weed mat ground cover for agriculture 200g

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Product Description:

Name: PP woven fabric for weed control and water savings

Material: PP, virgin material or recycled material
Unit weight: 140g, 175g, 180g, 200g, 230g, 260g, 300g, 350g, 420g, 480g, 670g
Width: 50cm-600cm
Length: As per ur request
Color: Black with green/white grid
Tearing strength: From 0.5 to 2.2kN
Mesh: 10*10, 12*12, 14*14
UV stabilized: Up to your request

1. Cover crops in the ground surface
2. Can prevent weeds
3. Controlling soil humidity and the temperature
4. Against the insect
5. Does not affect the growth of the crops
6. Long service life

1.What is your main products ?

Our main products are made from PE ,PP etc and could be used for agriculture and construction ,etc .

2.What is your payment term ?

We could accept TT ,LC.

3.What is your delivery time

The delivery time is around 30days per container, sometimes we have stocks .

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We only use plastic cups so we wouldn't have to wash dishes all the time!

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