15.6 Laptop Screen 1366X768 40Pin Ltn156At19 -801

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 Specifications of Laptop LCD screen


Model No.

  LTN156AT19 -801














Screen Type




100% New,Original, Grade A+



Antistatic bag and box








Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union, Aliexpress, MoneyGram



6 months replacement warranty for DOA


About Our Product Line:  

1) Laptop LCD & LED Screen
Size: 8.9", 9.7", 10.0",10.1",11.6",12.1", 13.3", 14.0", 14.1", 14.5", 15.4",15.6",16.0", 17.0", 17.3",18.4" 
Backlight type: LED, 1 CCFL, 2 CCFL

2) Laptop AC Power adapter , voltage:20V, 19.5V, 18.5V

3) Laptop Keyboard , Layout tpye: US,UK, RU, TR.


About Testing&Warranty:


1) Fully Testing before shipping.

2) We guarantee our LCD/LED screen is 100% brand new Grade A+ with original manufacture packing.

3) Warranty: 6 months replacement warranty for DOA(day of arrive)



About Some of Our Hot STOCK:  


1024*600 30pin   8.9''LED:

B089AW01 V.1   A089SW01   N089L6   LP089WS1 TLA2     HSD089IFW1

1024*600 40pin 10.1''LED:

B101AW03 LTN101NT02 LTN101NT06 N101L6   LP101WSA N101L6-L0C M101NWT2 BT101IW01

1024*600 40pin 10.1''SILM LED:

B101AW06 V.1 LTN101NT05 LP101WSB-TLN1 N101I6-L06 B101AW02 N101L6-L0D B101WS1

1024*600 30pin 10.0''LED:


1366*768 40pin 11.6''silm LED:

LP116WH2 LTN116AT02 LTN116AT04 B116XW01 N116B6-L04 B116XW03

1366*768 40pin 11.6''LED:

LP116WH1 B116XW02 LTN116AT01 LTN116AT03 N116B6 CALL116WA01

1280*800 20pin 12.1''LCD:

HT121WX2-103 LTN121W1-L03 QD12TL01 B121EW03 N121I

1280*800 30/40pin 12.1''LED:

LP121WX3 B121EW09 LTN121AT07 IBM X200 X201

1366*768 40pin 12.5''silm LED:

LP125WH2-SLB1 LP125WH2-TLB1 B125XW01 V0 LTN125AT01 B125XW03

1366*768 40pin 13.1''silm LED:

B131RW02 V.0   B131HW02 V.0   LTD131EQ2X

1366*768 40pin 13.3''silm LED:

B133XW01 LP133WH2 CLAA133WA01A LTN133AT16 B133XW03

1366*768 40pin 13.3''LED:

LP133WH1 B133XW02 LTN133AT17 N133B6-L02 B133XW04

1366*768 20/30pin 13.3''LCD:

N133I7-L01 N133I1-L01 LQ133K1LD4B B133EW01 LTN133AT01 LTN133AT08

1366*768 40pin 14.0''silm LED:

LP140WH2 B140XW03 LTN140AT11 LTN140AT08 N140B6-L08 LTN140AT12

1366*768 40pin 14.0''LED:

LP140WH1 B140XW01 LTN140AT07 N140B6-L02 LP140WH4 BT140GW01 LTN140AT01 LTN140AT02

1280*800 30pin 14.1''LCD:

LP141WX1 LP141WX3 B141EW04 B141EW02 LTN141W1 LTN141BT10

1280*800 30pin 14.1''LED:

LP141WX5 B141EW05 LTN141AT12 N141I6   CLAA141WB11A


N150X03 LP150X08 LP150X09 LTN150XG B150XG

1280*800 30pin 15.4''LCD: 

LP154W01 LP154WX3 LP154WX4 LP154WX5 LTN154X3 B154EW01 LTN154P3-L02 B154EW02 B154EW08 LP154W02

1280*800 40pin 15.4''LED:

LTN154AT12 LP154WX7   LTN154AT11 CLAA154WA11

1366*768 40pin 15.6''LED:

LP156WH4 LP156WH2 B156XW02 CLAA156WA11A CLAA156WB11A LTN156AT15 LTN156AT02 N156B6-L0B

1366*768 30pin 15.6''LCD:

LTN156AT01   LP156WH1   B156B3   B156XW01

1366*768 40pin 16.0'' LED:

LTN160AT03   LTN160AT06   HSD160PHW1

1366*768 30pin 16.0 ''LCD:

LTN160AT01   LTN160AT02   LTN160HT02   LTN160HT03   LTN160HT04

1600*900 40pin 17.3''LED:

LP173WD1 N17306-L02 LTN173KT01 B173RW01 HSD173PUW1

1920*1080 40pin 18.4''LED:

N184HGE-L21 N184H6-L02

1680*945/1920*1080 30pin 18.4''LCD:

