Thread Connection Type high temperature rotary joint,rotary union

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Low price of rotary joint

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Brass , SUS304 Stainless steel,  casting steel material ,alloy steel,Iron and custmers' requirements


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Q:What does the pipe connector type "10-R1/4" mean?
10 refers to the diameter of the nylon tube inserted is 10mm. "R1/4" means that the joint thread is 1/4 inch of taper pipe thread.
Q:Auto air conditioning condenser and high pressure pipe joint leakage, can use sealant?
Should replace the high-pressure pipe or tube sealing ring in order to solve the problem.
Q:Why is pouring sand over Magnesium fire more effective than a carbon dioxide extinguisher?
Why not? Hey, let me give a shot at him with this 9 iron
Q:Classification of pipe couplings for hydraulic couplings
Non standard type pipe joint, flared pipe joint, right angle pipe joint, rotary pipe joint, quick joint, stainless steel pipe joint, copper joint.
Q:Screw in pipe joint Dg10 what do you mean?
The diameter of the pipe can be divided into outer diameter, inner diameter and nominal diameter.The pipe is a seamless steel pipe pipe diameter by the letter D to represent, then additional outer diameter size and thickness, such as diameter of seamless steel pipe 108, a wall thickness of 5MM, denoted by D108*5, is also used outside said, such as De63 plastic pipe, such as reinforced concrete pipe, cast iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe, said the DN, in the design drawings is generally used to represent the nominal diameter, nominal diameter is a standard in order to design and manufacture and maintenance convenient set artificially, with nominal diameter, tube (or pipe) specification name. The nominal diameter of a pipe is not the same as the inside diameter and the outside diameter of the pipe,
Q:How tight is the gas pipe joint?
For a fixed gas pipeline, it should be installed by a professional Gas Co, and the individual shall not change the sealing of the joint. It should be sealed by special sealant. Plastic pipes should not be too long, should be far away from the electrical circuit, and the high temperature area of the hearth.
Q:Fire fighters/Fire extinguishers?
Depending on the layout, you may have to cut into the floor. I would suggest using flew hose and c clamps if its accessible.
Q:What is the best warning sign or label you have ever seen?
I have no advice.. only I know how this feels i've done this a few times before. maybe peeing before bed? good luck!
Q:fender system one guitar tremolo lock collar?
Assuming something obvious, like burning something in the oven, wasn't the apparent cause 1. I'd immediately make sure I knew where everyone was at and have them gather near an exit. 2. Investigate the cause of the alarm. Check all of the detectors and try to determine which one has sensed an alarm condition. 3. If there is no sign of fire, I'd reset the alarm and fan/vacuum the detector. 4. Obviously is there was a fire, I'd grab the extinguisher and attempt to put it out while someone else called 911. 5. Have other family members evacuate until the situation was safe. 6. Leave myself if I can do no more good or my own life became threatened. (Grabbing my wallet, cell phone, and car keys on the way out the door, if I could safely get them.)
Q:Indoor Marijuana Smoking?
Teflon Tape or PTFE, short for polytetrafluoroethylene is used for pipe threads and never used in any type of flared thread. The sealing surface of the flare is metal to metal. You probably have some contamination in the sealing surface, or the nut is loose, or the seat is damaged or split. Teflon tape can be used in many automotive fluids where applicable to the thread. Fuel, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, gear oil are all compatible with PTFE. It does not dissolve in any of these fluids. One last thought, if the fitting that is leaking is a banjo fitting you may need to replace the sealing washers. Google banjo fitting

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