Self Priming Sewage centrifugal water pump

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Self Priming Sewage centrifugal water pump Our Products are packed in exportation plywood case usually, our package is good for protecting the products. The putting way is different because of the different pump size and quantity. english manual will be provided together with the products.
Delivery Detail:15 working days for Gorman Rupp Self Priming Sewage pump

Gorman Rupp Self Priming Sewage centrifugal water pump


Performance Parameters:

Capacity( flow rate) :  30~1200m³/h

Head  :5 ~ 60Meters

Suction Lift : 7ft~ 25ft

Max. Solid : 76.2mm

Material : Cast Iron,SS304,SS316,SS316L.

Driven mode: Electric Motor and Diesel Engine.

Seal : Mechanical Seal, Alloy SiC/SiC

Bearings : NSK brand


1.Products Overview:

             P series self priming non-clogging sewage pump is a new generation product which is developed on the basis of the lastest technology and craftwork.

         A hole is addad to make sure that stronger sewage can be cleaned quickly when pump is jammed.

        The unique lubrication oil mechanical seal makes the performance more reliable and avoids to damage mechanical seal when it operates without water.



2.Main usage:

♦   Municipal Project,Sewage Project,Instruction Project.
♦  Transportion of the sewage of uptown.

♦   Sewage transportion in Hospital,Hotel and so on.

♦    Classification of municipal sewage treatment factory and concentrate treatment systems engineering.

♦   Tansportation of the factory and contaminated water.



3.Operation condition:

1. The temperature of medium no more than 80°C,

  the density of medium is 1.0 ~1.3* 10³kg/m³.

  PH is within 5~9 .

2.Max. diameter of solid should be less than 75mm.

3.Max. suction lift no more than 7m.


4. Technical Specification:



2''(50mm), 3''(75mm), 4''(100mm), 6''(150mm), 8''(200mm), 10''(250mm), 12''(300mm)

2.Impeller Diameter


3.Rotary Speed

550RPM-2150 RPM

4.Flow Rates











9.Solid Passing



Cast Iron, ADI, CD4MCU, 316 SS, Alloy 20, C276.

11.Diesel Driving

Water cooled or air cooled

12.Method of Connection

Self-priming pumps are available as basic units or may be flex-coupled, V-belt driven or engine mounted.

13.Drive Variation

Cummins, Deutz, Ricardo, Perkins or Chinese Diesel, Electric Motor

14.Skid Mounted on Trailer

2 or 4 wheels Trailer/Trailor,Cart


Exporting plywood case


CE ISO9001:2008



5. Details of all Pump size :

P-21150-290046361 – 10 HP9211444.45
P-3650-2150107351 – 20 HP18320563.5
P-4650-1950163361 – 30 HP259.528076.2
P-6650-1550330332 – 40 HP36439176.2
P-8650-1350600347.5 – 75 HP58163476.2
P-10650-14507754010 – 100 HP63566376.2
P-12650-125012754220 – 125 HP998106676.2
H-3850-215085621.5 – 25 HP21422520.63
H-4850-2150148583 – 40 HP27229728.57
H-6850-1950308575 – 75 HP41343731.75

