Split-casing Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

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Type  DK  pumps are horizontal,  multi - stage, single  suction,

split-casing centrifugal pumps. The pumps are designed to handle

clear  water or  other  liquids  with  similar  physical and  chemical

properties  to water,  and  the  temperature of  the liquids pumped

should be lower than 80, while if the two bearings are connected

with  cooling  water, the temperature of the liquids pumped will be

up 130 . Type  DK  pumps are widely  used  for municipal water

supply,  agricultural  irrigation  and  drainage, while  if  change the

materials of main parts (eg. Impeller),  they can  be used for mine


Type notation


     10  ——  Integer value of pump discharge diameter divided by 25

     DK1 ——  Horizontal, split-casing, multi-stage centrifugal pump

                      (Type DK1 is improved type)

     9   ——  Integer value of pump specific speed divided by 10

     2   ——  Stage number of the pump

     A  ——    Reduction in diameter of the impeller


     DK  ——  Horizontal, split-casing, multi-stage centrifugal pump

     400 ——   Design capacity

     11  ——   Design pressure

      A   ——   Reduction in diameter of the impeller

From  the  driver,  the  direction  of rotation of  type DK  pumps

 is  clockwise,  the  direction  of  rotation  of  type  DK1  pumps  is


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