Wheel Loader with 3 Metric Ton Capacity CG932H

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Sichuan China (Mainland)


Front Loader

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Wheel Loader

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one year

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas


Golden Yellow

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Chenggong 3.0t front end wheel loader CG932H 
Rated load:3.0t 
bucket capacity1.7m3 
wheelbase:3300mm,operation weight:10200K


Operating weight  10200 ± 200kg
Load capacity  3800kg
Rated Capacity  1.7m3
Max. Traction Force  106kN
Breakout Force  106kN
Working cycle time  9.1s
Max. dumping height  2964±50mm
Max. dumping reach  950mm
Wheelbase  2760±30mm
Wheel track  1902mm±10mm
Min. turning radius  5200mm
Max speed  33km/h
Length  7055±100mm
Width  2519±30mm
Height  3219±50mm
Engine  Xichai 6DF1D-12G Optional: Weichai Duetuz Engine DF-Cummins 6BT5.9 engine
Engine type  4 stroke, supercharging, water cooling
Rated power of engine  92kW



CG932H wheel loader represents our 30 series wheel loaders, which is known for its strong power, robust frame, stable performance, ergonomic design, simple maintenance as well as applicability in different working conditions. CG932H wheel loader is generally characterized by the following features.
1. It adopts a wet axle and has over 60 new designs on the hydraulic, electrical, and pipe systems.
2. This heavy equipment machine is provided with a turbocharged engine and an optimized radiator system.
3. Specially-made hydraulic steering. 
4. It has a strengthened bucket with a plate that is wear proof.
5. The driver-friendly cab is equipped with optional A/C.
6. Backward opening engine hood.
7. The braking system of this standard wheel loader is optimized to give it a strong and reliable braking effect.

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Q:should we keep our 20 something maytag top loader or replace it with a new front loader?
If its still working well, keep it for now. I had a repairman come and do maintainence check on my 14 year old Whirlpool W/D and told him I planned to get a front loader when I build my new house in 2 more years. He told me to just get a large capacity top loader because the parts in a front loader are easily damaged by loose things that may fall out of clothes pockets or if stuffing comes out of a bedspread. My mom's front loader had to be repaired 3 times in 2 years because when my sisters and I would all go home to visit and be doing laundry, in variably one of our husbands or the kids will have left coins in a pocket and they got in the spin mechanism under the tub. Fortunately, my dad knows how to fix them. THe repairman said that the problem is compounded by the fact that front loader parts are more expensive and also since more people own top loaders than front loaders, the parts aren't kept in stock by the shop, so when he has to replace them, he has to order them and it can be a week or more before he gets the part to bring back and install. My washer will need a new transmission before too long, but will hopefully hold up until I get my house built and buy new appliances. I'm going to go ahead and get a front loader then because I have a large family and I need to knock out more laundry per load run than a top loader will fit. I'm hoping that if I get one that is high quality and I keep on top of my family's pockets, I won't have to replace any parts for a long time.

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