Double-suction Multi-stage Horizontal Split-casing Pump

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一.General Introduction

  1.The DS series are multi-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps. They are especially suitable for delivering muddy water containing silt, they can also be used for pumping clear water and the liquids similar to water in physical and chemical. The Max temperature of pumped liquid is not more than 80. This series of pumps are very suitable for farm irrigation and flood drainage.

二、Meaning of pump type

     ◆  Take 400DS-120*2 for example

     ◆  400-The nominal diameter of suc. and disch.(mm)

     ◆  DS-Multi-stage double-suction centrifugal pump

     ◆  120-The head for one-stage(m)

     ◆  2-Quantity of stage

三、The material of main parts

     ◆  Pump casing, cover----Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel

     ◆  Impeller---- Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

     ◆  Shaft----Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

     ◆ Wearing ring----Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (special processing for hardening the surface)

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