Super fashion great quality for car tyre wheel Pattern 533

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Size ETCBHoleP.C.DFinish
17X7673.15101.6-1271.CHROME                       2.BLACK W/M.LIP              3.GUN METAL W/M/LIP

Production Procedure:

1) Casting Machine Melting & Full Heat Treatment

2) CNC machine CNC made in Taiwan

3) Painting Line Full automatic Painting

4) Quality Control Certifications : JWL.VIA Japanese Standard

   Impact fatigue testing

   Bending fatigue testing,

   Radial run out testing

   Dynamic balance testing.

   Air-tightness testing。


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Q:24 inch mountain bike wheel with the number of inch frame?
24 inch wheels with 13 or 14 inch racks
Q:Wheel fitment question?
you're ponderingrespectable" expenses, yet think of that machiningjewelry" will fee you much less? that is magnificent how far some human beings will pass to get some fancy wheels to stand out in the hood...
Q:What is this thing in the wheel department?
Followed by a silver brake caliper, a silver brake caliper can be said to be an upgraded version of the black brake caliper, generally used in the upgraded version of the entry-level models, such as Boxster and Cayenne. At the same time, in the middle level models will be slightly seen, such as the 911 series Carrera entry-level models.
Q:In the history of the wheel, China has gone through several cultural revolutions
The third time is Han Yu Liu Zongyuan as the leader of the Tang and Song dynasties as the representative of Liu Zongyuan's criticism of slavery "feudalism" system of "feudalism" as the representative of the classical movement, are the first cultural revolution to continue, are critical Confucianism moderation, cumbersome formalism and feudal resurrection of the sound of the decadent culture as the direction, are adhering to the contend for a hundred schools of thought contemplation of cultural and ideological line. In the classical movement, the feudal system was criticized (actually slavery). Liu Zongyuan's "feudalism" as the masterpiece, criticized the decadent Buddhism and Taoism culture as the masterpiece of Han Yu's "original way", which maintained "the first king to Confucius" The "righteousness and preaching" is a limitation, it is the wrong guiding line in the classical movement. The development of the prose movement also led to the prosperity of poetry in the Tang and Song dynasties.
Q:Car steering wheel and how to master the specific car to do?
The general novice in the start and the brake is easy to turn off; as long as the manual transmission models, should be in accordance with the following way; start, mainly in the semi-linked clutch (that is, just put the moment of clutch), must be slow, or But if the grasp is not, you can start the car and then put the hand brake; but then the throttle even bigger, because to overcome the friction of the handbrake; general Is not recommended; or skilled after the change over; car brake points not only in the downhill, at any time should be: 1, first step on the brakes; do not step on the end (if stepped on the car in the end off); 2, 3, after the clutch is disconnected, the brakes; the most critical point, step on the clutch Although the time is on the brakes, but before the brakes in the end (that is, first off) ; That is to ensure that the braking distance, but also to ensure that will not turn off; term is called: after the first hair.
Q:Why can not the wheels be blue?
Rubber has a good elasticity, with rubber to do tires, can reduce the movement of the bumps, but pure rubber can not withstand friction, use it will soon be thin, worn and scrapped. Scientists have found that in the pure rubber by adding some carbon black, can improve the rubber wear resistance. Just the rubber "face" darkened. Tire made with carbon black rubber, not only to maintain a good flexibility, but also greatly improve the wear resistance, extending the use of tires, so we see a variety of tires, are generally black. Today, there are about 30% of the tires inside the composition of carbon black. Of course, with the development of the tire industry will certainly have other raw materials to replace the original raw materials, there may be other colors, Michelin developed the world's first color tires. Like children's toy car only focus on color, wear is secondary, add some colorants, tires are color.
Q:Why sometimes see the car on the road ahead, and the wheel looks in the reverse?
This phenomenon is called Aliasing in signal analysis processing. According to Nyquist sampling law, when the sampling frequency is more than 2 times the signal bandwidth, the signal can be completely recovered from the sampling sample. Wheel rotation can be seen as a signal source, with (speed * spoke number / 2 / pi) frequency output signal f, human eye sampling frequency fs, sampling results sent to the brain after the original signal is restored. When fs <2 * f, the data in the signal f can not be all collected, reflected in the frequency domain is F in the expansion along the Fs overlap. In other words, all components greater than the fs / 2 frequency are folded into fs / 2 or less, so the result of the sample appears in the original signal does not exist in the signal component, it is called Aliasing.
Q:Passenger car front axle McPherson suspension wheel camber angle can be calculated?
Can be calculated, but too strenuous, why do not you direct the amount of it? A lot of equipment, the biggest difference between people and animals is the "use of tools" ...
Q:What is the composition of the wheel
The composition and construction of the wheels of a wheel consists of wheels, rims, and the connection between the two elements (spoke).
Q:Why quickly wink to see the wheels of rotation?
n the rapid movement, when the human eye to see the image disappears, the human eye can continue to retain its image, about 0.1-0.4 seconds or so, this phenomenon is called visual retention phenomenon. When the human eye looks at the object, it is imaged on the retina, and the optic nerve is input into the human brain, and the image of the object is felt. However, when the object is removed, the impression of the optic nerve on the object does not disappear immediately, and the duration of 0.1-0.4 seconds Time, the nature of the human eye is called "the eye of the visual stay".

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