Epoxy Floor Paint Chemical Resistance Hot selling!

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Product Description:

1.Structure of  Epoxy Floor Paint Description

Chemical Resistance Epoxy Floor Paint suit for floors of GMP pharmaceutical factory, Sophisticated electronics factory, Chemical factory, Food factory, Hospital, Lab, Office.

2.Main Features of the Epoxy Floor Paint

• Good oil resistance property.

• Anticorrosion of oil and water alternation.

•Abrasion resistance, good adhesion.


3.Epoxy Floor Paint Images


Epoxy Floor Paint  Chemical Resistance Hot selling!

Epoxy Floor Paint  Chemical Resistance Hot selling!

4. Epoxy Floor Paint Specification


CAS No.:


Other Names:

Chemical Resistance Epoxy Floor Paint


Chemical Resistance Epoxy Floor Paint



Place of Origin:

Zhejiang China (Mainland)

Main Raw Material:



Appliance Paint,Building Coating

Application Method:

Brush,Brush, Roller, Conventional Spray


Liquid Coating

Brand Name:


Model Number:



All Color

Chemical resistance:






Storage Period:

24 months


Use Thinner


8 Hours/77°F(25°C)

Touch Dry:

2 Hours/77°F(25°C)

Coating Thickness:


5.FAQ of Epoxy Floor Paint

①Method of Application: 

1. Base treatment: The base should be solid, dry and free from dust and dirt.

2. Primer construction: Use rolling brush seal primer coating.

3. Midway construction: Polish the intermediate coat with sand bearing no-dust rolling ground machine and clear away the dust before painting. 

4. Epoxy face paint: use rolling brush or steamed bread knife for construction epoxy floor or no gas spraying. 

5. Construction completed: It will be dry after 24 hours. And 7~10days later can be used.

②The advantages of the product

 1.100% acrylic resin   2. fast dry   3. be used in surface finishing and mending   4. interior-exterior use  5. Low chemical odor  6. Last for 2 years

③What's the usage?

Can be widely used in surface finishing and mending of metal, wood, glass, leather, ceramics and plastics.Quick Details.


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