42 Inch Professional LCD Monitor With Hdmi Dvi Vga Interface

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Product Description:

42 inch professional LCD monitor with HDMI  DVI VGA Interface


Main function & features:

1. The super light ultra-thin design, easy to use and beautiful
2. Automatically adjustment function for VGA image reproduce rate 
3. The latest 3 D graphics digital processing circuit, clear image & wide viewing Angle
4. Support the HD digital signal, support smoothly 1080P video
5. 5 ms response time, the picture is really rapidly without delay
6. The built-in power support low energy consumption, meanwhile lifetime of LCD screen is more than 60000 hours
7. The mute cooling fan design, with ruby capacitance, more safe lifetime for the whole-setting
8. The shell is using technology of high light and wire drawing aluminium alloy with anti-interference function,radiationless

9. Auto-adjustment on screen, four segmentation, roaming etc many functions for management of image.

10.Multi-Language OSD and User Guide.


Model No.


Panel size


Display area(mm)/mode

930(W)×523.0(H)  16:9

Maximum resolution


Display color


Pixel Pitch(mm)


Brightness (nits)




Visual angle 


Response time


Horizontal frequency


Vertical frequency




Input and output

Composite video input

3 (BNC×3)

Y,Pb,Pr/Y,Cb,Cr input

1 (BNC×3)

S-video-Y/C input

1 (BNCX2)

D-15 pin RGB input






Composite video output 

2 (BNC×2)


Color system


Compatible HDMI/DVI input


3D Comb filter


Video reduction noise


OSD display( screen menu display)

Menu language

Chinese/English( Multiple Language Supported)


Power supply


Maximum power consumption


Standby power consumption



Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity


Storage humidity



Body dimension(Lx W x H)mm


Panel color/appearance


Case Material


Net weight


We provide servise:

1. Customized requirment special display of 5-82 inches according to customer need is available, OEM&ODM are welcome.

2. Reasonable and satisfactory solutions Provided to you by our professional engineers and staffs .

3. Warranty: one year overall unit ( Non-artificial damage )



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Q:Acer AL2216W 22 inch lcd monitor giving me eye strain?
Regardless of the brand, it isn't the monitors fault.it's your eyes. If you already wear glasses, maybe you need a different correction for that distance. If you don't have glasses alreadymaybe you need some. You are possibly just experiencing dry eyes also. Refreshing drops every couple of hours may help while on the computer. There is no ideal brightness and contrast. It's adjustable because not everyone likes it the same way. You should get an eye exam to help determine the problem. Hyperopia, astigmatism , dry eyes, could all be causes.
Q:Technical help - How can I hook up my TV to my Samsung Syncmaster 2494 LCD monitor?
That will NEVER work. You cannot connect a TV set to a computer monitor. And the low-rating idiot is a complete moron if he actually thinks that would work. In any case, your old boob-tube TV is UTTERLY unnecessary and totally irrelevent if you want to watch TV and use your XBox 360 on the monitor. You can connect the XBox 360 directly to your Samsung monitor by using the purpose-built Microsoft XBox HDAV VGA cable. And to watch TV on your Samsung monitor (which is HDCP-compliant and can actually be used as an HDTV), you need a digital HD cable box, which has a DVI or HDMI jack that can be directly connected to your monitor's DVI port.
Q:Advice on LCD Monitor (brightness)?
once you've a mess round with the buttons at the front of the video show i'm ninety 9.9% effective that you'll discover the buttons to regulate the settings. You dont ought to position in something so dont hardship!
Q:how long does a LCD monitor would last?
The LCD panel itself lasts for many years. It is the backlight or its inverter power circuit that tends to fail earlier than the panel. These could be the problems of your LCD monitor. If they failed almost at the same time, your AC power mains might be experiencing spikes or surges. Your PC might next be affected unless connected through UPS/AVR.
Q:Are laptops using LCDs?
Laptops do not all use liquid crystal displays, typically LCD and CRT displays. The LCD monitor is a liquid crystal display.LCD (Liquid, Crystal, Display) liquid crystal display. The structure of the LCD is placed in the liquid crystal box two parallel glass substrate, glass substrate is provided under the TFT (thin film transistor), on the glass substrate is arranged on the color filter, rotation direction signal and the voltage change by TFT to control the liquid crystal molecules, so as to achieve the control of each pixel or to exit light to display. Now, LCD has replaced CRT as the mainstream, and prices have dropped a lot, and have been fully popularized.CRT is a cathode ray tube (Cathode Ray Tube) display, there are five main components: electron gun (Electron Gun) (Deflection coils), deflection coil (Shadow, mask), the mask of phosphor layer (Phosphor) and glass shell. It was one of the most widely used CRT display, flat panel display with large viewing angle, no dead pixels, color reproduction and high color uniformity, adjustable multi-resolution model, short response time and the like LCD display is difficult to go beyond, and CRT display price before a lot cheaper than LCD monitors.
Q:HDTV vs LCD Monitors?
an HDtv isn't a style of television, like liquid crystal reveal, whether it somewhat in basic terms describes the television. honestly you have some significant styles of HDTVs: -liquid crystal reveal -plasma -DLP liquid crystal reveal and plasma are the two maximum nicely-known. For a community decision of 1920x1080, you will choose a 1080p HDTV liquid crystal reveal or plasma. the two a style of styles of TVs produce super image high quality, yet with some significant variations. LCDs have much less glare because of the style matte floor they use for the reveal, so so you might use it in brighter rooms. Plasma TVs have a gloss end on the reveal, which provides them greater glare. yet, plasmas are waiting to realize blacks lots greater advantageous than liquid crystal reveal displays. yet another situation is that a plasma television's bulb is typically non-replaceable, and while it is going out after, say 7 years or so, you're caught having to purchase a sparkling television. I at present have a 32 inch Samsung HD liquid crystal reveal television, which I even have linked to my workstation with the aid of an HDMI port, and it works super. Connections in the back of HDTVs generally incorporate some HDMI ports, which delivers the real 1080p HD high quality; some factor inputs, which will in basic terms provide you the lesser 720p HD high quality (1280x720). I propose you connect your pc using the HDMI if obtainable, to get the final high quality
Q:LCD has a little blinking
Conditional word, can change the hosts try boot in other host display long time have the same situation, if not determined display fault, there may be a display driver board, the program is not good. But this kind of fault can not be solved by itself. Special tools are needed.
Q:lcd monitor help please ?
LCD Liquid Crystal Display are very sophisticated i had the same problems.i gav it 4 repairing now its ok
Q:What is the imaging principle of liquid crystal display?
Starting with the luminescent mechanism of LCD (liquid crystal display), the traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) is struck by a high-speed ray of an electron gun on a phosphor screen, and the phosphor is hit by a high-speed impact. The LCD panel itself does not emit light, and a 15 inch LCD screen consists of millions of tiny liquid crystal units, commonly known as dots". The liquid crystal becomes transparent after being electrified, and then is imaged by a tube built behind the LCD panel, which is known as passive luminescence".
Q:Lcd touch screen monitors?
Sure, you can use an LCD touch screen without a computer. It would make a great paperweight or maybe a booster seat for a child or a wedge to prop up a wobbly table. ;)

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