yuchai YC55-8 5.5ton excavator

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Product Description:

yuchai YC55-8 5.5ton excavator


AMax. Digging Heightmm5700

BMax. Dumping Heightmm3855

CMax. Digging Depthmm3789

DMax. Digging Radiusmm6380

D1Max. Horizontal Digging Lengthmm6196

EMax. Digging Height Radiusmm4127

FMin. Slewing Radiusmm2670

GMax. Depth of Bulldozermm397

HMax. Height of Bulldozermm251

 Max. Digging ForcekN37.3


 Operating Weightkg5710

 Standard Bucket Capacitym30.2


 Power of Enginekw/rpm39/2200 | 45/2200

AMachine Lengthmm6065

BMachine Heightmm2550

COverall Widthmm1910

DCrawler Widthmm400

FCrawler Lengthmm2455


HMin. Ground Clearancemm340

IOverall Heightmm2275

JWidth of Platformmm1830

KHeight of Engine Hoodmm1670

LHeight from floor to platformmm695

 Width of Bucketmm656

 Walking Speed(Low/High)km/h2.8/4.7

 Platform Slewing Speedrpm10.5



 The Deflexion 

 Boom Swing Angle (Left/Right)’70/50

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The excavator can be divided into large cars, small tail car, no tail car tail car is mainly to increase body weight! The tailless rotation is that the tail of the excavator does not exceed the range of the track plate when it is rotated 360 degrees. The utility model has the advantages of flexible work, suitable for various working conditions, especially the construction of the narrow section! A tailless car is more adaptable than a tail car! The tailless vehicle is now limited to small excavators! Such as: Komatsu 55 Kobelco 55 Yanmar 55 75 Kubota 155 161
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