Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY Pump

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Mainly used for firing boiler hydraulic aspects.
High hardness and wear property.
Stable pump pressure, little discharge.

Small Hydraulic Pump

General Purpose Pumping manufacture Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY pump

Product Description

General Purpose Pumping manufacture Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY pump

2CY Small Hydraulic Pump's Application

2CY series pump applies to delievering non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equivalent liquid without solid particles.

It applies to hydraulic system,too.

Application fields:

Oil, Petrochemical,  Chemical, Mining, Metallurgy,  Electricity, Shipbuilding, Textile dyeing and printing, Paper manufacturing,  Construction, Medicine, Foodstaff industries, ect.

If you are looking for Small Hydraulic Pump, maybe you need it -- 2CY Gear Pump ö.ö

Name2CY Small Hydraulic Pump

•Professional hydraulic oil pump

•Transfer pump or booster pump

•Fuel pump

•Lubricating pump

MaterialPump casing

1.Cast iron (HT200, HT250)

2.Nodular cast iron (QT450)




Capacity1.08~12 m3/h
Pressure2.5Mpa (max pressure is 4.0Mpa)

Suction head

Motor typeNormal type,  Explosion-proof type, Shipborne type
AdvantageHigher hardness and wear property
Shaft sealMechanical seal or packing seal

More Details:



CertificationGL, ABS, BV, CE, DNV
PackageStandard export carton or plywood case
Delivery dateWithin 25 working days after confirm order
Warranty1 year

2CY Small Hydraulic Pump

Application Scope of  Small Hydraulic Pump

1.Transfer pump or booster pump in oil delivery system.

2.Fuel pump for delivery, pressurization and injection in fuel supply system.

3.As hydraulic pump supplying hydraulic power in hydraulic system.

4.As lubricating pump in all dustry field.

5.The pressure can reach up 4.0Mpa.

Small Hydraulic Pump Structural Diagram

General Purpose Pumping manufacture Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY pump

Functional data




Exhust pressure






m3/hL/min Power(KW)Model
2CY-1.08/2.5 1.08 18 1420 2.5 9.5 58 2.2 Y100L1-4
2CY-2.1/2.5 2.1 35 1420 2.5 9.5 58 3 Y100L2-4
2CY-3/2.5 3 50 1440 2.5 9.5 59 4 Y112M-4


4.2 70 1440 2.5 9.5 62 5.5 Y132S-4
2CY-7.5/2.5 7.5 125 1440 2.5 9.5 63 7.5 Y132M-4
2CY-12/2.5 12 200 1460 2.5 9.5 61 15 Y160L-4


Dear friend, please provide me parameter of detailed information such as medium nature, capacity, pressure and meterial of pump so on. We will help choosing the most suitable pump with best quality for you.

Note:Pumps above can be matched with different motor as customer requirment.

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Q:What's the word "pump"? Is that what advocates mean?RT
What is a "fan"?In recent years, the term "fan" often appears on the newspaper Web page, whether it is a team, a singer, a sports car and a toilet, all of which have their own fans
Q:What is the pumping property of concrete?
Pumping capacity means that fresh concrete can be transported by concrete pump, and concrete construction can be carried out with high efficiency. 'pumping' is a qualitative statement
Q:What is a feed pump?
Because under normal circumstances, the water pump suction port flow rate is low, can not meet the requirements of high pressure water injection pump. Therefore, the purpose of adding a feeding pump at the front of the water injection pump is to increase the flow rate of the inlet of the high-pressure water injection pump so as to meet its water supply requirements!
Q:What does centrifugal pump mean horizontally?
Centrifugal pump horizontal opening meaning: pump shell and pump body along the pump blade horizontal central line is divided into the upper and lower halves, so that the maintenance of pump leaves when the pump top cover can be separated from the pump and bearing as a whole. No need to remove the pipe.
Q:What are the application areas of pumps?
Water pump has different uses, different transmission liquid medium, different flow, lift range, therefore, its structure form is not the same, the material is also different, summed up, can be roughly divided into:
Q:How accurate is the metering pump?
The measuring accuracy of the stable metering pump is as follows:In a diaphragm metering pump, the reciprocating motion of the plunger is passed to the diaphragm through the hydraulic chamber between the plunger and the diaphragm. In order to maintain the normal movement of the diaphragm, the hydraulic chamber is required to keep the volume of the liquid in the space (usually using hydraulic oil) unchanged. In order to ensure that the volume of the formation of membrane movement is always equal to the stroke volume of the plunger pump, so as to maintain the stability of the flow, but in the actual operation of the pump, the plunger seal will inevitably cause leakage at the same time, there may be a gas into the hydraulic chamber
Q:What is the difference between centrifugal pump and rotary vane pump?
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Q:What is a water pump coupling device?
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Q:What is a gear pump for?
Internal wear of oil pumpOil pump parts wear will cause leakage. The large leakage area between the floating axle sleeve and the end face of the gear is the main part of the inner leakage. This part of the leakage accounted for about 50%~70% of the total leakage. The pump efficiency of the gear pump is much lower than the input power when the gear pump is worn and leaked. All of its losses are converted to heat energy, which will lead to overheating of the oil pump. If the joint plane is pressed, the movement of the floating axle sleeve will cause a little wear and tear when the work is in use, so that the farm tools can be lifted slowly or can not be improved, so the floating axle sleeves must be replaced or repaired.
Q:What is the name of the day pump and ground pump? Specific introduction
Day pumpDay pump is called "day pump", the main reason is that it can deliver concrete to a certain height, make up for other concrete pump transportation shortage. Compared with other concrete pumps, the pump has its own boom, and the concrete can be transported without the use of artificial cloth. It is very convenient for use. At present, China's longest boom pump is 101 meters, which means that 101 meters under the floor can be completed with the help of day pump concrete delivery. In addition, the pump is equipped with a chassis, so compared with the ground pump, it can walk independently, moving very convenient, you can quickly move from one site to another location.

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