Seetec 7 Inch Hd Gh2 Gh3 Portable Field LCD Monitor With Plastic Sun Cover

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SEETEC 7 inch HD GH2 GH3 Portable Field LCD Monitor with Plastic Sun Cover 


The monitor is with HDMI, COMPONENT(YPbPr), composite video, Audio signals input& output.


New functions:


Peaking focus assist;


After exposure hint;


Brightness histogram;


Flase colors.


Advanced Features

*Peaking Focus Assist(peaking filter)


*Brightness Histogram

*5D  camera Mode

*Front earphone jack

*Check Field:


*Marker background      &scale&frame finder:


*4:3&16:9 image adjustable

*Power sources

XLR DC input


DC6-15V input


Battery plate: Sony F970,PA D28S,Canon E6 optional


Power from DV service




7"HD portable field monitor





Dot Resolution:

1024x600 pixels (max to1920×1440)

Contrast Ratio:


Aspect Ratio:




Viewing Angle:

75°/75°(L/R) 70°/75°(U/D)

Input Voltage:

DC 6V-24V

Input Signals:

Video,Audio,YPbPr,HDMI,earphone jack

Output Signals:


Power Consumption:


Work Temperature:


Store Temperature:


Unit Size:

188.5L × 134W × 42.5H(mm)

Unit Weight:



Mini HDMI cableX1 pc

Hot shoe mount X1 pc

Sony F970 plate X1 pc

Sun hood X1 pc

Operation manual X1pc



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Q:LCD computer monitor to TV screen for Xbox 360 - Need advice and tips!?
To hook up your XBox 360 to your monitor is VERY easy. All you need to do is buy the Microsoft XBox HDAV VGA cable. It will allow you to use the XBox 360 with any computer monitor that has a standard VGA input. Using that monitor as a TV is a bit more complicated. The first thing I'd do would be to find out if that monitor is HDCP-compliant. If it is, you simply hook it up to a digital HD cable box directly through DVI or HDMI. If it is not, then you will have to get a signal converter box of some sort like the guy above linked to, though the standard-definition picture is going to look rather crappy on a computer monitor.
Q:LCD LCD refresh HZ how much is best?
LCD is a whole glow, no refresh rate problem. So 60HZ is enough
Q:Hello, my computer LCD is bright and black. The power light is also bright and black,
It's better to change a power line. Be careful of the short circuit.
Q:lcd monitor?
any electriconic technian can add jack phone to monitor by connect it with extenal speaker رشا السقا
Q:The LCD will turn off automatically
LCD (LCD) use soon after the black screen, waiting for a certain period of time can reboot, but after a while the fault phenomenon still, there are two cases:First, black screen, LCD indicator light, green light (or blue light) (signal input), fault point in:1, is the main high voltage inverter circuit or power supply end components heat, resulting in long-term work caused by;By 2, the backlight circuit fault, most prone to failure in the circuit is a booster coil, is generally the problem of bad contact, the fault itself rarely (welding, not enameled wire surface paint to paint processing, real welding thread parts only);Two, black screen, LCD indicator does not light (like the shutdown of the LCD power supply), the fault point in:Switch 1, LCD switching power supply pipe poor thermal stability, or base;2, the switch tube S to earth of the regulator tube, thermal stability can be bad;3, S resistance weld or burned;The landlord estimated LCD belonged to the second, namely the black light not bright, then repair the price of 50 yuan.
Q:LCD monitor maintenance??
Cleaning Your LCD Screen The major computer outlet stores are now starting to carry LCD cleaners for Flat Panel Monitors and Notebooks that do not contain the chemicals found in some commercial glass cleaners. These cleaners will definitely do the job nicely, but you do have to purchase them. If you do not wish to purchase these factory made cleaners, then you can clean your LCD Screen in the following manner. What You Can Use Water. Water with a tiny amount of soft liquid soap. Isopropyl Alcohol. Hexane. Petroleum Benzine. Commercial glass cleaners that do not contain ammonia. What You Should Avoid Acetone. Ammonia. Ethyl acid. Ethyl Alcohol. Methyl chloride. Toluene. Commercial glass cleaners containing ammonia. How You Should Do It You should clean your LCD Screen display by applying the cleaner to a soft, clean cloth. Then you should wipe the cloth across the display from left to right, moving from the top of the display down to the bottom of the display. If your display contains grease or some other contaminant, then you should dampen your cloth with water instead of a commercial cleaner as the cleaner may smear the contaminants across the screen. General Maintenance You should avoid subjecting your LCD Screen display to extreme temperatures and humidity and avoid exposures to direct sunlight. You should also avoid physical shocks to your display. If you have a notebook, then you should avoid stacking books or other objects upon the notebook with the screen closed etc.
Q:lcd tv as computer monitor?
magnets will affect the display of an LCD tv, but it depends on how powerful the magnet is and how close the magnet is to the tv. However, give it a go, just turn your tv on with the setup you want and see if there is any hindrance to the picture quality. if there is, just turn your tv off and move the speakers away, wait a few minutes and turn your tv back on, it wont permanently damage the screen so dont worry. :)
Q:Are there any LCD monitors that can be hooked up to a HP Compaq Presario C501NR (laptop)?
Depending on the age of the laptop, you may have a DVI Port on your laptop instead of VGA. Look for that, it is usally white and about an inch long, and square. Most new LCD monitors have both VGA and DVI so you should be right with that. If the monitor you choose doesn't have both then you can get a VGA to DVI adaptor. You can also look for a HDMI port if it is a new laptop. P.S Just looked on the net, reviews are saying it does have a VGA out port!
Q:Is there any LCD Monitor with 85MHZ Screen Refresh Rate ??
I don't think there is any that fast because lcd's have a slow response time, meaning they can't clear the pixels that fast anyway. However, since lcd's are slow, you won't see any flicker, but you will probably always see a little blur with fast movement in fast paced gaming.
Q:A question about lcd monitors and DVI?
LCD monitors usually bring both option DVI(digital) and dsub (analog). Instead of plugging it in the DVI port just plug it as if it was a CRT monitor (analog). Very few monitors come now only for DVI. DVI just provides a better picture for LCD monitors but DSUB works well with it.

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