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1-Excellent quality with competitive price.


2-World famous brand hydraulic system and other key parts.


3-Hydraulic Excavator is good excavator,have good preformance.


4-perfect after-sale service system.




                                                              Main Technical Paramenters
Main   ParametersModelHW360-8
(KG)   Operating weight33800
Hydraulic   Breaker (Hammer)TYHB155
(kN)   Bucket digging force226
Performance of the Macine(rpm)   Swing speed9.6
(Kpa)Ground   pressure67.8
EngieEngine   ModelCUMMINS-6CT8.3
(Kw/rpm)   Rated Power186KW/RPM
Emission   standardⅡphase
Hydraulic SystemMotorKAWASAKI
(L/min)   Flow rate of Motor2*280L/MIN
travel   motorNABTESCO
rotary   motorKAWASAKI
Overall Dimensions(mm)Length11135
(mm)   Counter weight ground clearance1223
(mm)Ground   contact length of track3670
(mm)Track   length4595
(mm)Shoe   width600
(mm)Track   gauge2590
(mm)   Swing radius3450
Working Range(mm)   Max. digging radius10918
(mm)   Max. digging depth7076
(mm)   Max. digging height10341
(mm)   Max. dumping height7435
(mm)   Max. vertical digging depth6178
(mm)   Max. depth cut for 2.5m level bottom6905
CabAir-conditioning   brandDENSO
seat   brandGrammer 


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Q:Where would i get a workshop manual for a Hitachi excavator?
Well i did a quick search with no luck. You will probably need to contact Hitachi to obtain one from them.
Q:many smaller excavators used to dig foundations for houses have hydraulic systems that perform the digging ?
hydraulic rams are limited to the distance they can travel.. large cranes you see with cables are moving objects hundreds of feet where a hydraulic ram can not. hydraulic systems are much more dependable and can create a great deal of force in a small set up this is why you see them on most of your smaller construction machines.
Q:Need a place in st. louis, mo to rent land or area for an excavator & a truck.?
I would try Craig's list. ~
Q:How can i immigrate to the UK from Canada?
First off, getting a visa to work or stay in the UK is extremely hard nowadays. The minimum requirements that you need is a recognized master's degree, earnings of at least £20,000 over a 12 month period in your home country (Canada in this case), as well as a certain amount in your bank account for 3 months. This is called the Tier 1 visa, which after being granted, allows you to move to the UK and look for work, but has to renewed every 3 years. The other way is to find a company to sponsor your work visa (Tier 2). However, this is a difficult route as the company needs to show the authorities that they are unable to recruit someone from the UK or EU with suitable skills, and not many employers are willing to go through the hassle of Tier 2 visa s.
Q:How much sand is needed for a sand mound mound septic?
No...Get a second or third opinion.
Q:Can diesel engines of heavy equipments be converted to double tank for use with diesel and SVO/WVO?
If his operation is in an area where it is above 40 degrees, he can actually get by with simply filtering the WVO and adding it into the tank. If he is below 40 degrees F, then it is not so simple. The double tank would have to be custom made for each off road vehicle. If his area gets below freezing, he needs to add a coolant jacket to the WVO tank so it remains liquid at lower temps if the tanks are not so equipped currently.
Q:What is the difference between a hydraulic excavator and a mechanical excavator?
Because hydraulic excavator has many varieties, multi-function, high quality and high efficiency and so on, it has been favored by the construction units. The production of hydraulic excavators is also booming.Mechanical excavator, also called excavating machinery, is a kind of earthmoving machine that uses bucket to excavate material that is higher than or lower than the machine surface and is loaded into transportation vehicle or unloaded to the stacker. Excavators are mainly made of soil, coal, sediment, and soil and rocks that have been pre - loosened. From the development of engineering machinery in recent years, the development of excavator is relatively fast, excavator has become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of excavator are operation weight (quality), engine power and bucket bucket capacity.
Q:How much does it cost to have a few truckloads of dirt removed from your property?
It depends. Look in the phone book and call around for excavators or landscapers...then ask them to give you a bid.
Q:What equipment do I need to dig up a ton of earth and rock?
A backhoe...or a front end loader, a steam shovel, an excavator, and a bobcat would all work.
Q:CAT where is the origin of the small excavator?
1.CATER American brand, made in japan.2. in terms of quality and performance is not inferior to other Japanese brands; power is the Carter Co independent models, and there is high pressure refrigeration pump; bucket capacity in the 1*5 to 2*8 range; the cab dashboard is adjustable, convertible, digital dial. So, on the control, comfort, more satisfied.3., Sino US joint ventures are made by XCMG and Carter joint venture factory.

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