42 Inch Professional LCD Monitor With Hdmi Dvi Vga Interface

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Product Description:

42 inch professional LCD monitor with HDMI  DVI VGA Interface


Main function & features:

1. The super light ultra-thin design, easy to use and beautiful
2. Automatically adjustment function for VGA image reproduce rate 
3. The latest 3 D graphics digital processing circuit, clear image & wide viewing Angle
4. Support the HD digital signal, support smoothly 1080P video
5. 5 ms response time, the picture is really rapidly without delay
6. The built-in power support low energy consumption, meanwhile lifetime of LCD screen is more than 60000 hours
7. The mute cooling fan design, with ruby capacitance, more safe lifetime for the whole-setting
8. The shell is using technology of high light and wire drawing aluminium alloy with anti-interference function,radiationless

9. Auto-adjustment on screen, four segmentation, roaming etc many functions for management of image.

10.Multi-Language OSD and User Guide.


Model No.


Panel size


Display area(mm)/mode

930(W)×523.0(H)  16:9

Maximum resolution


Display color


Pixel Pitch(mm)


Brightness (nits)




Visual angle 


Response time


Horizontal frequency


Vertical frequency




Input and output

Composite video input

3 (BNC×3)

Y,Pb,Pr/Y,Cb,Cr input

1 (BNC×3)

S-video-Y/C input

1 (BNCX2)

D-15 pin RGB input






Composite video output 

2 (BNC×2)


Color system


Compatible HDMI/DVI input


3D Comb filter


Video reduction noise


OSD display( screen menu display)

Menu language

Chinese/English( Multiple Language Supported)


Power supply


Maximum power consumption


Standby power consumption



Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity


Storage humidity



Body dimension(Lx W x H)mm


Panel color/appearance


Case Material


Net weight


We provide servise:

1. Customized requirment special display of 5-82 inches according to customer need is available, OEM&ODM are welcome.

2. Reasonable and satisfactory solutions Provided to you by our professional engineers and staffs .

3. Warranty: one year overall unit ( Non-artificial damage )



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Q:LCD display pattern
There are several possible, I worked at Toshiba information machine company in a notebook computer assembly is to look at the screen to detect whether water ripples, most of the reason is the data line not connected, similarly, in the liquid crystal display, a part is the interference from the power supply, to see whether the filter capacitor is deformed, the other is internal wiring loose.
Q:LCD and horizontal lines
A horizontal or vertical line of liquid crystal display is part of the LCD display.This situation can only be returned to the factory maintenance. The rate of repair is very small, and it will be easy to recur after repairing for a period of time, and the cost of restoration will be high.Recommendations: in the period, can repair, businesses will give you unconditional replacement of a new display. In case of insurance, it is recommended to re purchase and replace a monitor. If the fault monitor does not have many bright lines and does not affect the normal use, you can use the bright line until you can't use it to replace the monitor.
Q:The LCD display is dark
The circuit of the screen is out of order. Fix the screen and go. The switch on the screen is useless. The internal circuit problem.
Q:How much is the voltage of LCD driver? How much is it?
In the AD board and the screen between the screen line can be measured, usually red line, or in the cable, one of which is VCC. To signal in the case of input signals, or the machine standby, there will be no screen pressure. Different manufacturers / sizes of screen screen pressure is not the same, there are generally +3.3V/, +5V, /+12v and so on.
Q:PHILPS 23 inch LCD is always black screen?
This situation is generally caused by two reasons, 1, your computer may have Trojan procedures, or operating system vulnerabilitiesYou'd better kill poison, or optimize the system, and estimate that you have a pirated system.2, the display, LCD screen, if the discharge of the Trojan virus, such software and other reasons, have a great relationship with the pressure of a general display and lamp, belonging to the product itself, can give the local agent replacement or warranty
Q:LCD LCD refresh HZ how much is best?
Hello, the LCD refresh rate is 60HZ, the screen is 85HZ. I hope I can help you
Q:22 how much is the power consumption per hour for a LCD computer?
General LCD 20--30W, about 40 hours a kilowatt hour, old-fashioned CRT display 60--70W
Q:Why can't my LCD monitor display full screen?
Display screen around the border, can not show full screen, there are two common reasons:First, the video card driver is not installed properly;Two, check the display resolution and refresh rate settings inappropriate.This happens when you switch from an older CRT monitor to a new LCD monitor, because the resolution of the monitor is not consistent with the output resolution of the card. Reset the resolution.The solution is as follows:1. Turn on the computer, select "my computer", right-click, click "properties" - enter the system properties - click on the hardware. Operate according to the computer system.2, click on the "hardware", you will see "device manager", click enter.3, access to device manager will see a lot of computer related hardware and software information, the mouse down to the bottom, find the "display card"".4, look at the display name card entry under the presence of greeting or exclamation point.5, if the exclamation mark is selected, right click to see the property, whether the normal operation of equipment, if not normal operation, then try to update the driver.6, update the driver, if not successful, you need to download a network with their computer model matching card driver, download the installation drive, so that the computer will return to normal.
Q:LCD pictures will flash
Is related to the screen refresh, take pictures, sometimes luck, you can take a full picture, most of the time there will be black bar, this is perfectly normal
Q:A large area of snow streaks on the LCD
The clock frequency of the LCD (liquid crystal display) itself is difficult to keep in full sync with the clock frequency of the analog input signal;Especially in the simulation of synchronous signal frequency changing; if the LCD synchronization circuit, transmission line and synchronous signal connections and graphics problems of short circuit, poor contact, and therefore can not maintain the necessary synchronization, there will be "Huaping" abnormal start;General failure point:1 、 interface pin;2, transmission cable;3. Synchronous circuits are generally semi variable resistors that are dirty or of poor quality;After reversing the display, you can temporarily eliminate the fault phenomenon, indicating the existence of poor contact LCD problems, and the above three, the most vulnerable to such failures are first, second, please Louzhu carefully investigated.

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