3TREES Rock Chip Emulsion Natural Stone Paint for Exterior Wall

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600 kg
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1000000 kg/month

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Product Description:


Compared to the stone and tile materials, the product not only provides the adornment effect, but greatly reduces the cost.


Application scope:

Cement, concrete, masonry, gypsum etc.



30kg, 80kg


Main components:

Acrylic emulsion,  natural siliceous sand


Theoretical consumption:

1.4~4kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm).


Dry time:

Touch dry, 4H/25℃; Thorough dry,48H/25℃;

Recoat time,2-6H based on temperature>5℃& humidity<85%< span="">



1.     Excellent environmental performance, odorless, weather shield

2.     Water-repelling and air permeable performances

3.     Able to conceal minor wall cracks and tears caused by regional mechanical and temperature changes

4.     Various color and pattern options


Recommended application system:

1. Treated Concrete Wall

2. P0503 Anti-Cracking Rough Putty (1-2 coats)

3. Exterior Primer (1 coat)

4. A0003A Texture Paint (1-2 coats)

5. E0106 Waterborne Topcoat (1 coat)















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Q:bathroom prep before painting?
Remove all loose paint,apply a coat of PVA,then even surfaces with Smoothover,when dry gently sand down till the surfaces are flat,wear a decent face mask.Then PVA again then paint in a Kitchen or Bathroom quality paint BnQ have a range of Teflon paint that is tough scrubable.Try an anti mould on the ceiling,the secret is to get several coats on the surfaces,one will not close out any mould thats there even after scrubbing all surfaces.Otherwise call me and I can do a very expensive job for you.Keep a card put by,splash a bit of the colour you are using on it then write the paint details on the card,if you need to buy some more paint in a couple of years time take the card to one of those paint mixers and they should be able to replecate your colour.Simples.
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Toner is a dry paint, also known as pastry, the biggest feature is that no need to add thinner to reconcile the coating directly on the screen, the hue of the mutual mixing is also carried out directly on the screen, with paint painting both oil painting Heavy and colorful watercolor Smart feeling, and the painting is convenient, unique painting effect, by the Western painter's respected.

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