TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China

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1000000 m/month

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What is solar cable?

solar cable is used in photovoltaic power generation and solar system solar cable interconnects solar panels andelectrical components in the photovoltaic 

system. Solar cables are designed to be UV weather resistant.(-40 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit). 

The maximum DC current voltage for mostsolar cables is 1.8 kilovolts (kV) Flexible Cable

TUV Certificated UV Resistant 2.5mm2/4.0mm2/6.0mm2 Extention Solar Cable With MC4


Hot Selling Market 


NSW QLD VIC(Sydney /Melbourne /Brisbane/Adelaide/Fremantle Port)Australia and Japan


Hot Selling Size


Solar PV Cable 2x4mm/Solar Cable 2x6mm/Dc Solar Cable 4mm /PV Cable 6mm

TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China

TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China

TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China


Product Description For dual-core pv solar cable  


Standards:AS/NZS 5033.2012,  PV1-F of TUV 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007  TUV-Zert R50203088


Marking:TÜV  2  PfG  1169  PV1-F  1/2×1.5mm2-35mm2 Or OEM


Packing Length:100m/Roll Bule/Black Plastic Drum  500m/Roll Wooden Drum


Core Color:  Single core:  red or black    Twin cores:  Red and Black /Red and Blue



(Plentiful Stock, Accept Qty ( MOQ 1Roll/100meter )For Testing Quality

11*4 mm2 solar cable12500 Meters/Pallet  solar cable
21*6 mm2  solar cable
10000Meters/Pallet  solar cable
31*10mm2  solar cable
6000 Meters/Pallet  solar cable
41*16 mm2  solar cable
4000Meters/Pallet  solar cable
52*4 mm2  solar cable
6400 Meters/Pallet  solar cable
62*6 mm2  solar cable
4000Meters/Pallet  solar cable

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Q:just got a dell inspiron laptop and was wondering about the screen dimming when I remove the power cable.....?
normal, although you can chage some of the settings under control panel as well as using the function key and raise/lower the brightness
Q:how long will a UPS power a cable modem and router?
There's no way of saying without further information. You need to know the amount of power provided by the UPS battery as well as the power drain by the cable modem and router to calculate this accurately. Generally speaking, a standard household model of cable modem and router do not pull a lot of power. Just ballparking it, since the power drain from both is fairly low...A UPS 750 will probably support the two devices together for about 45 minutes to nearly an hour...assuming NOTHING else is plugged into the UPS and using power from it. Be aware, however, that your local ISP will also be on backup or generator power...during an extended outage from a hurricane or serious snowstorm...sooner or later, they will go down too. .
Q:Car Audio Installation and Setup?
Power cables are very very important when running a comp set up. You want as much current running through as you can possible get. Same goes for your ground, you want it to be just as good. Monster Cables are a very good brand of cable. RMS is basically the wattage a speaker can take continuously. If you run twice as many watts through your amp it will be significantly louder and boost your SPL.
Q:I don't have any IDE power cable in the computer, just sata.?
are okorder.com/.... Look at the second to last picture, the small black 6pin connector next to the copper heatsink is what you need to use. I'm guessing that in thebox you got a 4pin molex y splitter to use in case you don't have a 6pin connector from your power supply. Put the 4 pin y splitter back in the box and look for a lead coming from the power supply that has the matching 6pin. Dell's have used the 6pin connector for a while.
Q:installed amplifier power cable to negative on battery, now electrics work but car wont start?
That means your Amplifier is connected directly to the battery -ve.Then both should work. What is the power level of Battery?If old there is a possibility of full discharge. Dim lights, are an indication of discharged battery. If discharged,re-charge it before next trial. If battery is in good charged condition,starter will work. (Otherwise,Check for any mistakes.Reinstate the connection).
Q:Does a SATA to eSATA cable supply power to the hard drive?
as far as i know you dont need anything but a SATA cable and it will power up.
Q:PCI-E power cable?
If okorder.com and order it online, they might not have them at Bestbuy.
Q:Graphics cards? Will it matter how much power it uses if it has a power cord/plug thing?
With a power cord, cable, plug thingy? I've never seen such a setup, and I thought I knew a bit about computers. I know I've seen old (mid 2000s) articles about something like that, but it never got market traction as far as I'm aware. I'd say that you would have to replace your power supply - but I guess a separate power supply should be another solution as well - though it might actually be cheaper to replace the power supply rather than having a separate power supply for your GPU. Also, your motherboard doesn't necessarily support the newest GPUs at any rate, so... yeah.
Q:Can i make a USB cable that has one plug for data and one for power by putting two together?
Yes I'm sure this would work. Just solder the red and black wires to an other usb cable and leave the other 2 data ones going into the computer. Plug the power usb cable into your adaptor and It should work. The device is still getting the 5volts it needs so I see no reason why it shouldn't work.
Q:My psu came with a U.S power cable could I use this?
so?? if you want to use it, go ahead baby!!

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