Stainless Steel Submersible Solid Handling Pump CSS Series

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Application: Livestock industry; Food stuff processing factory; Leather process industry; Other waste water treatment works.


Feature: Product material of stainless steel and industrial plastic, light in weight;
Liquid temperature: 0~40oC;
Mechanical seal: Double Mechanical seals material using for seal ring and floating seat is Silicon Carbide;
Motor: Squirrel Cage induction Motor, F class insulation, IP68;
Diameter of wastes: 1/2 times of discharge diameter;
Length of wastes: Three times of discharge diameter.


Waterproof cable is 5m length; Companion flange is made of PP; With outlet vent valve; Thermostat.

To allow pump for easy installation, maintenance, and repair, as it is no need to empty tank first;
To allow automatic pump operations, enabling alternating and parallel operations also;
Single phase operated float switch; Stainless steel made parts of pump may choose the use of SUS316, according to the customer,s need.

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