WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of WKM Expanding Gate Valve Description

1) Metal-to-metal sealing (gate-to-seat and seat-to-body).

2) Expanding gate design creates a positive mechanical seal across the seats, with or without line pressure.

3) Full-bore, through-conduit gate-to-seat seal maximizes valve life by virtually eliminating turbulence and pressure drop.

4) Gate skirts reduce loss of body lubricants.

5) Low running stress enhances life of the gate-to-seat interface.

6) Upper/lower roller thrust bearings are isolated from well fluid, minimizing torque.

7) Stem packing can be re-energized with valve under pressure.

8) Non-rising stem permits valve installation in closer quarters.

9) Seats, gates, stem, and other working parts are field replaceable.

2. Main Features of WKM Expanding Gate Valve

1) Advanced test for quality 

2) MTC provided 

3) Good price and service

3. WKM Expanding Gate Valve Images

WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

4. WKM Expanding Gate Valve Specification

Working pressure: 2000-5000PSI

Nominal size: 2-1/16"~7-1/16" (46mm~180mm)

Working temperature: - 46℃~121℃(LU)

Material class: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF

Specification level: PSL1-3

Performance Requirement: PR1

Working medium: oil, gas, mud, gas contain in H2S、CO2

5. FAQ of WKM Expanding Gate Valve

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One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers specializing Oilfield products in China, mainly offering various of oilfild products consists of our one-stop sales. The integrated sales & service ensures customers with various demands an easier access for purchasing management.

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We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

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In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:What great blood vessels of the heart have semilunar valves?
The semilunar valves are located between the aorta and the left ventricle and between the pulmonary artery and the right ventricle.(aortic valve and pulmonary valve) The semilunar valves are flaps of endocardium and connective tissue reinforced by fibers which prevent the valves from turning inside out. They are shaped like a half moon, hence the name semilunar (semi-, -lunar). they prevent the back flow of blood to left and right ventricles respectively.
Q:EGR Valve 2nd Question please...?
It would be best if you could test the valve with a vacuum tester but from what you describe it is probably bad. The EGR has a diagram (basically a rubber disc) in it which can go bad when this happens the vacuum from the motor can no longer activate it. The biggest problem you may notice from this is you now have a Vacuum leak causing your motor to run lean. Many people would just plug the vacuum line to the valve to prevent the Vacuum leak and not worry about the valve. If you want or need to keep the emissions working on the car buy a new valve.
Q:How do I replace my Washer Mixing Inlet Valve?
Buy a new valve at an appliance parts outlet. Make sure it's the right one. Many times they will come with instructions. Unplug the unit. Shut off the water and remove the hoses. Remove the back panel to access the valve. Remove the old broke valve and replace it with the new one. Replace the panel. Attach the hoses and turn on the water. Check for leaks. Plug in the unit and give it a test. Try all the temperature settings. Congratulations. You are now a professional..
Q:Trumpet Valves Sticking?
Have you tried cleaning the valve casing (what the valve moves in)? If not, you can use a clean cloth that won't leave fibers in there, or a valve casing brush (couple dollars at the music store) to clean the inside. Many times dirt builds up at the bottom of the valve casing where it's supposed to and the valve eventually gets stuck in it. Also, like the poster above said, the plastic/metal guide could be getting caught. You can use slide grease to lubricate the slot in the top part of the valve (not the casing) where the guide moves. Just don't get any on the piston part of the valve. If all else fails, it is possible that the valve was not honed correctly at the factory and a professional will need to fix it.
Q:Dangers of mitral valve prolapse?
There are many people with mitral valve prolapse that never have symptoms related to it and never have any problems as a result. Mitral valve prolapse can lead to the backflow of blood through the mitral valve known as mitral regurgitation. This can potentially lead to abnormal heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation. The concern with skydiving is that it would lead to a surge of adrenaline resulting in increased heart rate, strength of heart contractions and overall workload of the heart. If you have MVP without regurgitation, then your risk would be similar to the general population. If you have regurgitation it depends on the severity the regurgitation. If you have mild regurgitation, then it also should not be a problem. If you have severe regurgitation, then you could run into problems from the increased workload of the heart. In this case, I would suggest you discuss it with your Cardiologist. It is unlikely that you have atrial fibrillation. If you by chance do, then it depends on how well your heart rate is controlled. If there is any doubt, then ask your Cardiologist. Good luck.
Q:Valve cover replacement?
if he replaced the valve pan gasket then it could be from where it was leaking at in the first place and he did not clean it off after he got done. if your oil don,t keep going low then you know he got it fixed.
Q:Applicational uses of Reduced port & Full port ball valve?
W.W. Grainger out of Chicago ships all over the world, also McMaster-Carr Supply.
Q:Noisy Xr250r motor, valves.?
.004 is a bit tight for an exhaust valve? usually this is nearer 10 thou. It is better to have slightly larger clearances to the tappets/ valves than to be too tight and risk burning your valves. You do not mention the decompressor! I'm sure your bike should have a manual decompression lever if not an auto retard unit on the cam shaft to allow you to atleast crank the engine up to TDC on the compression stroke. I suspect that is where the noise problem is coming from, either that or you might be one tooth out on your cam shaft gear allowing the piston crown to kiss the valve when it is open...hence explaining the very hard to turn over!! but see my other comment too! What ever It is time to remove the inspection covers and re examine the whole set up. BTW the bike should be an UTTER PIG to kick over compression without a decompressor!! as it has a very high compresion ratio. expect to be standing up on the kick start if you are less than 160 lb (11 stone) 78 kg
Q:Does mitral valve prolapse prohibit weight lifting?
overall picture doesn't prevent you from doing mild to moderate exercise, but with wait lifting we should think twice.
Q:Aortic valve regurgitation?
Hello, You don't tell us *why* your doctors think, you developed this problem with your aortic valve in the first place? Has there been any infection of the valve with germs, (bacterial endocarditis)? Did you have Rheumatic Fever as a child? Were you born, with stenosis or regurgitation of your aortic valve? Do you have abnormally early, clogging-up of your artery-linings with cholesterol?

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