Single - stage Verical Pipeline pump

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Type ISG single-stage vertical centrifugal pump is suitable for industry, water supply and drainage for city, tower’s water supply for high building, fire fighting pressurizing, pipeline pressurizing, long-distance water supply, air-condition circulation, and so on.

The pump’s highest operation pressure is 1.6Mpa, e.g. the outlet pressure means inlet pressure plus total head is less than 1.6Mpa, the static pressure of casing is 2.4Mpa, If the system pressure is more than 1.6Mpa, please let us know when you order pumps.

The pump is suitable for pumping clean water that its temperature is less than 80 and other liquids with similar characteristic of physics or chemistry to water. To fix the cooling system on pump cover to transfer the medium with temperature from 85 to 130. If the medium contains solid particles, please let us know when you order pumps.


Type meaning of pump:

e.g. ISG80-250(J)Z, O, A, B, C

ISG means single-stage vertical centrifugal pump.

80 means diameter of inlet and outlet.

250 means nominal diameter of impeller (mm).

A means the first cutting of impeller’s diameter.

B means the second cutting of impeller’s diameter.

C means the third cutting of impeller’s diameter.

J means reduction of rotation speed from 2900r/min to 1450r/min

Z means enlarged type of impeller’s diameter.

O means prototype of impeller.

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