Accu Td-104 Signature Panel, Intelligent Interactive Digi-Work, Small Touch Monitor, Conference

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USB Digitizer Display

Intelligent pen touch on screen

Pen and Paint directly on screen, intelligent interactive digi-work


TD-104-1 / TD-104-2 USB digitizer display specification



Display       10.1" TFT LCD Panel   10.4" TFT LCD Panel  
Screen Size222.72 (H) × 125.28 (V)210.43 (H) × 157.8 (V)
Resolution1024 × 6001024 × 768
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.2175(H) × 0.2088(V)0.2055(H) × 0.2055(V)
Brightness250cd/m2(type) LED340cd/m2(type) LED
Display ColorsSupport Colors 262 KSupport Colors 262 K
Response Time16 ms16 ms




Patent TechnologyElectromagnetic with Stylus
Resolution2048 LPI
Report Rate138 ~ 150 pps
Pen Pressure1024 levels @ full scale
Reading HighMax.10 mm ( customized )
Coordinate Accuracy±0.5mm ( central area )
OptionalFinger Touch ( 101WD / 104WD )
Internal MemoryUSB 2.0 Flash disk ( single )
Status Indicator LampFlash Disk × 1; Display × 1
Key Function3KEY ( light intensity switch )



Operation SystemWindows XP / VISTA / 7
Work Voltage5V
Power Dissipation7.5W
InterfaceUSB Port × 1
 DC Jack × 1
 Wired Pen Jack × 1



Touch MonitorElectromagnetic + Capacitance
 Multi Touch ( Optional )


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Q:What are the defects in LCD?
CRT high brightness, durable, LCD radiation lessLCD although radiation less, but the brightness lost to the CRT, undoubtedly caused more damage to the eye than CRT
Q:How to lock 100 LCD display
The refresh rate means that the monitor's electronic beam can scan many complete screens in a second.Traditional CRT displays are shown by scanning one point by one of the electron beam, and the picture on the screen does not always exist. It is constantly brushed by an electron beam. But because of the use of "backlit LCD screen (backlight)" principle, the use of backlight lamp as light source, through the auxiliary optical module and a liquid crystal layer of light control to achieve the display, the pixel is updated only in the picture changes, do not need to like dozens of times per second update CRT, so no flicker phenomenon in when working, so the refresh rate is fixed. Forcing up the refresh rate can only increase the workload of the display card and the system without any actual improvement. LCD screen refresh rate of 60Hz is appropriate.
Q:How long is the normal service life of LCD?
The LCD panel itself does not emit light; it belongs to the backlight type display device. Behind the LCD screen, there is a backlight, LCD TV is to rely on the LCD panel on the panel "block" and "open" backlight lights, to restore the screen. It can be found that as soon as the LCD power is on, the backlight will start to work, even if the display is a full black picture, the backlight will remain in the same working state. Because the light transmittance of LCD panel is very low, the brightness of LCD TV should be reduced to the level of restore screen. The brightness of the backlight is at least 6000cd / m2. Backlight life is the life of LCD TVs, general LCD TV backlight life of more than 50 thousand hours. That is to say, if you use LCD TV on average 5 hours a day, the life of 50 thousand hours is equal to you can use the LCD TV for 27 years.
Q:LCD display driver, there are 3 files, how to install?
Here's a simple oneClick 2405fpw.inf right > select Install so that you may be able to load the driver of your monitor
Q:The LCD will turn off automatically
If there is no notice wrong, no warranty, then repair it! This is now the monitor power problems!
Q:Brothers, what's the best LCD monitor to see?
My Samsung 206BW, pitch 0.258, 20 inch, are delicate than the so-called 22 inch widescreen and 19 inch widescreen display, colorful natural, high contrast, distinct, completely lost the so-called "professional CRT display". I bought 2020 pieces and was slaughtered by JS for 20 pieces. Setting is based on all default factory values, the brightness is set to 70, the contrast is set to 50, and the clarity 60 is the best.
Q:What's the difference between LED and WLED in LCD?
The liquid crystal display's earliest Cathode Lamp Fluorescent (Cold), we are used to CCFL, the drawback of this backlight is power consumption is relatively large, the price is relatively cheap. Later, due to LED brightness and other aspects of technical upgrading, and gradually introduced LCD backlight industry. The disadvantage of LED (Light, Emitting, Diode) backlight is the higher cost.As for the difference between LED and WLED you say this, these two things are a parent concept (LED), (WLED) is a sub concept of right, LED backlight display technology currently has two kinds, one is through the synthesis of LED white RGB three colors, the advantages of this approach is clarity and good color purity, disadvantage is high cost, complex driving, long response time, there is a LED backlight technology is through WLED (white Light Emitting Diode LED), this is what we usually say the high brightness white LED driver, has the advantages of simple, low cost, disadvantage is clarity and color purity exceeded.
Q:LCD color bias gray how to adjust?
Hello:- * 1, in the display menu, select the color adjustment options, and placed a white paper on the display side.- * 2, red (R) will be adjusted to about 50; and then adjust the green (G), and blue (B) intensity, as close to the pure white as the standard, can be adjusted. Then save and exit.
Q:PHILPS 23 inch LCD is always black screen?
The display inside, a different host on the IC display MODE choice is not the same, when the old host MODE=1 (high), just use a CLK1 display, the new host MODE=0 (low), CLK1, CLK2, CLK3 display used to respectively control the three RGB transmission, as long as one of the CLK instability may flicker and when receiving an external interrupt signal may also affect the back of the two clock signal, resulting in black - IC display NG conclusion;
Q:A thin line of liquid crystal display screen
Can be judged asVideo card problemPlease change the video card to another computerIf you remove the graphics card problemPlease take the monitor to the electrical appliance shop for maintenance

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