Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

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       This series of product has won the high quality named by National Machinery Ministry . It is used to pump clear water and liquids which are similar to water in physical and chemical properties.

It has many advanced featrues such as high efficiency, smaller mounted space and so on. Allpump parts are machined with high precision technological processing, and the pump shaft is specially heat treated. The strictest type and Ex-works test are required on the pumps before delivering to the users according to the acceptance standards. This product has been put into the market for over 30 years and obtained high reputation among the users and greater expectations in the market.

    This series of pumps are mainly used for pumping clear water and the liquids is similar to water in physical and chemical properties. It is to be able to transfer corrosive medium if the wetted part's materials are changed. for example, the impeller, seal ring, shaft sleeve and casing sleeve and casing and so on. The Max. temperature pumped is generally not more than 80 This series of pumps are very suitable for factory drainage and municipal water supply.

    Meanings of pump type: e.g.DA1-80×5

    Where: DA1-single suction. multi-satge segmental type centrifugal pump;

    80-Outlet dimensions;

    5-Quantity of impel ler

    The rotating direction of pump is clockwise reviewing from the side of the driver.

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