Environmental plastic fruit packing tray for fruit

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Fruit PP tray Features 

1. Protection of your fruit from damage during transit,retail and display and preserve the quality of your fruit. 

2. Maximum comfort during transport for fruit or vegetables.

3. Multiple perforations for maximum ventilation, Keep fruit orvegetables fresh.

4. Adaptable to all types of outer packaging

5. Can achieve good packing effect

6. To protect the fruit efficiently during its long journey to the international markets.


1. Please send your detailed requirements to me, Such as size, material, color, weigh, quatity or design.

2. I will make design for you according your requirements if you do not have design.

3. Once the design was confirm, The offer will send to you soon.

4. After price was confirmed, I will make Proforma invoice to you and ready to make

samples for you check.

5. After samples was confirmed, We will arrange the order production upon receipt of confirmed PI and your deposit.

6. After the goods is ready to ship, We will informs you the shipping date and other

detailed information.

7. We will help to track the goods until you receive it

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Q:How can we know if a plastic is biodegradable or not?
The okorder.com
Q:what is it that makes plastic bags stretch?
well all mater has a certal elasticicity and pvc (poly vinel cloride) has a higher one than most other matirilas
Q:can you do a mosaic on a plastic table?
Go to your local craft store and make sure you get a glue that is for plastic. With most of the below make sure you are in a well ventilated area: Epoxies are a very strong adhesive that will glue plastic very strongly. Check the package to make sure the type of epoxy glue you are buying is appropriate for plastic. It will make a very strong bond. If possible, sand the plastic a bit to give the epoxy a rougher surface to grab onto. This is a good idea with any adhesive. Household Goop is one of my favorite plastic adhesives. It can glue a variety of plastics, including rubber. One of the very handy uses it is known for is repairing rips in linoleum. It is a bit more flexible than either PVC adhesive or epoxy. GE Silicone II is another type of adhesive that works very well on plastics. One thing to note when using this type of adhesive is that, like epoxy, it dries very fast, giving you a working time of less than ten minutes. This one is good for quick repairs!
Q:What is better for the environment paper or plastic?
what's perfect for the ecosystem is re-usable mesh bags. As you talked approximately, the two paper and plastic have their drawbacks. A bag you should use lower back and lower back lower back works lots extra appropriate. incredibly, there are some grocery shops which could charge 3 cents a bag only to get you to convey your guy or woman re-usables. -Dio
Q:Plastic disposal problem..?
not enough of the plastic used is even recycled could suffocate animal or they could eat it and die. Toxic contaminants. in my opinion use a refillible canteen,and canvas bags to avoid plastic as much as possible
Q:What is plastic explain it to me?
Plastic is made of atom chains. There are many different types of plastic, although A majority of plastic is made from Hydrocarbons, also known as Gas, oil, tar....All of these are hydrocarbons...although only some are allowed to make plastics. Each is prepared in a certain way So, they are mixed with other chemicals, or heated to a specific temperature. this is what plastic is.
Q:Do dogs digest small plastic lids?
Plastic will be around for centuries in city dumps, so no, the dog CAN NOT digest plastic, it has to come out one way or the other, if she doesn't poop it out it will cause a blockage, Watch him for the next 12 hrs, if it doesn't come out then get to the vet before it causes real damage, he may need surgery to remove it.
Q:What is plastic hinge mechanism?
In structural engineering beam theory the term, plastic hinge, is used to describe the deformation of a section of a beam where plastic bending occurs. In plastic limit analysis of structural members subjected to bending, it is assumed that an abrupt transition from elastic to ideally plastic behaviour occurs at a certain value of moment, known as plastic moment (Mp). Member behaviour between Myp and Mp is considered to be elastic. When Mp is reached, a plastic hinge is formed in the member. In contrast to a frictionless hinge permitting free rotation, it is postulated that the plastic hinge allows large rotations to occur at constant plastic moment Mp. Plastic hinges extend along short lengths of beams. Actual values of these lengths depend on cross-sections and load distributions. But detailed analyses have shown that it is sufficiently accurate to consider beams rigid-plastic, with plasticity confined to plastic hinges at points.
Q:which bottles are better glass or plastic?
I have glass bottles with the rubber casing so they don't break if dropped. They are able to be sterilized way better than any plastic bottle. But plastic bottles are fine. I think you are referring to the BPA in plastic bottles. All of the bottle companies have been coming out with new BPA free bottles so any plastic bottle is fine really. Evenflo bottles work fine and they are on the cheaper side, now if you want to buy and expensive brand (if that makes a difference) try Born Free bottles.
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