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1.Good waterproofing and ageing-resistance function,not flowing at highest temperature and no crack at lowest temperature.

2.Easy application,no pollution,and long service life etc.

3.Possess good tensile strength,elongation rate and size stability  which could be well suited yje substrate distortion crack.

4.Good performance in anti-puncture,anti-broker,anti-resistance,anti-erosion,anti-mildew,anti-weathering.

5.Construction  Is convenient,the melt method can operate in four season,joints are reliable.


1.It is widely used for industry and civil building---the waterproof and dampproof of the roofs,basements,

toilets etc;and the waterproofing of bridges,parking area,tunnels,reserviors etc.

2.SBS modified membrane is specially being applied in the cold area with low temperature,while APP modified membrane is applied in the hot area with high temperature.


1.Make sure the roof deck smooth ,clean and dry(Moisture<9%),then apply the surface of roof deck homogeneously with a kind bitumen paint till dry to start application.

2.There are two methods in application:

One way is by heating and melting method---Heat the polyethylene film of the membrane and roof deck surface by heating and melting method to be nearly melted (not flowing),then install the membrane fully bonded to the roof deck with overlaps of 5-10cm.

The other way is by cold adhesive method---Pour the cold adhesive homogeneously on the roof deck then roll the membrane to install it to be fully sticked to roof deck.

By heating and melting method and by cold adhesive can be used in alternation in application as requested.

3.After application ,a full serious inspection is required to make sure no air bubble ,no fold,no falling away etc to guarantee the waterproof life.

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Q:What is carpet back cloth?
The side fitting with the floor is called carpet back cloth
Q:Wat material is good for office carpet?
If you have the condition, carpet with good flexibility can be considered, use time to grow office carpet to belong to a kind of commercial carpet, have Pu, now the office carpet is commonly square carpet. So it is recommended to choose nylon.
Q:my question is about area rug for living room and dinning room?
No. They should contrast one another.
Q:Acrylic carpet, acrylic carpet price?
The ratio of dyed polyester, polyester fine material is much better. But it's very different from the price of wool.. General price is in 250-300 yuan / square metre or so... I hope I can help you, do not understand can private letter
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Go to home depot and see if they have some sort of stain lifter that can get that out and then you might want to shampoo your carpet.
Q:I have rug on my carpet, how do i make it not slip/move?
You already answered your own question. Nail it down or screw it down. If you own the house, replace the carper. if you rent, wold do the above. good luck
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The carpet materials mainly include wool, acrylic, nylon, hemp and blended woven carpets, the following is the most suitable family: durability with nylon 1. nylon carpet weaving, anti-corrosion, mildew, moth, acid and alkali resistance, tensile resistance, such as winding performance, wear resistance is particularly good, low price. More suitable for laying in corridors, staircases, living room and office, and so on, frequently moving places. The disadvantage of nylon carpet is that it is easy to generate static electricity, heat resistance, easy burning and easy pollution.
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When washing, use water absorption pure towel to scrub at the same time, and finally, using hair dryer cylinder to dry
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I People submit step by step instructions on just about anything you can think of that you can make yourself. There are really some great ideas I never would have thought I could do myself and mostly they look good!

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