Ltn133At09 For Macbook Pro /Macbook LCD Screen 13&Quot; A1278/A1342

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LTN133AT09 13" A1278/A1342 For MacBook Pro /Macbook LCD Screen


  • Model : LTN133AT09

  • Apple Part :

  • Spec: WXGA, Widescreen ,13.3 inchs, 1280x800

  • Finish: Glossy

  • Condition: New Original Grade A

  • Manufactuer: Sansung

  • Backlight Type: LED

  • Warranty: 6 months

Compatible Model:

Unibody MacBookPro/Macbook 13" A1278/A1342


  • 1x Antistatic bag and box

  • 1x LTN133AT09 13" LCD Screen for Unibody MacBookPro/Macbook 13" A1278/A1342



  • Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the LTN133AT09 13" LCD Screen for Unibody MacBookPro/Macbook 13" A1278/A1342.

  • Specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. And Screen Size can not be upgraded. You'd better confirm that this screen matches your laptop in size and in resolution before you purchase! No Returns Due To Improper Installation or Incompatibility !


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Q:How to connect xbox 360 to lcd monitor?
Oh!!!!!! This is one of those cases where I would have recommended VGA over DVI. Xbox 360 has a VGA cable made to connect easily to computer monitors, but your monitor apparently doesn't have VGA input. So, as the others have suggested, use HDMI. If your monitor has built-in speakers that can accept audio from HDMI, then you should be good to go. If not, try connecting speakers to the audio output. If neither of those work, you may have to connect the digital optical to a home theater receiver in order to get sound.
Q:which one is best lcd monitor?
my suggestion is go for viewsonic
Q:Can anyone tell me if I can run a DVD player through a computer LCD monitor for watching a DVD. No Comp. used?
First you need to know what inputs your LCD uses. It can be VGA, HDMI, other or a combination. Then find the output options on the player, on newer players, as well as, newer monitors HDMI is pretty much standard. If the output matches the input, no problem, just hook directly as normal. If there is no match, then you need a converter for one of the outputs to one of the inputs. Don't forget the sound, it usually uses another connection. DVD players usually have RCA jacks, Monitors (or computer speakers) mini-jacks. This just requires a simple plug you can get for less than $2 from radio shack.
Q:Lcd monitor help ?
If you are looking for gaming, do not buy an LCD. Instead buy a TFT because its angle of view, response time, dot pitch, contrast ratio all are 3-4 times greater and better. response time is usually in millisecinds, i.e. in how many msecs will the change in the display be shown on the monitor. for example if response time is low, then a fast moving mouse will be hard to see, but it is not the case with the TFT's. Best one is obviously samsung's sync master.
Q:What's wrong with one of the LCD monitors?
The vertical line appears on the screen (often bright line, often dark line, dotted line, solid line), sometimes not, show that the LCD source driving circuit of LCD screen or failure; a source electrode drive circuit, general cable weld, or drive IC or IC peripheral circuit damage, damage, weld parts; two LCD screen, LCD screen is damaged once the damage can not be repaired, only the replacement or test after entering XP screen test key test to see if there is no vertical line that is not the display problem. It should be the video card or even the motherboard problem. If you don't worry, try using another monitor. The work of liquid crystal display, LCD screen receives the driving signal sent from the host to the LCD screen and liquid crystal valve is controlled by the integrated circuit in the display, if the host sent a driving signal circuit or display is not normal, there will be failures you narrates. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the connection between the host and the LCD screen, whether the cable is in bad contact, if the contact is good, then the problem is on the host or LCD display, it is recommended to send a professional maintenance station for inspection and repair
Q:Fixing a dead pixel on a LCD monitor?
Nothing short of a new display will fix it.
Q:LCD base is broken, how to do?
Remedial measures for damage of LCD base:1, contact the brand aftermarket, replace the base.2, buy compatible desktop display stand, as shown:
Q:What are the main parameters of the LCD display?
In brief, there are mainly the following aspects1, static contrast values (more advanced): 12 brightness3, response time (usually 5MS, and some high-end 8MS)4, visual angle5, interface type (general only VGA interface, and some high-end DVI data interface, etc.)6, power consumptionI hope that the answer can help you o (a _ U) o...
Q:how to connect ps3 to lcd monitor?
There is a third-party cable out there that has a signal converter chip built into the connector for converting the YPbPr Component signal from the PS3's Analog Multiport to VGA, but the image quality is horrible. It defeats the purpose of you spending all that money buying that PS3 if you are only going to run it in such a crippled manner. Remember the reason why the PS3 is so expensive is because of its Digital HDMI 1080p full HD capabilities. To take full advantage of your PS3's capabilities you should buy a 1080p HDMI-equipped monitor.
Q:Samsung LCD monitor has a drag shadow
If the Samsung LCD displays serious trailing in realistic motion pictures, users can try to eliminate the source of the signal.The user can try to replace the connection line of VGA to the adapter interface of the main board, so as to observe.If you can not rule out the problem, it is recommended that users carry mobile phones, invoices, warranty cards to the location of the brand customer service testing.The customer service engineer will test the monitor to find out the cause of the trouble and notify the user.Samsung display warranty for 1 years, if the warranty and natural failures, aftermarket warranty.If it has been insured or caused by a malfunction, it can only be paid for maintenance.

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