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Q:97 silverado 5.7L water pump replacement?
sounds like you know what your doing. but i would advise you to take the shroud off first because it will get in the way. you might want to replace your hoses and thermostat also and use a gasket scraper instead of brake clean. happy wrenching.
Q:The reason why the pump is overloaded
(1) the influence of the basic installation on the equipment.The quality of equipment foundation installation has great influence on the quality of equipment operation. Iron pad placed properly, causing around the foot bolt hanging device, in alignment and fastening process for iron pad hanging, tighten anchor bolts will cause deformation of crosshead slide in the crankcase, the cross head is blocked in the operation of reciprocating load increases when the chute.W5 type reciprocating vacuum pump in the structural design of the cylinder body is cylinder, and the piston, intake and exhaust valve after the heavy weight in the foundation design without considering the cylinder support or hanger, the cylinder will be in a suspended state, because the weight of the crankcase cylinder will cause deformation of the cylinder and slide and slide the concentric degree of difference, so that the cross head is blocked in the slideway and the piston reciprocating operation is blocked during the reciprocating motion in the cylinder caused by the increase of the load.According to the above analysis, inspection found that the vacuum pump end of the cylinder body is slightly lower than the end of the crankcase, cylinder pad iron is low, deformation of crosshead guide foot bolts, the cross head caused by load increases in the slideway and the piston in the cylinder reciprocating operation is blocked, this is one of the reasons causing motor overheating.(2) cylinder and valve coking;The influence of process, cylinder and valve of reciprocating pump is easy to coke, Coke will cause the piston cylinder and piston in reciprocating cylinder operation when the load increases the valve is blocked; coking will cause poor exhaust, the valve closed lax, increasing load, low vacuum degree; clearance at the cylinder piston striking the cylinder will cause coke it will increase the load of cylinder, valve has found the phenomenon of coking, which is mainly caused by the low degree of vacuum.
Q:High Flow, Heavy Duty & Electrical Water Pump?
The high flow just moves more water per revolution the a factory pump. Heavy duty could be the same as the hi-flow, while the electric pump does not use the fan belt to turn the pump, it's got a small electric motor to do that. See if there's any difference between hi-flow heavy duty, get one of those.
Q:How to I know if I need to replace the water pump?
Normally if the water pump is bad it will be leaking fluid from a little weep hole right under the pulley bearings. If you have fluid coming from there then yes it needs to be replaced.
Q:What does a fish tank/pond water pump do?
Yup yur absolutley correct. It aerates the water, and circulates the water to prevent surface algae that can cloud your water and make it unsightly. A water pump is definitley a nesesity when it comes to artificial koi ponds. Hope this helps!
Q:Do I need a new water pump for my Accord?
Almost certainly not the water pump. It will leak from the weep hole on the back of the block, near the timing belt housing if it fails, and that won't produce coolant all over the engine. My daughter's 1993 Accord water pump failed and I had a hard time seeing the leakage because most of it happened gradually when on the road. Even if the shaft leaked because the weep hole was plugged it would be inside timing belt cover, not spraying all over. My bets are on a hose, especially near the thermostat housing where the heat is the highest. The thermostat is in a housing on the back edge of the engine - follow the lower radiator hose (weird, huh?) back to the housing. Several hoses come together there. The thermostat isn't going to cause the leak but you need to know where the housing is. The radiator is also a major suspect. As long as you got the engine stopped pretty soon after the overheating began the head gasket is going to be okay, too - it is not a good suspect for the symptoms you have so far. The easiest way to see where the leak is when there is that much loss is to refill the radiator with purified water - never put tap water in the cooling system except in an emergency - and let the engine idle until you see it dripping on the ground (remove the splash guard under the nose) or spraying under the hood.
Q:The water burst how to repair?
If it is not too serious, with casting glue on the line, it is best to use serious brazing, don't use the electrode,
Q:Could the whistling noise i hear be related to a possible bad bearing in the water pump?
one tell tale sign of a bad water pump bearing can be a sound like a jet engine, but there are other possibilities too, I take a 4 foot length of garden hose put one end on top of what ever bearing you want to check and stick the other end too your ear.a slight hum is a good bearing, noisy bearings are easy to diagnose this way. Just be careful, no loose clothing or long hair near spinning fan and belts, engine has to be running to hear bearing noises. As to the dieseling noises, this is your engine running backwards. this is extremely hard on an engine. Leave the car in gear then turn it off. if its a stick, put it in a high gear let the clutch out until motor stalls. However dieseling is usually related to timing and poor quality fuel. Change to chevron super unleaded, it has techron which will help clean out a dirty fuel system, your vehicle may have a out of time problem, and or tune up issues can cause this. get this fixed, the fuel milege will be a bit better, and your engine will not self destruct. If the noise is in the water pump then replace it. Sometimes a jet engine sound can also be present in the torque converter in a transmission (automatic only)
Q:estimated cost for changing a 95 toyota sr5 4runner v6 3.0 water pump?
Too i did this, and by doing so it saved me money, time, and the risk of getting ripped off.
Q:How would I temporarily repair my water pump, so that I can drive it to the repair shop?
You can't fix the water pump temporarily, but what you can do is store a lot of extra water in your car and stop to refill the radiator as needed. If the leak isn't too bad, you can probably make it ten minutes away without having to refill at all. If it's a bad leak, you may need quite a bit of water. I have done this before and it worked pretty well for me. Good luck!

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