Wheel Loader CE Multi-Function 3.0 Ton (HQ936)

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Product Description:

Wheel Loader  CE Multi-Function 3.0 Ton (HQ936)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HQ936


Type:Wheel Loader

Usage:Earth Moving



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity:>1.5m³



Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000, CE, SGS,Rops&Fops





Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:1 Unit in One Hq40 Container




HS Code:84295100


Production Capacity:8000 Units / Year

Product Description

1, Wheel loader HQ936 advangtates:


1,Fully hydraulic steering system, power shift transmission, easier operation

2,Bucket can be leveled automatically, optimized working device, higher productivity

3,Comfortable operation environment, new design cabin, grammer seat, air conditioning at option 

4,Various working devices of attachment are available, such as log clamp, pipe clamp, grass fork, plow, ore bucket, fork etc. To meet different need.

2,Details of HQ936 wheel loader ,we only use the high quality part .

3,  Wheel Loader HQ936 ready for loading container 


Bucket capacity1.7m 3

Rated load3000kg

Transportation dimension(L*W*H)7050mm*2430mm*3120mm



Max. Breakout,force138KN

Max. Dumping height3250mm

Dump distance1200mm

Total time11s

Operating weight9600kg

Engine Brand and Model DEUTZ  WP6G125E22/  YC6B125-T10

Patternpressurization/inline/water-cooled/4-stroke/direct injection

Rated power/speed92KW/2200rpm

Max. Torque860N.m

Normal fuel consumption162g/kW.h

Total displacement6L
3Torque converter and transmission system

Pattern3-element single stage

TransmissionFull-power shift,counter shaft type

Number of gear4 forward,2 reverse

Max. travel speed40KM/H

Main reducer PatternArc taper gear model ration of first grade

Pattern of wheelside moderation
5Tire Size17.5-25
6Steering system

PatternArticulated and hydraulic steering

Min. Turning radius5700mm

Max. turning angle37 0 ±1 0
7Hydraulic system


System working pressure27.5Mpa
8Brake system

Service brakeAir assisted oil disc on four wheel

Parking brakeSoft axle control,outside bunch drum type

Wheel Loader  CE Multi-Function 3.0 Ton (HQ936)

Wheel Loader  CE Multi-Function 3.0 Ton (HQ936)

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