LTN184KT01 LTN184KT02 N184H4-L04 N184H3-L02 N184H4-L02 LTN184HT01   LTN184HT03


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Wide eXtended Graphics Array (Wide XGA or WXGA) is a set of non standard resolutions derived from the XGA display standard by widening it to a wide screen aspect ratio. WXGA is commonly used for low-end LCD TVs and LCD computer monitors for widescreen presentation. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat electronic visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LCs). LCs do not emit light directly. ----- What it seems to be is that a WXGA screen is just a wide screen monitor that can also be an LCD. WXGA is generally understood to refer to a resolution of 1366×768, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Take a look at my sources if you need further information. Hopefully this helps you.
Q:LCD monitor went blank - how can I trouble shoot?
Unplug the means from the demonstrate screen itself and plug it in solidly 2 or 3 cases. i understand it sounds stupid once you've already got a means mild , yet I easily have done this many cases and the demonstrate screen might want to educate a image. next, make positive the demonstrate screen is became on and restart the computer. some liquid crystal demonstrate video demonstrate contraptions are humorous about being acknowledged and not using a reboot. wish this facilitates.
Q:LG Flatron LCD Monitor is not being detected as native.?
Flatron W1934s Driver
Q:Can i use my lcd monitor as a tv screen for computer games?
Yes all around but how all depends on what connections your monitor has. If it only has a blue D-Sub connection, then it must be connect to a PC first. Then you can install a TV tuner, most of which also have a connection for composite, and component video. If it has DVI or HDMI you can use the above method or hook it to any HD cable box or HD terrestrial tuner with either DVI or HDMI. They use the same video signal so if one has HDMI and the other has DVI, you can simply get an HDMI to DVI cable or adapter. Some monitors come with component connections(Green, blue, and red) and this can simply be hooked to a cable box or HD terrestrial tuner.
Q:What determines how sharp and crisp a monitor is like LCD or LED?
What determines the sharpness (crispness) are the pixels. Pixels are the tiny 'dots' on the reveal screen, and each pixel could be addressed with the aid of a programmer and/or the CPU (needed Processing Unit, the brains of the pooter). once you notice numbers like 600 x 800 decision, it skill 800 pixels for the era of on the reveal screen and 600 pixels down on the reveal screen, supplying you with a entire of 480,000 pixels. (little dots that is manipulated with the aid of coding suited. (pc language). while the CPU sees a code for pixels to have a definite coloration, the photographs card takes over the activity leaving the CPU to do different issues, like 'watchin' out fer ya'. in the experience that your photographs card can shelter 32-bit coloration intensity (differences) use it. The human eye can see extra suitable than sixteen million hues, the priority is, the pooter, card, and CPU don't have our eyes and is constrained to numbers (codes) it may shelter. you notice, human beings ARE extra useful at some issues (no longer many). ;-)
Q:What can i do to fix my lcd monitor(computer)?
it may! yet its high priced! u could deliver it to the element and flow via hell! consistent with threat your extra useful off identifying to purchase a sparkling one if its out of guarantee! They prob wont fix it because of the fact it became into an twist of fate! so only purchase a sparkling one
Q:What does "LCD" LCD stand against?
Yes, this is not guaranteed, so it is best to buy ASUS displays such package and warranty of three years, more practical, otherwise it is always bad at bad bumps awkward.
Q:Do all LCD displays have power adapters?
The power interface reads "enter 12V DC" or "enter 220V exchange", 12V is the adapter, and the 220V does not use the adapter.Liquid crystal display (LCD) a type of display used in digital timepieces and many portable computers. The LCD showed two polarizing materials, liquid crystal solutions between them. When the current passes through the liquid, the crystals are rearranged so that the light does not pass through them. Therefore, each crystal is like a shutter that allows light to pass through and to block light. At present, LCD products are developing towards light, thin, short and small targets, and the display products with a long history in computer peripherals are of course no exception. The portability and handling for the premise, show the traditional way such as CRT CRT display and LED display panel and so on, are subject to the volume is too large or huge power consumption and other factors, the actual needs of users can not be reached. And the development of LCD technology just meets the current trend of information products, whether it is right angle display, low power consumption, small size, or zero radiation, etc., can allow users to enjoy the best visual environment.
Q:Problem with PS3 and LCD monitor?
i might trust planetmatt's comments. despite if, i'm shocked that your card would not help 1680 by ability of 1050 it particularly is 146 Mpel, which should not be too no longer uncomplicated. attempt updating your video drivers to the main contemporary version and notice if that mode is further. If plug and play works because it particularly could, then once you plug the computer screen into the gadget, the gadget could examine the plug and play concepts after which use that to run interior the nearby mode of the panel. despite if, i might have the desire to make advantageous i could return the panel earlier attempting this in case it did no longer paintings.
Q:How much better is an LCD than a CRT monitor?
lcd video demonstrate contraptions or lcd video demonstrate contraptions are changing the previous CRT or Cathode Ray Tube monitors and are a great way better in a huge majority of applications. There are numerous reward of lcd video demonstrate contraptions over the previous CRT reflects. together as lcd video demonstrate contraptions are compact and mild-weight and devour much less potential approximately 20W while the CRT video demonstrate contraptions are cumbersome and heavy ingesting upto 150W. An lcd video demonstrate produces completely sharp pictures with suitable image geometry while in CRT the sharpness is constrained and it has a tendency to blur extra at extreme brightness and with the ageing of the tubes and suffers from geometric distortions. lcd video demonstrate contraptions have a relentless tonal scale and could demonstrate text cloth with fantastic assessment while the CRT video demonstrate contraptions demonstrate good shiny factors which will reason different areas of the image to dim and additionally has damaging text cloth assessment because of the fact of constrained bandwidth. lcd video demonstrate contraptions do no longer commonly flicker while a faint flicker can constantly be talked approximately in a CRT video demonstrate.

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