Table formwork system and scaffolding system

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Tabel Formwork:

Table formwork is the most typical application for slab, with timber beam, the slab formwork is

light weight, fast and economic in the construction.


◆ Simple structure, easy assembly.

◆ Flexible structure, be adapted to different support system.

◆ High construction efficiency with special system tools.

  1. Lifting fork for lifting the table formwork to upper floor.

  2. Trolley for moving the table formwork on floor.

◆ Flexible application with stand alone props.

◆ Safer condition with handrails.

Yes, steel frame formwork can be used for the construction of industrial structures. Steel frame formwork is a versatile and durable system that is well-suited for building industrial structures such as factories, warehouses, and power plants. It offers high load-bearing capacity and can withstand the heavy loads and pressures commonly associated with these types of structures. Additionally, steel frame formwork provides excellent stability and accuracy in shaping the concrete, ensuring that the industrial structure is constructed to the desired specifications. Its modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it a cost-effective choice for large-scale construction projects. Overall, steel frame formwork is a reliable and efficient solution for the construction of industrial structures.
Steel frame formwork helps in achieving a smooth concrete finish by providing a rigid and stable structure for pouring and shaping the concrete. Its strong and sturdy construction prevents any movement or deformation during the pouring process, ensuring that the concrete retains its desired shape and surface finish. Additionally, steel frame formwork allows for precise alignment and leveling, resulting in an even and consistent concrete surface.
Absolutely, steel frame formwork is suitable for both straight and curved slab construction. This adaptable system grants the freedom to fashion various shapes and designs for concrete slabs. The steel frames can be easily modified and tailored to meet the specific demands of the project, regardless of whether it involves a straight or curved slab. Consequently, this renders it suitable for an extensive array of construction undertakings, ranging from uncomplicated straight slabs to intricate curved structures. Moreover, the robustness and longevity of steel guarantee a dependable choice for formwork, safeguarding the slabs' form and structural soundness throughout the construction journey.
The average lifespan of a steel frame formwork system can vary depending on various factors such as the quality of the materials used, the frequency and intensity of usage, and the maintenance and care provided. Generally, a well-maintained steel frame formwork system can last for several years, ranging from 10 to 20 years or even longer. It is important to note that regular inspections and repairs, as well as proper storage and handling, can significantly extend the lifespan of the system. Additionally, factors such as weather conditions, exposure to corrosive agents, and proper load distribution can also impact the longevity of a steel frame formwork system.
Yes, steel frame formwork can be used in combination with lightweight concrete mixes. The steel frame provides the necessary structural support while the lightweight concrete mix reduces the overall weight of the formwork system. This combination allows for easier handling and installation of the formwork while still maintaining the required strength and durability.
A wide array of concrete structures can be built using steel frame formwork. Here are some notable examples: 1. Tall buildings: When constructing skyscrapers, steel frame formwork is frequently employed due to its robustness and stability. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, thus making it suitable for multiple floors. 2. Bridges and flyovers: Thanks to its capacity to bear heavy loads, steel frame formwork is ideal for constructing bridges and flyovers. It can be tailored to match the specific shape and size requirements of the structure. 3. Industrial edifices: Steel frame formwork is commonly utilized in constructing industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, and power plants. Its versatility enables the creation of expansive, open spaces capable of housing machinery and equipment. 4. Residential constructions: Steel frame formwork is adaptable for constructing residential buildings of varying sizes and designs. It provides layout flexibility and can withstand the weight of multiple floors. 5. Commercial complexes: Constructing commercial complexes, such as shopping malls, office buildings, and hotels, is an ideal application for steel frame formwork. It can accommodate diverse architectural styles and the integration of various amenities. 6. Stadiums and sports facilities: Due to its ability to create spacious, open areas, steel frame formwork is commonly employed in the construction of sports facilities. It can support the weight of spectator seating and provide the necessary structural integrity. In summary, steel frame formwork is a versatile construction technique that can be utilized to build a broad range of concrete structures, from towering buildings to bridges and industrial facilities. Its strength, stability, and flexibility make it a favored choice in the construction industry.
Certainly! Both straight and inclined concrete elements can be constructed using steel frame formwork. This versatile formwork can be effortlessly adjusted and assembled to fit different shapes and angles. It offers stability and durability, ensuring the concrete's weight is adequately supported during pouring and curing. The steel frame can be tailored to create straight walls, columns, beams, slabs, and even inclined or curved structures. Additionally, this formwork system facilitates simple removal and reusability, making it a cost-efficient choice for construction projects that involve both straight and inclined concrete elements.
