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Gas filter
caliber is 1/2,3/4,1',2'4'6'

Gas filter

Used for gas filter in combustion system, or oven,

to quiz water, oil, dust...

long running life,

Convenient to test the pressure in pipe.



Operation Limits

Type of Gas

Natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous), biologically produced methane and air.

Max. inlet pressure Pe:

1 bar GFK 15 to 250,

4 bar (60 psig) GFK 15R to 65R, GFK 15TN to 100TN,

6 bar GFK 40F to 100F.

Ambient temperature:

-15 to +80°C (5 to 176°F).

Pressure test points on the cover

GFK 15 to 100:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple.

GFK 125 to 250:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

GFK 15T to 100T:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

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Q:How can I print the label on the energy saving lamp? What equipment should I use?
Professionals remind consumers to buy energy-saving lamps to choose well-known brands, and confirm that the product packaging integrity, signs complete. The outer packing usually illustrates the life, color rendering and correct installation position of the energy-saving lamp. After opening the packaging, energy-saving lamps should also have some of the necessary signs, mainly: power supply voltage, frequency, rated power, the manufacturer's name and trademark.
Q:Energy saving and environmental protection equipment enterprises how to do marketing?
Marketing objectives: Based on the scientific analysis of the market, grasp the market positioning, target customer needs, through the implementation of the marketing strategy, and constantly improve the product sales and visibility, and gradually expand the market share of the products, make the enterprise sustained development power.
Q:What is the name of the anti penetrate water dispenser
Reverse osmosis pure water machine is a kind of equipment which combines micro filtration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection, ultra purification and so on, and directly transforms water into ultra pure water.
Q:According to the national development and Reform Commission published on the "energy saving and water-saving special equipment enterprise income tax preferential list", the market publicity environmental protection products too much, please ask the air compressor energy saving transformation program with what equipment?
1. air compressor heat recovery machine is the use of waste heat of air compressor itself to produce hot water, not only can save a lot of plant oil fees, gas fee and electricity fee; the heat can be used in hot water for life, can also be used for industrial production (industrial production of hot water or hot water directly for preheating, such as plating, cleaning etc.) with hot water.
Q:Is the sz11-20000/110 transformer an energy-saving device?
It is good for peak summer, suitable for high load distribution network with high load rate and shock load and continuous overload requirement. Such as: Iron and steel, metallurgical industry, railway transportation, power plants, hydropower stations, etc..
Q:What kind of equipment does the energy-saving lamp production require?
An energy-saving lamp, also called a light saving bulb, an electronic bulb, a compact fluorescent lamp and an integrated fluorescent lamp, refers to a lighting device that combines fluorescent lamps with ballasts (stabilizers). The size of an energy-saving lamp is similar to that of an incandescent lamp, and the interface to the holder is the same as that of an incandescent lamp, so you can replace the incandescent bulb directly. The lamp costs only 1/5 to 1/4 of the ordinary incandescent lamp, which saves a great deal of lighting, electricity and cost, and is therefore known as an energy-saving lamp.
Q:Coal washery, energy saving, environmental protection, improvement measures
Coal produces a large amount of coal dust at the sieving, crushing and transportation point of the adhesive tape. As the dust can not be cleaned, coal dust two times flying seriously, from the specific processing of coal preparation process, to transport, crushing, crushing, screening and cleaning and other dust produced most. The cause of serious pollution of the system are: coal (coal with low water content when the water content is less than 6%, coal dust serious); dust without ventilation and dust removal equipment, dust can not be effectively controlled; transpersite, Zhanqiao ground and some health dead corner coal accumulation, two dust conveyor; not normal (deviation, closed LAX) caused by serious coal belt
Q:What are the environmental protection and energy saving equipment?
Environmental protection and energy saving equipment mainly refers to: public sanitation facilities filtration equipment, sewage treatment equipment, air purification equipment, solid waste treatment equipment,
Q:What preferential policies do enterprises that produce environmental protection equipment enjoy?
Environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises are mainly corporate income tax concessions. Environmental protection industry equipment specializing in the production of "the current state encourages the development of the equipment (products) in the directory" (product) enterprise (factory, workshop), in accordance with the independent accounting, independent calculation of financing conditions, the annual net income of 300 thousand yuan (including 300 thousand yuan) following the exemption of enterprise income tax, part of more than 300 thousand yuan, pay enterprise income tax in accordance with the law.
Q:Why should companies use economizer or energy saving equipment? Are there any requirements in this respect?
Usually the saving rate is between 25%-----60%, the load in the pure lighting system, energy saving in 13-20%, in the mixed load power and lighting is 10%-18%, lighting Saver is higher, at about 15%-25%; in driving situations, (injection molding machine Saver, Saver air compressor

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