Yuchai YC55-8 5.5ton excavator

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Established in 1989, Guangxi Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise controlled by Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. It is located in Yulin City, which is reputed as “the city south of the Five Ridges”. Currently, Yuchai Heavy Industry’s industrial layout covers many Chinese provinces such as Tianjin, Jiangsu, Sichuan and overseas areas such as Europe, North America and Africa.

Yuchai Heavy Industry now possesses a total asset of RMB 7 billion Yuan, more than 3,500 employees including over 30 personnel who have master’s degree, doctor’s degree or title of a senior professional post. With an annual capacity to produce 20,000 sets of construction machinery, it is the major export base for small-size excavators in China and the domestic excavator manufacturer with the most complete product spectrum. It was honored as the “National Hi-Tech Enterprise” and selected as the one of the “TOP50 Construction Machinery Manufacturers in the World” in 2011.

As directed by the core concept “Green develop & harmony win-win” and the grand goal “to build the company into a hundred-billion-worth aircraft-carrier-like enterprise”, Yuchai Heavy Industry is meeting endless challenges with an aggressive spirit, and is striding forward towards its goals to “realize a sales volume of 30 billion Yuan in 2015” and to “build the world-renowned construction machinery brand”!

yuchai YC55-8 5.5ton excavator

Code Item Unit YC55-8

A Max. Digging Height mm 5700

B Max. Dumping Height mm 3855

C Max. Digging Depth mm 3789

D Max. Digging Radius mm 6380

D1 Max. Horizontal Digging Length mm 6196

E Max. Digging Height Radius mm 4127

F Min. Slewing Radius mm 2670

G Max. Depth of Bulldozer mm 397

H Max. Height of Bulldozer mm 251

  Max. Digging Force kN 37.3

Code Item Unit YC55-8

  Operating Weight kg 5710

  Standard Bucket Capacity m³ 0.2


  Power of Engine kw/rpm 39/2200 | 45/2200

A Machine Length mm 6065

B Machine Height mm 2550

C Overall Width mm 1910

D Crawler Width mm 400

F Crawler Length mm 2455

G Wheel-Base mm 1910

H Min. Ground Clearance mm 340

I Overall Height mm 2275

J Width of Platform mm 1830

K Height of Engine Hood mm 1670

L Height from floor to platform mm 695

  Width of Bucket mm 656

  Walking Speed(Low/High) km/h 2.8/4.7

  Platform Slewing Speed rpm 10.5



  The Deflexion  

  Boom Swing Angle (Left/Right) ° 70/50

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Yuchai slogan:Outstanding Quality Global Yuchai

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Q:My excavator is KOMATSU PC650,the bucket is vulnerable to wear after changed . How could I choose a right one.?
Talk to your Komatsu Dealer,they will have all the answers you need.
Q:What has been your biggest windfall in Life and what happened?
Not the biggest but definitely the most interesting was a check for 25,000 dollars. There was construction going on north of my property by the city. It sounded like they were right in my back yard so I went outside and they were in my yard. I large excavator was on my property tearing trees out of the ground and piling them up. I tried to explain to the Foreman of the crew that they were on my property, but he ignored me. He was extremely rude and condescending. Finally he confronted me and said that If I didn't leave his job site he was going to call the Police and have me removed. I told him that I would do it for him. When the police arrived the mayor was with them and he knew where the city property ended. He told them to get their equipment off of my property. I contacted my lawyer and he told me my rights. I checked with a company that planted trees the size of the ones that were damaged and he told me it might cost over 50,000 dollars to replace the trees. When a company rep from the contractor came to the house he was almost as rude as the Foreman had been. I told him how much the replacement trees would cost and even gave him the number so he could talk to them himself. I offered to settle for 25,000 if he brought the check before 5 that afternoon. Around a quarter till 5 he showed up with the check.
Q:how fast can the following go:?
*Claps hands* Are we setting up a race here!?!?
Q:why do diesel truck drivers and excavator operators always leave their engines running?
Diesel engines are designed to work. My understanding is repeated starting and stopping is hard on a diesel. Tractors, big rigs, and usually construction equipment get started once and then worked all day. However, the equipment in question should have been shut off when they realized they would not be needing it. 5 hours? out of control.
Q:what is this called???????
Rock-ripping heavy duty Excavators have buckets with big teeth.
Q:Function of the CRASH BUTTON on SW 300LC Excavator?
i came across it, still figuring it out. maybe it is to delete all memory/pause every function of the excavator temporarily?
Q:Can you use excavator soil for a Sandfish?
No, that excavator stuff is great for animals that love to dig burrows, but sandfish are one of the few reptile species that really SHOULD be kept on loose sand (most desert species should not). They've evolved to live in sand dune environments, and swim through the sand (hence their name). So, use clean, dry play sand--you can get it from local hardware stores, it's made for children's sand boxes. The substrate should be 6 inches deep. Use a good UVB basking light, with a 100F basking spot. Cool side should be 80F during the day.
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Q:how can i stop the beeping on the excavator that we rented so that we can work into the night?
If you can easily get to the beeper itself, just remove one of the wires. You can plug it back in later. Or if they don't unplug, duct tape will do a great job of silencing a beeper. I've actually done that before on a forklift. You can still hear it, but I doubt that it would bother anyone.

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