Seetec 7 Inch Hd Gh2 Gh3 Portable Field LCD Monitor With Plastic Sun Cover

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Product Description:

SEETEC 7 inch HD GH2 GH3 Portable Field LCD Monitor with Plastic Sun Cover 


The monitor is with HDMI, COMPONENT(YPbPr), composite video, Audio signals input& output.


New functions:


Peaking focus assist;


After exposure hint;


Brightness histogram;


Flase colors.


Advanced Features

*Peaking Focus Assist(peaking filter)


*Brightness Histogram

*5D  camera Mode

*Front earphone jack

*Check Field:


*Marker background      &scale&frame finder:


*4:3&16:9 image adjustable

*Power sources

XLR DC input


DC6-15V input


Battery plate: Sony F970,PA D28S,Canon E6 optional


Power from DV service




7"HD portable field monitor





Dot Resolution:

1024x600 pixels (max to1920×1440)

Contrast Ratio:


Aspect Ratio:




Viewing Angle:

75°/75°(L/R) 70°/75°(U/D)

Input Voltage:

DC 6V-24V

Input Signals:

Video,Audio,YPbPr,HDMI,earphone jack

Output Signals:


Power Consumption:


Work Temperature:


Store Temperature:


Unit Size:

188.5L × 134W × 42.5H(mm)

Unit Weight:



Mini HDMI cableX1 pc

Hot shoe mount X1 pc

Sony F970 plate X1 pc

Sun hood X1 pc

Operation manual X1pc



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Q:PHILPS LCD has snowflakes
In the presence of snow, press the Auto button of the monitor. If the situation improves, the problem of the monitor can be completely determined. You can find another monitor to troubleshoot the problem.The output interface on the DVI card is different from that of the wire rod, and they are complementary.The two line, you mean the DVI and VGA lines are inserted at the same time, the display is to select one line of signal work, it is recommended to retain only one DVI signal line.VGA's signal line is not entirely beneficial, and the stretch blur is very good at boot and zoom.
Q:LCD screen boot how to change?
I hope my answer can help you, I also have the display vertical stripes, not just the boot, after a period of time after there, the beginning is not serious, repair a back, more serious, full screen is, then the repair time, right now! I advise you not to limit to the graphics card, but also to see the show
Q:Computer even LCD display how to adjust the clarity?
This situation can be solved by reference to the following methods:1, start the computer, come to the desktop, in the blank, click the right mouse button, to open the desktop right-click menu.2, in the pop-up right-click menu, select the property, this one click.3, and then go to the display properties window, move the cursor right, and select the settings tools menu.4, below the settings toolbar, find the screen resolution, a general screen resolution of 1024X768.5, use the mouse to hold down the slider, adjust the resolution, set it to 800X600, set it and press "OK" button. Each person's screen size is different, according to the size of their computer screen to set the resolution. But do not adjust the screen too high, otherwise it will be black screen, that would be troublesome.6, after setting the screen resolution, back to the desktop, take a look at the size of the desktop icon changes, and whether the rubber is clear, and so on, if not suitable, then you need to re tune, directly to the satisfaction.
Q:LCD screen glued on how?
Ah, your friends appreciate that I don't care, and care is the communication between us, please use ethanol = it is the concentration of more than ninety-five percent of the cotton left after thoroughly gently inserted in the test, you can use the hair dryer. This will ensure that your monitor is not damaged.
Q:How to set the LCD display is good?
With the flat panel display settings, there is not much difference
Q:How does white screen appear on HP LCD?
The display screen and its white screen quality, cable, motherboard, nothing to do with the host. Suggestions: break the back cover and the shielding shell, hand pinch wire to see whether the normal, if not repaired.
Q:Computer LCD dirty, how to clean?
There are special clean water, you can go to the computer store to buy a bottle. But when you wipe, you should turn off the computer for 10-15 minutes until the computer cools and scrub
Q:What is the reason that LCD suddenly turns blue? How to solve?
Contact problem. The line between the card and the monitor. You reconnect
Q:How to repair the ghosting of LCD monitor?
First you have to show that the monitors are CRT, LCD, and LED. If it's CRT, don't fix it. If it's LCD or LED, then there are several possibilities for ghosting. Two, the program has a problem. Three, plus welding GPU.
Q:LCD cannot display red
Display color deficiency can be considered from the following aspects:First, the data line is not connected properly, for example, the plug is crooked. If this is the case, the data line can be re inserted and the fixed bolts on both sides of the connector can be screwed down;Second, the data lines, data lines inside wire fracture, or VGA plug pin is bent, resulting in poor contact, if this is the case, you can use the tools to bend the pins carefully straighten the pin, very soft, not broken;Third, the monitor is broken, this requires some special tools to detect, if not the first two cases, you need to take the monitor to repair the Department of repair.

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