yuchai YC135-8 13.5 ton excavator

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yuchai YC135-8 13.5 ton excavator


AMax. Digging Heightmm8285

BMax. Dumping Heightmm5900

CMax. Digging Depthmm5245

DMax. Digging Radiusmm8050

D1Max. Horizontal Digging Lengthmm7920

EMax. Digging Height Radiusmm4110

FMin. Digging ForcekN84.9


 Operating Weightkg13300

 Standard Bucket Capacity0.52


 Power of Enginekw/rpm82/2200 | 86/2200

AMachine Lengthmm7745

BMachine Heightmm2713

COverall Widthmm2600

DCrawler Widthmm600

FCrawler Lengthmm2950


HMin. Ground Clearancemm438

IOverall Heightmm2860

JWidth of Platformmm2090

KHeight of Engine Hoodmm2410

LHeight from Floor to Platformmm815

 Width of Bucketmm910

 Walking Speed(Low/High)km/h4.6

 Platform Slewing Speedrpm11

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Oriented by mast, divided into friction rod and lock rod.

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(5) replacement of the devices can be poured, weight, installation, piling, rammed earth etc..
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BH0 idea is to outlaw all excavators in construction an have them replaced with 10,000 union members with tea spoons.
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Never heard of this brand of excavator.Sinoway is the Shipping Company Limited (Hongkong branch)
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Hello! I watched a documentary about the Trojan war... The untrue story of Achilles was written by Homer a Greek philosopher who possibly lived around 850 BC. It was a type of book to be sold, much like our Authors do today. Upon examining the contents of this book, modern day Professors discovered where the alleged Trojan war took place. Excavators and Archaeologists searched thoroughly at the site of this supposed epic event for clues or some type of weaponry to indicate a past conflict. Nothing could be found, not even the stone walls of the fortress or the slightest bit of evidence that anything existed. It was as if it was a baron land. Nothing could be proven from Homer's writings and no physical aspects could be recovered. Simply, they summed the end of this documentary up with Homer was probably just a very good story teller. So in reality, it was just a novel designed to sell for profit purposes. That being cleared up, in the movie Troy, i think Helen is depicted as more of a nuisance than anything. As a result of her refusing to marry Menelaus, she brought the power and might of Acheans forces onto the shores of Troy. Her new husband Paris had basically and unintentionally encouraged the destruction of his hometown, culture, religion and identity. By no means could she be justified as a Hero for her actions. I mean, what did she truly do that was noble or courageous? Her stupidity caused widespread devastation and the death of thousands of men, who would never see their families again. Well that's my opinion, bye!
Q:What is the special advantage of the romantic manor iron hoe?
The primary ore mine is hoe hoe, use it is the requirement of prestige class 1, grade 1. When the ore hoe dug star, you can upgrade to the iron ore or hoe excavator (model T800), because the excavator need only provide cinder can hang after mining, it is convenient to consider, must have advantages and disadvantages, so in the same condition, T800 can only dig the primary ore, and the iron hoe can be more than junior high dug mine, this is a fair difference.

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