Due to its durability and strength, steel frame formwork is a popular option for constructing concrete structures. It offers numerous advantages when it comes to handling the placement of embedments and fixtures within the concrete. To begin with, steel frame formwork guarantees the secure positioning of embedments and fixtures during the pouring and curing process. The rigid and stable framework of the steel frame acts as a support system, preventing any movement or displacement of embedments like rebar or electrical conduits while the concrete sets. Furthermore, steel frame formwork allows for precise placement of embedments and fixtures. The formwork system consists of adjustable modular panels or frames that can easily accommodate the desired location and layout of embedments. This flexibility enables contractors to accurately position embedments and fixtures according to project specifications, ensuring proper functionality and structural integrity. Additionally, steel frame formwork provides ample space and accessibility for embedments and fixtures. The formwork system is designed with predetermined openings or penetrations, making it easy to insert embedments and fixtures into the concrete structure. This feature eliminates the need for additional modifications or alterations. Moreover, steel frame formwork facilitates the installation of fixtures within the concrete structure. Fixtures like electrical boxes, plumbing pipes, or HVAC components can be securely attached to the steel frame using various methods such as welding or bolting. The robust nature of steel ensures that the fixtures are firmly anchored, providing long-term stability and support. In conclusion, steel frame formwork is an ideal choice for incorporating embedments and fixtures into concrete structures. Its rigidity, precision, accessibility, and strength make it well-suited for safely and effectively handling the placement of embedments and fixtures, resulting in reliable and durable construction.
To prevent honeycombing or voids in concrete, a strong and rigid structure is essential during the pouring and shaping process. Steel frame formwork fulfills this requirement by providing a sturdy foundation. When utilizing steel frame formwork, careful design and construction are crucial to securely hold the concrete in place and prevent any leakage or seepage. Typically constructed from durable materials like steel beams or panels, the steel frames effectively withstand the pressure and weight of the concrete. Furthermore, the steel frame formwork is often lined with plywood or similar materials, which contributes to achieving a smooth and even concrete surface. This lining also acts as a barrier, preventing any leakage or seepage and guaranteeing that the concrete fills all desired spaces without leaving behind any voids or honeycombing. Moreover, the steel frame formwork system incorporates various types of ties or clamps that firmly secure the formwork together. This ensures that the formwork remains in its intended position throughout the concrete pouring and curing process, effectively preventing any shifting or movement that could lead to honeycombing or voids. In summary, steel frame formwork is a reliable and sturdy system for pouring concrete, ensuring proper containment and shaping. By eliminating the potential for gaps or spaces, it effectively prevents honeycombing or voids in the final concrete structure, resulting in a finished product that is stronger and more durable.
Steel frame formwork is a versatile and efficient solution for various construction projects. With steel frame formwork, a wide range of finishes can be achieved, depending on the specific requirements of the project. One of the most common finishes achieved with steel frame formwork is a smooth and even surface. The steel formwork system allows for precise alignment and leveling, resulting in a seamless finish. This is especially important for projects that require a high degree of accuracy, such as the construction of walls, columns, or slabs. In addition to a smooth finish, steel frame formwork can also be used to achieve different textures and patterns. By using various formwork inserts and liners, concrete surfaces can be imprinted with different designs, textures, or even logos. This provides a decorative element to the finished structure and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, steel frame formwork can be used to create exposed concrete finishes. This is particularly useful in architectural designs where the natural beauty of concrete is desired. Steel formwork allows for precise control over the concrete pouring and curing process, resulting in a visually appealing exposed concrete finish. Furthermore, steel frame formwork can be utilized to achieve different surface treatments, such as brushed or polished finishes. These finishes are often applied to concrete elements that are meant to be visually prominent, such as staircases or feature walls. Steel formwork ensures that the concrete is poured and cured in a manner that allows for the desired surface treatment to be applied effectively. Overall, the types of finishes that can be achieved with steel frame formwork are diverse and adaptable to the specific requirements of the project. Whether it's a smooth surface, textured design, exposed concrete finish, or a specific surface treatment, steel formwork provides the necessary flexibility and precision to achieve the desired result.

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