2013 Hot Sell Open Frame LCD Display, LCD Screen, Tv Monitor

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$1.00 - 300.00 / set
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1 Set set
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500 Piece/Pieces per Month LCD Screen set/month

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2013 hot sell Open frame lcd display, lcd screen, tv monitor



3D-filter Y/C separated technology.  
Clear image and excellent color reproduction.  
TNR denoise technology.  
PC format: VGA, supporting 1366× 768, 1280× 1024, 1024× 768, 800× 600, 640× 480 signal input.  
Support 50Hz, 60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz.  
HD input interface.  
Structure Features  
Anti interference metal cabinet  
Frivolous design, suitable for installation.  
Power Supply Feature  
Wide voltage range: 100VAC 240VAC(50/60Hz)  
Low power consumption: Saving 70% electricity than same size CRT monitor







Screen Size




Pixel Pitch(mm)

0.51075 (H)× 0.51075(V)

Display area    (mm)

697.7(H)× 392.3(V)

LCD Type


Display color



500cd/m 2

Contrast Ratio 

1000: 1

Viewing angle

178° /178°

Response time


Display format

16: 9

OSD Menu


Language Menu

Chinese, English





Digital denoise  


Buffer of signal 


HDTV Input

480P, 576P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P

Vertical scan frequency

50HZ, 60HZ, 70HZ, 75HZ

Video format


Composite video output 

2 ch(BNC× 2)input  1ch (BNC× 1)loop out 1Vp-p 75Ω


1 CH(D-15 Pin RGB)input 

HDMI (optional)

1ch HDMI input, YPbPr*1(BNC*3)

485 l interface 
(RJ45 optional)

Input*1, output*1

Audio interface(optional)

2(MIC × 2× 3w)input

Power supply


Ultimate capacity 

below 150W

Operation temperature  

0 degree-50 degree

Environmental relative humidity  


Cover material





Wall / Hoisting / Desktop stand way 


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Q:How long is the normal service life of LCD?
The LCD panel itself does not emit light; it belongs to the backlight type display device. Behind the LCD screen, there is a backlight, LCD TV is to rely on the LCD panel on the panel "block" and "open" backlight lights, to restore the screen. It can be found that as soon as the LCD power is on, the backlight will start to work, even if the display is a full black picture, the backlight will remain in the same working state. Because the light transmittance of LCD panel is very low, the brightness of LCD TV should be reduced to the level of restore screen. The brightness of the backlight is at least 6000cd / m2. Backlight life is the life of LCD TVs, general LCD TV backlight life of more than 50 thousand hours. That is to say, if you use LCD TV on average 5 hours a day, the life of 50 thousand hours is equal to you can use the LCD TV for 27 years.
Q:Liquid crystal display, the word is too black, color is too heavy, how to adjust? Thank you
Your single chip LCD in the range of Yo, a potentiometer to... You use a small screwdriver to adjust, you can adjust his brightness
Q:How to check liquid crystal display?
Is the most common white or black spots Huaidian monitor screen. Black spot identification method is to change the whole screen into a white screen, the black spot there is no place to hide; white point is the opposite, the screen into a black screen, white spots will show the prototype. Generally no more than 3 pixel display can be considered qualified, but the price difference and not bad. So when the user buy LCD must pay attention to the selection of products not bad. If you do not see what the white spots on the dead, that can only choose quality assured brand.
Q:Why is LCD always bright when dark?
In the menu "intelligent contrast" item turns off, that thing looks at the picture to be somewhat used, uses not too big and dazzling, can completely turn off!
Q:A thin line of liquid crystal display screen
Obviously is the LCD screen drive, the wiring has bad contact. But this cable doesn't work well, so it needs special tools. Repair.
Q:The LCD is black and bright
High pressure board costs, as long as 10 yuan or so, not more than 15. Charge you 150, do not know how much black.When you look at the monitor, when the screen is black, is the indicator light or black, and if the indicator goes black, it is not the problem of the high voltage board, there is a possible driver board. If the instructions do not follow the black, it may be the problem of high pressure plate.Now that it's all 150 dollars, look for it and keep it up until it's all right. Where can I earn such good money?.
Q:Why can't my LCD monitor display full screen?
Display screen around the border, can not show full screen, there are two common reasons:First, the video card driver is not installed properly;Two, check the display resolution and refresh rate settings inappropriate.This happens when you switch from an older CRT monitor to a new LCD monitor, because the resolution of the monitor is not consistent with the output resolution of the card. Reset the resolution.The solution is as follows:1. Turn on the computer, select "my computer", right-click, click "properties" - enter the system properties - click on the hardware. Operate according to the computer system.2, click on the "hardware", you will see "device manager", click enter.3, access to device manager will see a lot of computer related hardware and software information, the mouse down to the bottom, find the "display card"".4, look at the display name card entry under the presence of greeting or exclamation point.5, if the exclamation mark is selected, right click to see the property, whether the normal operation of equipment, if not normal operation, then try to update the driver.6, update the driver, if not successful, you need to download a network with their computer model matching card driver, download the installation drive, so that the computer will return to normal.
Q:How can the LCD be dimmed?
Can the monitor be without an adjustment button? Impossible. Can't you find it? It's usually in the menu.
Q:How to deal with LCD snow ripple?
No problem! Or you display the magnetized! There is your good butt in the back of the chassis is connected to the display line! Or open the chassis by press the card! There may be the display behind the wire are likely to loose!.. The general situation is not serious repair it dozens of pieces of 1 hundred pieces can be... Can you repair it yourself or you'll mend it?... Early repair, cheap and so serious, repair on the expensive ~ relationship. You didn't say that earlier.. Probably because your monitor interface is loose and the current is unstable. It's getting a little aging. It is estimated that some of the components in the board are out of contact. There may also be some dampness
Q:LCD base is broken, how to do?
Clean out one or get the blacksmith's shop for you. The latter won't cost a few dollars, but it doesn't look good, but you can paint it

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