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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: seaworthy export package

Delivery Detail: on request


1.     more than 10 years’ experience on this field

2.  advanced equipments

3.  competitive price

4.  soonest delivery

                     Product Description :



Technical Standard: Steel Grade &Standard:J1

Surface Treatment:NO.1

Hot rolled Annealed and Pickled(HRAP)

Grade: J1 , Prime quality

Mill Edge. No connection point in each coil.Component: Ni:1% , Cu: 0.65-0.9%, Cr: 13%, Mn: 10–12%, C: 0.09-0.12%

Package:Properly packed for ocean freight exportation in 20''container

Application::home appliances, constructions, building, machineries

Our Advantages :

1. Expertise:
More than 10 years of manufacture: we know how to properly handle every step of production.
2. Competitive price:
We can offer competitive prices to our customers.
3. Accuracy:
We have excellent technicians and leaders, which can ensure our products are exactly what you want.
4. Materials:
All  steel coils are made of high-quality raw materials.
Our products are certified by ISO9001.
6. Productivity:

We have large-scales of production lines,, which can guarantee all your orders will    be finished in earliest time.

The furnace heating style: improved Sendzimir heating technology

Hourly output: max.76.3t/h

Process after coating: tension leveling, Passivation or oiling

Our Service

Our quality

Test Equipments of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil : Salt-spray tester; Atomic absorption spectrophotometer; Rockwell typer hardness tester; Tensile test machine; Metrohm titration; Laboratory Bend test machine.

Our packing

Properly packed for ocean freight exportation in 20''container, galvanized metal fluted rings on inner and outer edges, galvanized metal & waterproof paper wall protection disk, galvanized metal & waterproof paper around circumference.

R&D department

R&D department concentrates on researching and developing reliable products with best quality. The quality department test and control every process of production to guarantee the best quality of product

Steel coils are used in the production of kitchenware as they serve as the primary material for manufacturing various items like pots, pans, and utensils. The coils are typically cut and shaped into the desired form before being further processed through various techniques such as stamping, welding, and polishing. These processes help create durable and heat-resistant kitchenware that is essential for cooking and food preparation.
Q:My teacher says if they were that they would still be standing today. I'm not sure if he means the reinforced steel in the concrete beams, columns etc or if the whole beams and columns floor etc were were made of reinforced steel.
There is no way you could make a 110 floor building out of concrete.
Q:I'm talking about the sort of carbon fiber that's used in the auto industry (mostly in supercars).If an object made of steel were to be copied by an exact same object, but made of carbon fiber - how lighter would the carbon fiber object be?For example, if a table is made of steel and it weighs X, how much will it weigh if it were made of carbon fiber?Thanks.
In most applications, you do not want to make the graphite fiber composite object the same size as the steel object. You want it to have the same strength. So... the benefit of using the composite is not just the difference in density. What you really want to compare is the specific strength and you can define this slightly differently depending on your application. As a simple example, suppose you need to hang a weight of 100 pounds from a beam with a bar (so the load is pure tension) and not have the weight permanently stretch the bar (so stress in the bar is less than the yield stress). You can calculate the cross sectional area of steel and compare that to the cross sectional area of the graphite fiber composite required. If your application is more complicated, say it has to support the load and flex up to 10 degrees and survive some impact loading and operate at a max temperature of 200C, then you have more homework to do to select the best material. And... if you are not rich enough so that money is no object, you also need to consider the cost.
Steel coils are essential in the production of pipes and tubes as they serve as the primary raw material. These coils are unwound and fed into a pipe or tube mill where they are shaped, welded, and formed into the desired dimensions. The high strength and durability of steel make it an ideal choice for manufacturing pipes and tubes, ensuring their structural integrity and ability to withstand various applications and environments.
Q:What kind of steel should be used for constructing a steel building?
In steel construction there are many standard types of steel used. Lots of different factors contribute to your steel choice. How tall is the building? Are you in an earthquake zone? Steel for the columns, or the beams? You might want to refer to the American Institute of Steel Construction for more information, they are the governing body in the US.
Steel coils are used in the production of consumer goods by being processed and shaped into various components, such as springs, wires, or tubes, which are then used in the manufacturing of products like automobiles, appliances, furniture, and packaging materials.
There are several different types of steel coil edge condition options available, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages. Some of the most common types include: 1. Mill Edge: This is the most basic and common type of steel coil edge condition. It is produced during the hot rolling process and is characterized by a naturally rough and uneven edge. Mill edge coils are typically used for applications where the edge quality is not critical, such as in general fabrication. 2. Slit Edge: Slit edge coils are created by cutting the edges of the steel coil using a slitting machine. This process produces a smoother and more uniform edge compared to mill edge coils. Slit edge coils are often preferred for applications that require a higher level of precision, such as in automotive or electrical industries. 3. Trim Edge: Trim edge coils are similar to slit edge coils but with an additional trimming process to remove any defects or imperfections from the edges. This results in an even smoother and cleaner edge, making trim edge coils ideal for applications where appearance and aesthetic quality are important, such as in architectural or decorative purposes. 4. Deburred Edge: Deburred edge coils undergo a deburring process to remove any sharp or burr-like edges. This is done to ensure safety and prevent injury during handling or processing of the coils. Deburred edge coils are commonly used in industries where worker safety is a priority, such as in construction or manufacturing. 5. Rounded Edge: Rounded edge coils have their edges rounded off to eliminate any sharp corners or edges. This type of edge condition is often used in applications where the coils will come into contact with delicate materials or surfaces, as it helps to prevent scratching or damage. It is important to note that the choice of steel coil edge condition will depend on the specific requirements of the application and the desired outcome. Each type of edge condition offers its own unique benefits, and it is crucial to consider factors such as precision, appearance, safety, and functionality when selecting the appropriate option.
Steel coils are used in the manufacturing of structural components by being processed through various techniques such as cutting, bending, and welding to form the desired shapes and sizes. These coils serve as the raw material for fabricating beams, columns, and other structural elements used in buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects. The high strength and durability of steel make it an ideal choice for constructing load-bearing components, ensuring the stability and integrity of the structures.
Q:Is steel case ammo going to mess the gun up or is it just going to wear the parts out faster and if so how much faster? (I am not planning on reloading the rounds)
The ak was designed with the steel cased ammo in mind. The only real wear is going to be the chamber area, and even at that, it is going to take many thousands of rounds to wear it out. be more concerned with the corroive ammo, and clean the firearm well with warm soapy water or military bore cleaner after each shooting session.
Steel coils are used in the production of industrial boilers to form the main body and components of the boiler, providing strength and durability. The coils are first shaped into the desired boiler structure, such as the shell and tubes, and then welded together to create a sturdy and leak-proof vessel. Additionally, the coils are often used to manufacture the heat exchangers and other critical parts of the boiler, ensuring efficient heat transfer and reliable operation.

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