15.6 Led 15.4 LCD 10.1 Led 8.9Led 17.3Led 14.0Led 11.6 Led Laptop Screen

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$20.00 - 60.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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20000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

laptop led monitor new and grad A,model range


our product laptop screen information as following,

Size:8.9"led, 10.1"led,11.6"led,12.1"lcd,12.1"led,13.3"lcd, 13.3"lcd, 14.1"lcd, 14.1"led

       14.0"led, 15.4"lcd,15.4"led, 15.6"led, 15.6"lcd, 16.0"lcd, 16.0"led, 17.1"lcd, 17.3"led


Commodity:laptop lcd screen panel

Quantity:Every moth 20k

Packing:Origianl packing or neutral packing

Shipment:By air or by express service (choose best way for customers)


Delivery time:3-5 day after confirm the payment.

MINI Qty:10pcs


This offer is subject to our confirmation.If you fnd the laptop lcd screen panel acceptable,please let us have your inquiry soon.



B089AW01 v.1 compatible models HSD089IFW1 A00, LP089WS1


B101AW06 v.1 compatible models B101AW02, LP101WSA, HSD101PFW4, N101L6-L0D, M101NWT2 can use for Acer D255E D257 D260, ZH9ZE6, PAV70 KAV70, ZH9


LP116WH1 TL N1 compatible models B116XW02 v.0, N116B6-L02, LTN116AT01, CLAA116WA01A, can use for lenovo S205, U150, E10, thinkpad X100E, E10, X120, Acer ZA3,1551,1810TZ,   samsung X170, X118, X123 Sony YB35JC.,ect


B116XW03 compatible with LP116WH2 LTN116AT02 LTN116AT04 N116B6-L04 B116XW01, can use for lenovo U160, Acer AO722, Dell M102Z 1121 1110, M101Z ,  Toshiba T110, T112, T210, T115D.,ect


B156XTN02, B156XW02, BT156GW01, BT156GW02, CLAA156WA11A, CLAA156WB11A, HT156WXB-100, LP156WH2, LP156WH4, LP156WH9, LTN156AT02, LTN156AT03, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09, LTN156AT15, LTN156AT16, LTN156AT17, LTN156AT24, LTN156AT27, M156NWR2, N156B6-L03.,ect



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Q:The tube above the LCD has a sound
What brand of display? A little sound is not normal. It may be the sound of high voltage board discharge. It is recommended that you turn off the monitor, remove the power line, turn on the rear lid of the display, and check the wiring.
Q:What is the function of LCD?
First, transfer the VGA (D-sub) via the DVI! Digital signals naturally decay! If you're a friend who's looking for high definition digital video, you don't usually recommend switching! In fact, only signals from the DVI and HDMI interfaces are digital video in the true sense! Any connection can not be a real digital output signal!Second, of course, there are data lines on the DVI! Prices are different according to workmanship and materials, an interface specification is different, up and down uneven! The general DVI-D interface data wire plating Chrysostom in 200 about the price! The average product price is between 50.00-80.00!Third, even DVI data lines and interface specifications are different! Now we are talking about the DVI interface in 1999 by the digital display working group DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) introduced interface standards, is the abbreviation of Digital Visual Interface, its modeling is a 24 pin connector. Designed for digital display devices such as LCD displays. The DVI interface has a variety of specifications, divided into DVI-A, DVI-D and DVI-I. DVI-A is actually the VGA interface standard, it's just a change. Therefore, the liquid crystal display with DVI interface is not necessarily the real digital LCD; DVI-D realizes the real digital signal transmission. The DVI-I takes all of the two interfaces, and when DVI-I is connected to the VGA device, it is the role of DVI-A; when DVI-I is connected to the DVI-D device, it plays the role of DVI-D. To be compatible with traditional analog display devices, most video cards now use 24 digital signal pins and 5 analog signal pins for the DVI-I interface
Q:The LCD display is dark
Display power protection and repair.
Q:LCD screen boot how to change?
The idea of changing the Lenovo logo picture is good, but I'm telling you, it's impossible for average people to do that. First of all it is, the logo and your host on the card is not in any relationship, you can put VGA or DVI connection line pull down in the open display, Lenovo will also display screen.Now tell you the picture of what is to come, this picture is called show logo professional speaking, the system boot logo, general product will set up a process, this logo is written by fireware Flash in the die in the display, the general user can not change this setting, only specialized design personnel can use special tools to change the display screen. I just do the monitor development. If your monitor is in my hands, maybe I can help you solve this problem. Lenovo and Samsung display we all do. This is easy for us.
Q:Why does the LCD look a little flash?
There may be a problem of lower hardware configurationYou can change the monitor to someone else's computer to see if there is any blinking or not. That might be the reasonMy display is also like this before, for a long time over load online games, the results of a flash on the phone, and later added a new memory to solve this problem
Q:Why can't my LCD monitor display full screen?
I know your situation, in the computer adjustment inside the screen up and down stretch, you pay attention to is in the computer below a row of buttons to open the menu to find
Q:LCD base is broken, how to do?
With separate brackets, you can go to Taobao to search the display stand
Q:Is the LCD screen dimmed?
The trouble of LCD should be that the power supply of the power supply circuit of the lamp tube is reduced, and the brightness is decreased sharply;There are two reasons for the power reduction of the lamp supply circuit:1 、 the load capacity of the monitor main power supply is reduced; the filter capacitor and diode in the rectifier filter circuit are not good, or the gain of the power switch tube is low (usually the bias resistance is changed);2 、 the fault of the lamp supply circuit;Landlord can borrow other people with the same type of power to try, see if the problem can be solved;If not only repair.
Q:How to lock 100 LCD display
The refresh rate means that the monitor's electronic beam can scan many complete screens in a second.Traditional CRT displays are shown by scanning one point by one of the electron beam, and the picture on the screen does not always exist. It is constantly brushed by an electron beam. But because of the use of "backlit LCD screen (backlight)" principle, the use of backlight lamp as light source, through the auxiliary optical module and a liquid crystal layer of light control to achieve the display, the pixel is updated only in the picture changes, do not need to like dozens of times per second update CRT, so no flicker phenomenon in when working, so the refresh rate is fixed. Forcing up the refresh rate can only increase the workload of the display card and the system without any actual improvement. LCD screen refresh rate of 60Hz is appropriate.
Q:Can the liquid crystal display of notebook computer be wiped directly with wet cloth?
Liquid crystal displays are most afraid of entering water. It is better to clean them with soft pure cotton cloth (or the ones that don't fall out) or wipe them with professional cleaning paper.

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