Fiberglass Vermiculite Sealing and Insulation Tape

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Product Description:

Specifications of Glass Fiber Vermiculit Tape

Thickness: 1mm-50mm  

Width: 20mm-1000mm

Roll length: 30-50m

Weight: 680-2000G/Sq.m

Weave: Plain


Packing: woven bag, carton box

Features of Glass Fiber Vermiculit Tape: 

Feature: Vermiculite is a natural mineral which provides a natural inorganic finish to fiberglass. This coating provides short temperature resistance of 550°C and increased continuous temperature resistance temperature up to 800°C. So it can be used to protect cables from heat and fire insulation for wrapping hot pipe vertical strip furnace curtains.

Technical Datas of Glass Fiber Vermiculit Tape:

Fiberglass Vermiculite Sealing and Insulation Tape

Fiberglass Vermiculite Sealing and Insulation Tape

Application of Glass Fiber Vermiculit Tape

Vermiculite coated fiber glass tape is used for heat shield, flange and valve covers, welding curtains, expansion joins and equipment.

Advantages of Glass Fiber Vermiculit Tape

1. High temperature resistance(550),

2. low thermal conductivity coefficient(<=0.035keal/m.h.),anti-corrosion, high dust-accommodation

3. High filter ability and moreover it has no harm to human body.

4. Competitive prices based on same quality because we are manufacture and has our own factory

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