Vermiculite Coated Industrial Fiberglass Tape

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100000 m²/month

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Vermiculite Coated Industrial Fiber Glass Tape 


Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass Tape Description:

1. Vermiculite is a natural mineral which provides a natural inorganic finish to fiberglass.

2. This coating provides short temperature resistance of 1000C degree and increased continuous temperature resistance temperature up to 800C degree.
3. Vermiculite coated fiber glass tape increase the products' abrasion resistance and adds to its ability to withstand direct flame.

4. It also provide a dust suppression coating which allows for a safer work environment.


Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass Tape Application:
1. Vermiculite coated fiber glass tape is used for heat shield,flange and valve covers,welding curtains,expansion joins and equipment


Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass Tape Specification:

Ref. No.

Basic cloth

Overall Thickness







1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5

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Q:does anyone know were i can purchase vermiculite.?
Anything you start in water seems to do better in vermiculite-- I use it for african violet cuttings and other cuttings as it seems to encourage more natural root growth. Vermiculite is also used in soilless gardening, where you grow plants in tanks or pipes, and regularly run water with nutrients through it.
Q:Where can you buy Vermiculite?
Sometimes vermiculite can come from minerals that cause it to be slightly alkaline. That wouldn't be good for fly-traps but most vermiculite should work just fine. Both vermiculite and perlite are used because they hold water well. It is probably something else bothering the plant but pH is still a likely problem. You might try using distilled water.
Q:I'm doing a science fair project.(what material absorb water.?
You might consider switching the substrate in the incubator to vermiculite rather then using moss. Vermiculite and perlite are the two main recommended substrates for incubation. They surround the eggs better and retain moisture reliably. Wet the vermiculite and then squeeze out as much water as you can by hand. The consistency that you are left with is what you want. Damp enough for the pieces to slightly stick together. I always incubate my corns with an a lid on the egg container with small air holes. There is often enough condensation produced to keep the medium moist through-out the incubation period but occasionally it does have to be re-moistened slightly. In that case lightly drip some water on the substrate in between the eggs. Don't wet the eggs themselves. The hatchlings should be separated from each other to avoid cannibilism and keep track of feeding. Deli containers are ideal, any take-out restaurant in your neighbourhood would likely be willing to sell you enough to house your clutch.
Q:Where can I buy Vermiculite?
do these people above not realise that bearded dragons are lizards? ...not dragons. sigh for the size of the eggs - as the reptile embryos grow, the egg swells too so that is completely normal. The older the egg, (as long as its alive and healthy) the bigger it will be and for the vermiculite... if you have a syringe or something like that then you can 'inject' water into the vermiculite without getting it on the eggs. i dont know how you incubate your eggs, but i keep my eggs and vermiculite in an old waxworm tub (a small tub with slits/holes in the bottom), and i put that tub in a small bath of water (the box that crickets come in) - it works to keep the humidity up, as well as keeping the vermiculite damp. i used it for leopard geckos though, not bearded dragons so i dont know if that will help any good luck :)
Q:could you use just brown rice for substract?
Bill Mears on the needed steps 1. Buy incubator 2. Get vermiculite and make it moist enough to form a ball when squeezed (test by making a ball and throwing it at your neighbor’s cat) 3. Fill base of incubator with moist vermiculite and lightly tamp it down -I use the base of a yogurt tub 4. Put lid on incubator and fiddle around with thermostat until a probe lying on the surface of the vermiculite gives you a reading of 81F-84F (lower is OK, hotter is not). This takes a week and a lot of cussing sometimes! Make sure you have it in a COOL place so it can't overheat on a hot day. 5. Shout - lay NOW at your dragon 6. Place eggs in small thumb depressions in the vermiculite and brush the vermiculite around them (eggs with veins on top). The first time you do this, you will space them out all nice and neat and run out of room when clutch #3 is laid. The next year you'll cram them in to save space. 7. Sit back and wait 70 days or so 8. Oh yes- find a really good source for crickets; you're going to need to buy them by the 1000.
Q:In Hydroponics, which is better material to use in place of soil , vermiculite, perlite or other?
Gold flecks most likely Vermiculite. paired seed leaves erm, wind borne weeds.
Q:What can vermiculite i do?
A scientific description of vermiculite, which is a mica mineral consisting of silicate material, passes through 1000Heated at high temperature and gained after expansion. Vermiculite is widely used and can be applied to many fields such as construction, metallurgy and so on. In agriculture, mainly for potting soil and soil conditioner, but also for soilless cultivation. Its main function is to increase soil aeration and water retention. In addition to its own use, vermiculite can be mixed with perlite, sand, peat and so on. Vermiculite is very absorbent, so you can't water it too often with vermiculite.
Q:aquaballs to take the place of soil.what are they called/?
How long has this been going on? Wait a few days if you already haven't. If she's eating and keeping well, I don't see too much of an issue, but give the soil time to dry I guess.
Q:Can I germinate apple seeds in vermiculite?
I don't think vermiculite would be a good substrate for several reasons. I usually buy organic peat moss.
Q:what is vermiculite?
Perl;ite floats and vermiculite is shiny and the fish try to eat it and die.

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