Laptop 15.6 Led Screen B156Xw02 V6 Lp156Wh4 Lp156Wh2 B156Xtn02 Ltn156At02 N156B6-L0B

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Product Description:

laptop 15.6 led screen b156xw02 v6 LP156WH4 LP156WH2 B156XW02 B156XTN02 LTN156AT02 N156B6-L0B



Model: 15.6" laptop screen 


Part Number: laptop 15.6 led screen b156xw02 v6               


Condition: Original Brand New


Screen Size: 15.6 inch


Resolution: WXGA HD (1366*768) pixels


Aspect ratio: 16:9

Screen Type: TFT Active Matrix


Backlight Type: LED


Finish: Glossy


Connector: 40 Pin


Warranty: 180 days


Packing: Antistatic bag and original box


Lead Time: Within 3 days after payment confirmed


Compatible models list:




LTN156AT02, LTN156AT02-A04, LTN156AT02-B04, LTN156AT02-D01, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT05-H01, LTN156AT05-H07, LTN156AT05-W01, LTN156AT09, LTN156AT09-B02, LTN156AT15, LTN156AT15-C01, LTN156AT16-L01, LTN156AT17, LTN156AT23, LTN156AT24


B156XW02 V.0, B156XW02 V.1, B156XW02 V.2, B156XW02 V.3, B156XW02 V.6




BT156GW01 V.1, BT156GW01 V.4, BT156GW02 V.0


M156NWR2 R.0


N156B6-L04, N156B6-L06, N156B6-L0B, N156B6-L0A, N156B6-L07, N156BGE-L21



Product Information


Item Laptop/Notebook Replacement LCD Screen Display panel

Size: 15.6 inches    N156B6-L0B  
Condition: New

Resolution: 1366 x 768 (WXGA HD)
Screen Type: Liquid Crystal Display with TFT Active Matrix with LED backlight
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen

ConditionNew, Original and Grade A+, No dead Pixel
PackageAntistatic bag and Original box
Warranty6 Months


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Q:Best LCD monitor [Japan or Korean ?] for sensitive eyes?
I have sensitive eyes Please consider seeing an optometrist first, They can prescribe you some glasses which can reduce glare. I fail to see how the country of origin affects the sharpness of monitors. but many people said Korean Monitor has sharper color than Japan Monitor (Sony, Toshiba, etc). How do u think ? That sounds rather ridiculous. The quality of the monitor depends on the quality of the LCD panel used. And who knows, Fujitsu (a japanese brand) also has manufacturing plants based in Taiwan. They may not actually produce them locally. If you buy a cheap monitor chances are you'll probably get a dodgy product. If you're in the market for a high end monitor you can get a Samsung LED backlit monitor or even a Dell IPS panel (specifically known as the Ultrasharp series) IPS panels are relatively expensive though, but they have color reproduction that surpasses the common TN monitors.
Q:Why do TV Lcd monitors project poorer quality than a computer monitor?
Hell no. Im enjoying pastime and observing action picture all day with a Sony 32PO liquid crystal exhibit , in case you like the type its KDL 32L4000. I cant play with a 17 - 20 '' television anymore XD. Gaming is impressive on it and so action picture. Youll journey a sparkling gameplay with a huge television in front of you. basically an suggestion in case you have a monster computing device and play gaming, get a 1080P. be helpful which you have a computing device in in the back of the television. you of course wont remorseful approximately it. playstation . develop your image card digital vibrance ( colour ) to 70 - one hundred relies upon the way you like it.
Q:When buying an LCD monitor are there things to look for?
yes there are definitely things to look out for. refresh rate is how fast the screen refreshes so depends on what you're doing, if watch movies or game, then you want one with the lower rate. contrast ratio is how bright the colors can be. usually the higher contrast ratio the more vivid your colors cuz they can be brighter than the dark 700:1 means the brightest pixel is 700 times brighter than the darkest pixel. a higher contrast ratio could mean the dark is actually dark. there are some monitors that that black part of a screen/movie/background, looks gray because its so bright you will want a monitor with DVI(digital) if your video card/computer has a DVI output. VGA (analog) is lower quality on LCD screens, the items on your screen will appear more fuzzy. resolution is a big part of LCD's with the old type (CRT) you can have a lower resolution to make things on your screen look bigger, but things will not be fuzzy or smeared looking. with LCD, when you goto a lower resolution, things will look very fuzzy. but at the recommended resolution, everything on the screen will look tiny.
Q:philips 220cw9 lcd monitor resolution problem?
AGP pics playing cards must be obtainable, yet PCI pics playing cards are fairly no longer obtainable. In India its somewhat complicated to get an AGP card now. And the fee will truthfully be greater advantageous than comparable overall performance PCIe playing cards. The AGP playing cards ought to fee greater advantageous than Rs.5000/- , you need to get one in 2d hand however. i could extremely propose replace of processor and motherboard. fairly your processor is terrible via present standards. i could extremely propose upgrading your processor and motherboard. right this is what you may look at, the main inexpensive and sturdy improve: Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8Ghz for Rs.3200/- Motherboard: Asus M2N68-AM plus for Rs.2450/- it is an AM3/AM2+ motherboard, so each and all the destiny AMD processors will artwork on it. and additionally the motherboard has onboard NVIDIA DX10 pics chip, so which you would be able to get that extreme decision.
Q:can i connect my converter box to my lcd monitor?
NO! unless you have a tv tuner on your computers video card.monitors do not have a tv tuner. and it's more expensive to make one! just buy a cheap lcd tv. but any lcd tv with have the hook ups for want your trying to do.
Q:ATI Radeon 9600 and Samsung LCD Monitors?
as long as the card can match the monitor native resolution, then you're fine. I have this card, and it should match up with no problems. But you're right about the picture not being so good. If the resolutions don't match, then the monitor will have to interpolate to match the image and this will result in bad image quality.
Q:LCD displays have many black spots
You mean you should have no black spots when you bought it, right?! Now it's been a year, and there's a black spot. That's hard to say. Should be DELL display before leaving the factory to do burn-in testing and display screen detection is very strict. Black is because the ITO circuit panel are damaged, is generally used for laser machine highlights scotoma or change point is dark. First clean the screen will display your proposal, with monitor testing tool for display screen, confirm the problem. Vendors can be replaced.
Q:LCD and LED monitors?
A LED monitor is just an LCD monitor that uses a LED backlight instead of a fluorescent one. This helps alleviate the problem of poor color fidelity that LCD's suffer from, but does little to help poor black levels, response time, and viewing angles. Hope it helps ! :-)
Q:What's this part called in my LCD Monitor?
That's the inverter. It generates high-frequency AC that drives the fluorescent backlights. Inverter failure is extremely common. It's not caused by heavy use - just by use :) There isn't really a way to use an LCD harder that makes the inverter fail sooner. Inverters are pretty easy to find and buy on the web. Just Google for Samsung 151mp inverter and you will have your choice of many vendors. However. that's a 15 inch monitor, yes? Might be just time to get a newer/bigger one.
Q:Do all LCD displays have power adapters?
Liquid crystal display internal use of 12 V DC, must be lowered through the adapter, ultra-thin display adapter is generally external, ordinary display is usually built-in, of course, built-in more convenientTo supplement your questions, I would add, that direct look at the power display interface, if the interface is a diameter of about 5 mm circular interface, a fine pin in the middle, that is to use the adapter, if it is a square with trapezoid with three pins thicker than the interface, which first pin is longer, it is not the display adapter.There is also a simpler way to see if the power interface says "enter 12V DC" or "enter 220V exchange", 12V is the adapter, and 220V does not use the adapter

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