Best Quality Wholesale Price 15.6&Quot; Laptop LCD Panel Lp156Wh4 Tla1 Wxga Led

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$38.00 - 75.00 / pc
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Hong Kong
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100000 Piece/Pieces per Day PCS pc/month

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Best quality wholesale price 15.6" laptop LCD panel LP156WH4 TLA1 WXGA LED

Products Describtion:

Product Name

Laptop /Notebook Replacement LCD Screen

Technical Specifications

1)Status:  New, Grade A;

3)Item includes: LCD Panel without inverter or bracket;

4)Aspect ratio: WXGA HD

5)Pixel: 1366*768

6)SCreen Type: TFT Active Matrix Glossy

7)Backlight: LED


9)Fast delivery time

10)Packing: Antistatic bag and box;

1 piece / box:47cm*28cm*7cm


Warranty:30 days included

Our Advantages

  1. 100% compatibility

  2. factory offers most competitive price

  3. Strictly control for quality assurance

  4. Cheaper shipment with best service

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Within the warraty day, except broken, crashed cargo (Buyer pay for return shipping fee). 


1.Good Quality
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5.Perfect solution ,100% compatible


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 China Time professionally providing only original brand NEW Laptop LCD Screen of many brands and variety models from 7" to 18.4" .We keep you completely satisfactory on service, quality as well as delivery schedule. Welcome your inquiry ,just feel free to contact me anytime.



Make sure your laptop compatible with same size, resolution, backlight!


Addictional information:
Be sure to let me know your personal preferences, such as shipping service, declare value before paying.



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Q:LCD power switch after opening
The monitor power switch may leak, or when you turn off, let the touch switch contact two times, the monitor is opened again!When the next shutdown, pay attention to observe, is not the monitor really automatically opened, and if so, the switch may exist leakage, change a just fine
Q:How to distinguish between LED and LCD
LED display is now so hot, and no matter how cheap it is unlikely to be this price, the planet has never been cheap and good things exist, so that a penny is a hard nut to crack!
Q:LCD screen boot how to change?
I hope my answer can help you, I also have the display vertical stripes, not just the boot, after a period of time after there, the beginning is not serious, repair a back, more serious, full screen is, then the repair time, right now! I advise you not to limit to the graphics card, but also to see the show
Q:How to eliminate the font flash of LCD?
Desktop - right button - Property - Settings - Advanced - Monitor - refresh, the frequency raised a little, CRT display is so tune, I do not know the LCD, OK?
Q:What is the function of LCD?
Advantages of lcd:(1) liquid crystal has obvious advantages in energy saving.(2) the radiation index is generally lower than that of CRT.(3) no geometric distortion occurs, linear distortion.(4) liquid crystal display has a large visual area.(5) high resolution quality (except for some low shrinkage monitors).(6) the display is several times lighter in weight than the CRT, and the thickness is several times thinner, so it is easy to move.(7) the color of the picture will not be distorted due to insufficient power supply.
Q:How does white screen appear on HP LCD?
There are 3 possible areas to judge:1. video card problem(re insert, clean the gold fingers, the fan is normalUpdate driver, you can download the driver wizardIf it doesn't work, you'll have to change it free during the warranty period2. connection problem (re insert, check VGA or DVI interface)3., monitor problems (check the electrical socket is energized. If convenient, then connect to other computers to see whether it is normal)Not yet, a key restore. If you do not prepare the system disk, CD-ROM can be used. Start the computer, press the Del button, set up in BIOS disk start, insert the system disk, and then restart, basically completed automatically according to the steps
Q:What is the normal resolution of a computer LCD screen?
1. The LCD displays the highest resolution it can support as the best resolution. At this resolution, the picture is shown to be the most elaborate.2, the LCD display supports a wide range of resolution patterns, and the display works well in each resolution mode.3, monitors work in a passive state. Graphics card set what resolution, the display will be able to support its own resolution to match the video card settings for screen display. Thus, the resolution of the screen shown by our monitor is actually achieved by setting the resolution of the video card. And the resolution of the display is prefabricated in the process of production in the video board of the display. It is the basis for the display of the display, and can not be changed artificially.4, users can set the appropriate resolution according to their own needs, set here is the resolution of the video card.If someone has poor vision, the resolution can be set a little lower, so that the picture becomes larger for users to watch. Some people want to make the picture display a bit more sophisticated, so that the resolution of the video card is set to the highest resolution that the monitor can support, that is, the best display resolution of the monitor. Therefore, the optimum resolution is not equal to the most appropriate resolution.According to the above analysis, resolution settings should be set according to their own display requirements, only the most suitable for their own needs of the resolution is the "best" resolution. The optimum resolution is relative, not absolute.
Q:Is there any battery in the computer LCD?
Of course, there is no battery, I think you would like to ask the power supply, there are some power, some LCD monitors are built-in power, and some are external.
Q:Can the liquid crystal display be squeezed gently?
The glass screen part of LCD liquid crystal display is the most vulnerable to extrusion, beat and other factors resulted in damaged or destroyed part of the display screen.Part of the screen liquid crystal display using glass package is made, the entire screen is very thin, especially the left edge and the right edge of the glass screen, the lower edge part, thinner, the inside is encapsulated with circuit lead, the LCD screen is part of the most vulnerable to squeeze caused by the broken glass, once broken, it will cause the screen Huaping, bright line, bright band, and can not be repaired, scrap. Even the new monitor won't be guaranteed.For example: in the handling of liquid crystal display, some people hand picked up the display, the thumb in direct contact with the LCD screen, then, just a little too hard, you can leave a "black thumb fingerprint" on the LCD screen, the screen is broken.Therefore, the key point is gently squeeze the strength and force of the liquid crystal display is part of what is, if the LCD screen is likely to damage.
Q:What's wrong with one of the LCD monitors?
LCD has a line that appears for 2 reasons.1, the display is caused by damp.2, the display has been used for more than 2 years, showing the aging of parts, this problem will arise.The reason why the screen is black:1, the connection of the monitor to the computer is bad or not plugged in.2, the internal voltage of the display has problems.3. In the "control panel", find the "power" option, see "power usage", "turn off the monitor", how many minutes is it set, turn off the monitor?.

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