Split Casing Pump GS Series

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General Description

GS series split case pump are new type of single stage double suction centrifugal split pump with high efficiency and performance. It is widely used in delivering and transferring liquid, like municipal water supply system, waste water disposal, energy generating plant, mine and metallurgy industry, agriculture irrigation and flood disposal.

Performance range
Outlet diameter of pump  DN 80—800mm
Capacity       Q  22—116003/h
Head           H  7—200m
Temperature  T  -20℃~105℃
Solid grains  ≤80mg/l
Permitted working pressure ≤2.5Mpa

Instruction of pump type
GS: High efficiency Split case pump (single stage double suction centrifugal pump)
300: Outlet diameter is 300mm
700: The nominal diameter of impeller
M: remodel design of impeller
A: A\B\C separately represents that outer diameter impeller cutting

*GS pumps are horizontally installed, the casing and the cover of the pump are divided along the axis.
*The pump cover is above the shaft and the casing is under the shaft.
*The inlet and the outlet are under the shaft.
*The center-line of inlet and outlet is perpendicular to the axis.
*The rotor can be removed without disturbing the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe, only dismantling the pump cover while maintenance.
*The shaft seal uses packing seals or mechanical seals.

The direction of rotation
The rotation for GS series pump is clockwise looking from the motor to the pump, for example, the pump inlet is on the right, and the outlet is on the left. The motor can be connected with the other end of pump shaft according to customer’s requirements, meantime, the rotation, the direction of inlet and outlet are opposite to the above mentioned.

Material of main parts
The medium-contacting parts are made of cast iron.
The material of impeller: cast steel /brass /according to customer’s requirements.
Parts range
Pump, Motor, Coupling joint, Foundation plate and Mounting resistant cushion will be supplied when inlet diameter of pump is less than 200mm, more than 200mm inlet diameter will only supply pump, motor, coupling joint.
Please indicate the material of main parts in your inquiry or purchase contract. Any special requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Q:what are the different types of water pumps for pontiac motors up to 1981?
did you happen to loose the aluminum spacer between the water pump output shaft, and the fan pulley?
Q:water leaks near water pump?
it would,nt be the heater core because it,s a good ways from the water pump. it might be that the water pump gasket slipped when you were putting it on or the by-pass hose is bad or loose. check all the hoses like both radiator hoses and where the heater hoses hook up to the block.
Q:2004 Grande Am water pump?
better make sure it,s not the belt squealing and not the pump. usually when a water pump goes out they will leak. i would be checking the belt first.
Q:Adjust belts and change water pump on 02 Accord?
Have them do it, that's a fair price and required service. This is a complicated job because there's also a balance belt to do along with the timing belt, also a special tool required to lock things in place during the job. A water pump and new coolant is valid during this as it is so hard to get at otherwise. Do it there, the dealer is best for this or my shop but you're probably a million miles away. :-)
Q:Well Water/Pump Problem?
You mentioned that you flipped the breaker...was the breaker tripped? If so...then your pump is overheating, and tripping the breaker. Possibly some bare wires rubbing together in the well pipe might cause it too. If the breaker isn't tripping...then you may have a problem with the well itself. If it's going dry...the pump will shut itself down when the water stops flowing through it...rather than sit there and run until it burns itself up! Hopefully it's just a bad breaker! :-) Good Luck!!
Q:The efficiency of water pump frequency conversion is very low, why?
Pump power frequency operation, speed is rated. Frequency conversion actually adjusts the speed of the pump (the speed becomes smaller), and the flow of the pump moves parallel and downward. As for efficiency, it depends on the operating conditions of the pump. Does it deviate or run to the minimum efficiency position of the flow curve of the pump?.
Q:No Water in house/well/pump?
If you are sure you have power to the unit, go to the pressure tank. There should be a pressure control switch with wires going in and out. It may have a reset switch that you can try to reset. You usually have to hold the switch for several seconds for the water pressure to build up past 20 pounds before you release the switch. You can tell if this is working by hearing water flow thru your pipes and/or watching the pressure gauge on the unit.
Q:Why should the water pump be opened in time after the pump is started?
There are many kinds of water pumps in power plants! Single-stage centrifugal pumps generally do not open in time, with the valve opening current increased! Multi stage centrifugal pump should be opened in time, otherwise it will lead to fever due to compression of liquid! With the valve opening, the current will increase! Single stage axial flow pump usually open the valve open, with the valve opening, current changes little or fall!
Q:How would I temporarily repair my water pump, so that I can drive it to the repair shop?
You can't fix the water pump temporarily, but what you can do is store a lot of extra water in your car and stop to refill the radiator as needed. If the leak isn't too bad, you can probably make it ten minutes away without having to refill at all. If it's a bad leak, you may need quite a bit of water. I have done this before and it worked pretty well for me. Good luck!
Q:Pump impeller diameter plus assembly what changes? What's the effect on the motor?
Two 1.5 kW desktop self-priming pump impeller 14.7cm primary current 15.5cm problems may occur.After the impeller increases, the flow, head, shaft power will increase (increase in volume see the following formula), the original 1.5KW motor may overload operation.

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