Ltn133At09 For Macbook Pro /Macbook LCD Screen 13&Quot; A1278/A1342

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LTN133AT09 13" A1278/A1342 For MacBook Pro /Macbook LCD Screen


  • Model : LTN133AT09

  • Apple Part :

  • Spec: WXGA, Widescreen ,13.3 inchs, 1280x800

  • Finish: Glossy

  • Condition: New Original Grade A

  • Manufactuer: Sansung

  • Backlight Type: LED

  • Warranty: 6 months

Compatible Model:

Unibody MacBookPro/Macbook 13" A1278/A1342


  • 1x Antistatic bag and box

  • 1x LTN133AT09 13" LCD Screen for Unibody MacBookPro/Macbook 13" A1278/A1342



  • Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the LTN133AT09 13" LCD Screen for Unibody MacBookPro/Macbook 13" A1278/A1342.

  • Specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. And Screen Size can not be upgraded. You'd better confirm that this screen matches your laptop in size and in resolution before you purchase! No Returns Due To Improper Installation or Incompatibility !


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Q:LCD power switch after opening
The high voltage board for LCD is faulty. Don't try again. Please repair it as soon as possible.
Q:Can the lens cleaning liquid clean the LCD?
The liquid crystal surface is a film, so you must make sure that the cleaning solution will corrode the plastic!
Q:The LCD is black and bright
That should be the problem of the high pressure board. Call the repair shop and fix it. Come on, it's so expensive.
Q:How many years can the AOC LCD monitor last?
LCDs can last 5 years!This is the general saying! Like television, the useful life is generally said to be 10 years, but my family's old Changhong TV, now almost 15 years, but also good!
Q:LCD color bias gray how to adjust?
In the display menu options, select color adjustment keys, respectively, for three colors swap, tune to their satisfaction
Q:Why does the LCD look a little flash?
There may be a problem of lower hardware configurationYou can change the monitor to someone else's computer to see if there is any blinking or not. That might be the reasonMy display is also like this before, for a long time over load online games, the results of a flash on the phone, and later added a new memory to solve this problem
Q:How to repair the ghosting of LCD monitor?
First you have to show that the monitors are CRT, LCD, and LED. If it's CRT, don't fix it. If it's LCD or LED, then there are several possibilities for ghosting. Two, the program has a problem. Three, plus welding GPU.
Q:Word jitter on a liquid crystal display
Causes of display jitterThe display refresh rate is set too lowWhen the display refresh frequency is set below 75Hz, the screen will often appear jitter and flicker phenomenon, the refresh rate is appropriately increased, such as set to higher than 85Hz, the phenomenon of screen jitter will not occur any more.The power transformer is too close to the monitor and the caseWhen the power transformer works, it will cause greater electromagnetic interference, resulting in jitter of the screen. Put the power transformer away from the cabinet and monitor, so that the problem can be solved easily.Inferior power or power supply equipment has been agingThe use of many brand-name computer power components work, the materials used are very poor, easy to cause the computer circuit or poor power supply capacity can not keep up, especially when the system is busy, the display screen will appear the phenomenon of jitter. When the power source of a computer starts to age, it can cause the same problem.The speakers are too close to the monitorThe magnetic field effect of the speaker interferes with the normal operation of the display, and causes the display to cause magnetic interference such as screen jitter and string color.Virus troubleSome computer viruses disrupt screen displays, such as character inversion, screen jitter, graphical flip displays, and so on. Screen shake scripts that are everywhere on the Internet are enough to make you look like an ox after you get caught.Poor contact with the display cardAfter re insert the display card, the fault can be eliminated.
Q:Can the liquid crystal display be squeezed gently?
The glass screen part of LCD liquid crystal display is the most vulnerable to extrusion, beat and other factors resulted in damaged or destroyed part of the display screen.Part of the screen liquid crystal display using glass package is made, the entire screen is very thin, especially the left edge and the right edge of the glass screen, the lower edge part, thinner, the inside is encapsulated with circuit lead, the LCD screen is part of the most vulnerable to squeeze caused by the broken glass, once broken, it will cause the screen Huaping, bright line, bright band, and can not be repaired, scrap. Even the new monitor won't be guaranteed.For example: in the handling of liquid crystal display, some people hand picked up the display, the thumb in direct contact with the LCD screen, then, just a little too hard, you can leave a "black thumb fingerprint" on the LCD screen, the screen is broken.Therefore, the key point is gently squeeze the strength and force of the liquid crystal display is part of what is, if the LCD screen is likely to damage.
Q:Do all LCD displays have power adapters?
Liquid crystal display internal use of 12 V DC, must be lowered through the adapter, ultra-thin display adapter is generally external, ordinary display is usually built-in, of course, built-in more convenientTo supplement your questions, I would add, that direct look at the power display interface, if the interface is a diameter of about 5 mm circular interface, a fine pin in the middle, that is to use the adapter, if it is a square with trapezoid with three pins thicker than the interface, which first pin is longer, it is not the display adapter.There is also a simpler way to see if the power interface says "enter 12V DC" or "enter 220V exchange", 12V is the adapter, and 220V does not use the adapter

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