaster P2370 incorporates in basic terms DVI as a connection selection and no S-Video and yu are employing an identical. The Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD incorporates one HDMI port too. attempt that if yu have the ports on yur tower.
Q:Refresh Rate when playing games on LCD monitor on PS3?
i think of you are able to desire to have picked that up incorrect. 50 to 60 Hz is the frequency of the capacity on your place and consistent with danger it meant like this television works off a 230 Volt 50 Hz capacity furnish. reason a 50 Hz refresh value for a television is even worth talking approximately, its so crap
Q:whats the diff between an HD lcd monitor and a not?
An HD LCD monitor will have an HDCP-compliant DVI or HDMI ports. HDCP-compliance is necessary for high-def playback of HDCP-protected high-definition media, like Blu-Ray discs. (You will also need an HDCP-compliant video card.) Blu-ray discs are capable of 1080p high-definition playback, which is 1920x1080 resolution. If you try to play back a Blu-ray disc on a non-HDCP-compliant monitor, it will play back in low-definition only. VGA is an analog signal. DVI-D is a digital video signal, and HDMI is merely DVI-D digital video and audio all on one cable. Keep in mind that not all DVI-equipped monitors are HDCP-compliant. Especially many of the older 4:3 or 5:4 narrow-screen monitors. Hope this helps.
Q:What does LCD's 4ms and 8ms mean?
Screen response time 1In the recent increasing hot "LCD price war", we found a common phenomenon: a reference crystal, often used to smooth appearance, slim figure, cool shape, small space occupation, light weight, low power consumption (about 15-30 Watt), no radiation, etc. statement. That's understandable, but I've noticed that many manufacturers haven't mentioned an important parameter of LCD - the reaction time. Most of the early 15 inch LCD response time is about 40 to 60ms range, we all know that VCD playback rate is 25 frames / sec, if a LCD display response time is more than 50ms, so what does that mean? The response time 50ms=1/0.050= displays 20 frames per second of the display. Watching VCD is like watching an animation - a constantly moving picture. If a monitor doesn't even see VCD, how much will it be worth? Must the response time be the constant pain of the liquid crystal? (Note 1. When the speed is more than 25 frames per second, the human eye treats the changing picture as a continuous image.)
Q:Is the LCD monitor out of the transformer?
The screen brightness is not enough, and then black, boot, "squeak" sound pressure plate that is mainly the high voltage transformer (i.e., the "yellow tape wrapped coil) winding interturn short circuit of the transformer can be replaced.
Q:Price for LG LCD monitors?
17 LG LCD Dualtone/Full Blk 9,100 19 LG LCD Dualtone/Full Blk 10,600 updated 23rd August '2007, ex-Chennai Delta Computers Ph.: +91-44- 28521607, 28521572, 28587158, 28547698

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