Horizontal Double Sution Split Casing Pumps of SN Series

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1. General Introduction

SN series pumps are designed by adopting international advanced technology and excellent hydraulic model, and this new standard series are developed for domestic and overseas market.

2. Main advantages

High efficiency and energy-saving

SN series pumps' efficiency is the highest in pump field. Because high operating efficiency over a wide range of capacities, lower operation cost and smaller motor output are all possible. They are split casing pumps of the highest efficiency and more applicable for saving energy.

Excellent cavitation-resisting

SN series pumps' excellent cavitation-resisting is owing to their special design.

Compared with conventional double suction design, they need small room and save cost of foundations.

Low noise and smaller vibration

By adopting special design, SN series can lower noise, reduce vibration and prolong their service life. They are more economical and environment protection.

Variable combinations of materials

Variable combinations of materials permit wide application for SN series  pumps. 

Select specific combinations of materials according to variable requirements.

Simple structure and easy maintenance

Split casing design permits easy disassembly and easy inspection. It is not necessary to disassemble the main piping, just disassemble the upper casing when inspecting the inside parts.

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