Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT-400

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$8,000.00 - 15,000.00 / set
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1 set
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20 set/month

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Product Description:

    Product Description


MODEL UnitJYT- 400-D(DM)
Injection SystemScrew  Diametermm303540
Lnjection Pressurekg/cm217015941220
Max.Shot Weight(PS)(PS)g99135176
Screw Strokemm140
Screw  Speed Maxrpm0-175
nozzle contact forcetons2.6
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm200
Number or Temperature Control-3
Material Hopper  Capacity&30
clamping systemClamping Forcetons55
Platen Sizemm650×490
Distance  Between  Tie Baremm500×340
Min.Mold Heightmm200/260
Opening Strokemm200
Max.Open Daylightmm400/460
Ejector Forcetons1.3
Ejector Strokemm45/145
slipform systemSlide StrOkemm 500
Max.Mold Weightkg150
Station Clearancemm±0.02
Max.Hydraulic Pressurekg/cm²140
Hydraulic power systemPump Outputliters/min47
Oil.Reservoir Capacityliters150
Cooling Water Consumptionliters/hr800-1000
Pump Motor Powerkw7.5
Barrel Heating Powerkw4.5
Total Wattagekw12
OthersMachine Weighttons2.1/2.3/2.5
Machine Dimensionsm1.8*1.45*2.65



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Inner: Poly bag; Outer: standard export wooden cases(fumigation-free)
Delivery Detail:20 days after confirming top stop, pin & box design



Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT-400



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Q:How to calculate the cost of plastic injection molding 5
It depends on how much you want to make in a day. First of all, you should calculate the price of the raw material of each product at 7000 yuan / (28 grams of the product and the weight of the material) = the price of the raw material of each product. Then a day can produce many products, said I X, X * = unit price day gross profit, then subtract taxes minus minus minus consumption, the wages of the workers, each product raw material price multiplied by X minus two machine loss = your processing fee for a day to the machine
Q:How about the Green column of an injection machine? 10
Tie Bars--- pull rod (Ge Linzhu)Clearamce Between Tie Bars is the column spacing is between the Green column, you said the distance, Green column spacing also restricted the installation of the width of the mold, the mold width must be less than the Green column spacing can be put under the lock on shot out!
Q:How to check the mold opening stroke of injection molding machine
1. the maximum opening stroke of injection molding machine has nothing to do with the die thicknessMainly refers to the clamping mechanism for injection molding machine with hydraulic machinery, such as XS-Z-30, XS-Z-60, XS-ZY-125, XS-ZY-350, XS-ZY-500, XS-ZY-1000 and G54-S200/400 type injection molding machine, the mold opening stroke by the connecting rod mechanism (or clamping cylinder) determines the maximum stroke, irrespective of the thickness of the mold.For injection mold with single parting surface:Smax = H1+H2 + mm (5 ~ 10)For injection mold with double parting surface:Smax = H1 +H2 + +a (5 ~ 10) mmType: Smax injection molding machine maximum mold opening stroke (mm);H1 plastic parts (mm, H1) launched a distance - like mold core is equal to the height, but for the plastic parts of the inner surface is stepped, sometimes do not have to launch the full height core can remove the plastic parts, then H1 can be determined according to specific circumstances, in order to successfully remove the plastic parts;H2 a piece of plastic height, including the height of the castable (mm) of the gating system that is connected to the plastic part.A the distance between the fixed die seat plate and the runner plate required by the casting system to remove the condensate (mm).
Q:Injection molding machine barrel, and the height of about how to adjust?
The screw you're shooting is just adjusting the height and the left and right. If the deviation is large, the fixed seat, the piston rod, the pressure plate and the screw should be loosened.
Q:Which country was the injection machine invented in?
In 1958, the first injection molding machine was born in Shanghai, and opened a new page of our own plastic machinery. But the injection molding machine produced at that time was of low technical content, and could only use general plastic to produce daily necessities with lower technical requirements, such as plastic boxes, plastic barrels, plastic basins, etc.. With the development of petrochemical industry in China, China's plastics machinery industry has gradually formed an independent industrial sector, and a certain scale, is an important part of the national machinery industry, especially since the reform and opening up, China's plastics machinery industry has been considerable development.
Q:How is the temperature of the four section of the injection molding machine set?
Injection machine cylinder temperature is set and the injection mechanism, injection volume, injection molding and relevant materials. The organic mechanism consists of a screw cylinder, design is according to the conveying, plasticizing, temperature is divided into three sections, the heating temperature is low only conveying material preheating, the inlet to prevent backflow of molten plastic is sometimes also with cooling.
Q:What's the meaning of the connection between the injection machine and the manipulator?
This is an action process, that is, when the robot is supposed to do what it is, the next step is to retrieve the action signals, and then an action cycle is enough
Q:How to adjust the injection machine?
After the injection molding machine has been installed, it must pass the strict debugging procedure, then can put into the official production. It mainly includes three parts, the whole machine debugging, the injection device debugging, the fitting device debugging and so on.(1) debug the whole machine performance1) check the hydraulic oil in the pressure tank and the oil in the lubricator to ensure adequate supply of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. The model of the oil shall comply with the requirements of the manual.2) switch on the main power supply, switch on the master switch on the control box, and place the operation mode selector switch on the spot or manually. Start the injection moulding machine and check the running direction of the pump.3) the machine should be started under the condition of no pressure in the hydraulic system, and then adjust the hydraulic system pressure to normal pressure when it is started.4) after the hydraulic pump work, opens the oil cooler cooling water valve, carries on the cooling to the return oil, prevents the oil temperature to be excessively high.5) after the hydraulic pump works for a short time, close the safety door and then close the mold manually, and turn on the pressure gauge to see if the pressure is rising.6) when the car is empty, the manual operation of the machine is carried out by air several times, and the safety door, the indicator lamp and all kinds of valves are observed to be correct and sensitive.7) check relay, limit switch, counting device, total stop button is normal, reliable and sensitive.8) perform semi-automatic test run and automatic operation test, check whether the operation is normal or not.
Q:Consult the injection machine and say how many grams, but I also see "360T 250T", what does this mean? Thank you
Injection molding machine on the subject of its clamping force, the general 1T can be understood as 1 grams.
Q:Renovation and maintenance treasure source injection molding machine material pipe screw how much?
This simple to: remove the barrel wall need to stick with the smooth talking drum material original material rod slightly special barrel trim surface treatment like new repair gas cylinder can influence

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