21.5 Inch Laptop Led Screen Display 1920*1080 LM215WF3-SDC2 For IMAC

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$88.00 - 100.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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500 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

1920*1080 21.5inch Laptop LCD Screen  LM215WF3-SDC2 For IMAC  


Model:  LM215WF3-SDC2 

Item Condition: New

Resolution: 1920*1080

Widescreen: YES

Size: 21.5 Inch

Backlight Lamp: diodes

BackLight:  LED Backlight

Inverter & Data Cable: NOT Included

Status: Grade A+, NO DEAD PIXEL

Screen Type: TFT Active Matrix Matte

Packing: Antistatic bag and box

Warranty: 3 months 

Status: New, Grade A+.



For panels 1-10 pieces, we pack them in small box 

Volum Weight: 3.5KG/Box, 1-2 pieces/box

For panels 10+ pieces, we pack them in big box, 

47CM*37CM*29CM, 20 pieces/box

Volum Weight: 11.5KG/box, MASS Weight: 14KG/box

Packing will be safe because we are professional. 


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Q:Which LCD monitor is better 17Widescreen or 17non widescreen?
ok, they do no longer have your type anymore. so that they despatched you the equivelant. Or did they? maximum warrantess require the corporate to fulfill or beat all specification on the visual exhibit unit. You paid for a large exhibit and also you should get a widescreen. All specs ought to experience or beat the unique or you're being ripped off. This consists of yet isn't restricted to determination, length, variety, reaction time, evaluation ratio and good factors. i'd call them and paintings with them to locate a widescreen in the route of you spect without going lower than. in the experience that they ought to flow more beneficial at the same time as nevertheless mantaining the specs all you somewhat ought to loose it time. Or in the experience that your time is nicely worth extra shop it yet this isn't honest till they replace it thoroughly
Q:Computer LCD is painted with ballpoint pen. How do you erase it?!
You can use a computer cleaning kit to clean up.The first step: take out the liquid crystal special cleaning liquid, press the top 2-3 times and spray it evenly on the LCD screen (please refer to the LCD screen size for the specific dosage).The second step: take the product with special fine machine cloth, carefully wipe out from the center of the screen. Until the glue sprayed on the LCD screen is wiped clean.The third step: fine machine cloth can be used to wipe the LCD screen to wipe the body, it can use waste. With professional cleaning LCD screen what fine machine cloth to wipe the body is quite luxurious, so it is recommended to use used to clean enough.
Q:What brand of lcd monitors is best right now?
AOC is a cheap never heard of before brand. I would go with the Samsung, a company who has a good reputation and will stand behind their product.
Q:The LCD suddenly became blurred
Reinstall the video card driver.
Q:Rigging an Lcd monitor?
I've read your question twice, now, and still don't know what you want to do, other than make use of an old LCD display. It all seems like a lost cause, to me, but if it's important to you, try to rephrase the question to explain exactly what you hope to accomplish.
Q:Connect LCD monitor with computer via HDMI.?
You might not like my answer, but I don't think a TV is a great choice for computer monitors. The maximum resolution of any TV is 1920 x 1080 and some as low as 1280 x 720, while high quality 28 and 30 LCD monitors can go as high as 2560 x 1600. They will run about the same price at that size: ~$1K. Unless your screen will be 6' in front of you, the only thing you'll end up accomplishing with a screen that size is moving your head from left-to-right more often. I talked a buddy of mine out of this same decision and he's happy I did. He bought a 24 Samsung monitor (1920 x 1200) for $350 and loves it. You might even want to consider dual-screening 2 x 22 or 2 x 24 for a MUCH bigger workspace (but more head movement :-) ) Of course if you can also use your TV for more standard purposes, you might want to just get the TV.
Q:Is it safe to transport LCD monitors with air cargo?
I don't think it'll be a problem. Monitors are shipped all over the world in air cargo all the time. I've even had LCD monitors left in my car overnight with temps down to -17 degrees Fahrenheit where I live, so I think you're fairly safe about the temps. As for packaging, the original packaging for the one should be good enough, for the other make sure that there's plenty of cushioned padding around it and a few inches between it and the box sides to keep it safe. Double boxing it (box within another padded box) will provide the safest packaging.
Q:vga laptop to LCD monitor?
it depends on the monitor but vga will work fine for videos
Q:Does lcd monitor screen burn go away after time?
LCD's are not supposed to be susceptible to this problem, but it does happen. Technically they call this Image Persistance for the LCD's. Below are a couple of websites that talk about this problem and the possible solutions. In some cases the image may become permanent. What you can try is to setting an all white picture on the display (with lowered intensity so backlight isn't driven too hard) for awhile, turning off the monitor when not in use, activate a full screen screensaver that will cycle the whole screen with different graphics. These will help destabilize the pixels that have the image memory and possibly get them back to as near normal as possible. Something to try at least. As for the dead pixels, no, they are not fixable. Once gone, they're gone. If you still have a warranty for the monitor and enough pixels are dead, the manufacturer will replace it (but, you'll need quite a few dead ones). The warranty may also cover the Image Persistence problem. Best of luck.
Q:I want to know the flat panel display and liquid crystal display which is more damage to the eyes
Should be more flat relatively more liquid crystal will not hurt the eyes

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