Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control and LED Screen CNRB707E

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Product Description:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control and LED Screen  CNRB707E

Product Description



Model No.



Power: 30W.
  self charging                        
  One week time shedule                 
  Battery indication          
  Remote Controller              
  With virtual wall
  Anti-falling system
  Working route:randomly,wall along, spiral                          With UV light                        
  With bumper                        
  With mopping function                            Dust capacity: 0.6L


* Color

Injection and spray

* Input voltage

100V-240V 50/60Hz 

* Dust tank   capacity


* Battery

1800MAH NI-MH/Li

* Thermostat


* Speed control


* Accessory

1 charger              
  1 set of NI-MH battery                    
  1 doc-station        
  1 remote

* Vacuum Duration


* Plug


* Recharge time



* Gift box:


* Master   carton(4pcs/ctn):


* Quantity/GB:


* N.W.:


* G.W.:


* Packaging   material:

Double corrugated   cardboard

* loading qty   (20'/40'/40H'):

820/ 1620/1900PCS


Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control and LED Screen CNRB707E

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control and LED Screen CNRB707E




Q: What's the difference with cyclonic to multi-cyclonic filtration system?


Multi-cyclonic is where the dust container has a plastic filter section inside and has many little tunnels in it that separate the finer dust and dirt for the next filter and there is no HEPA filter in the middle plastic filter section.


Cyclonic filtration is where there is a central HEPA filter that sits inside the dust container and catches the finer dust.




Q: My vacuum just stopped while I was using it! What do I do now?


All of our vacuum cleaners have been fitted with a thermal safety cut-off switch which activates to stop the motor from burning out. When it does that it will prevent the unit from turning on again until it has cooled sufficiently to reset, which is between 2 – 4 hrs. The most common reason for safety cut-off switch activated is the filters needs to be cleaned. Please read the instruction manual and follow the instructions on how to clean the filters. 

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Q:Why do shop vacuum cleaners have a ball (sphere of plastic) in the frame that is covered by the filter?
Shop vacs are designed to suck up liquids and when the tank fills the ball will float and eventually plug the air suction opening to the blower. The ball is there to prevent liquid from the tank from being sprayed out of the vacuum and to protect the motor from that liquid.
Q:Advice needed. What is the best vacuum cleaner under $100?
Check consumer reports magazine's last 3 yearly reports booklets, at the public library. Check the index for vacuum cleaners, and look for their recommendations, repair records on the devices. . Good luck. Doc. Dan.
Q:how do you feel about vacuum cleaners?
I hate them too. Pets hate them too.. you like to have a nice house , but who wants to play house? I hate ALL brooms too.. shows you what a cursed dirty world we all live in... no wonder we got allergys
Q:Professional house Cleaners only please help with vacuum cleaner?
I have had the same issues time and time again, either too heavy, won't fit under furniture, hoses tear, too may filters and like you tired of replacing them. I purchased a Dyson about a year ago and it has not lost suction yet. I use it everyday it only needs one filter and I wash it out as directed which is perfect for me. The extension pole on it is great too for getting dusty spots and spiderwebs. I comes with a lot of different attachments so i can manage multiple surfaces. I will never buy another vacuum brand.
Q:Dust problem for conure?
Get a vacuum cleaner that will pick up dust. These new vacuum cleaners they've come up with have Hepa filters in them and are supposed to be good if you have allergies and such. Might be helpful for the bird as well. I have one myself because I have 2 cats and a lot of hair shedding. It works great. Might want to try that.
Q:what is the best vacuum cleaner?
While your are trying to decide on one you might read Consumer Reports Magazine They had an article on choosing a vacuum cleaner within the last year. You can find old issues in most libraries or you can go on line and subscribe to it (for a price).
Q:Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood/tile floors?
The best is Generation 3. The new ones now a days are not so heavy and bulky and allot cheaper at about $125 on line. They also pull their selves. Thankss
Q:opnions on what the best vacuum cleaner is?
I am in the home cleaning business. I have tried many vacuums. Kirby's are very heavy, expensive and somewhat challenging to use since you have to take off the power head part (the part of the vacuum that sucks up the dirt) to add on a hose to vacuum upholstery. Plus they have bags that need to be changed. Oreck's are light weight but expensive and don't have attachments, plus they have bags that need to be changed. Dyson's work well, they are bagless and have attachments on the vacuum itself. They can however become clogged easily, but I still recommend this one. If price was no object, hands down the Rainbow is my choice. It is bagless, but traps dirt into a water bowl that you then have to empty. Has washable hepa filter. The attachments are on board but it does have a couple different hoses (one for dirt and one for water, for those wet messes that sometimes occur or for shampooing carpet). There are many more that I have used but I'm sure you don't want me to list them all. So all in all, go bagless, have attachments on the vacuum, have floor height adjustments, hepa filter recommended (which helps to prevent dust from getting into the air) and a long cord.
Q:Has anyone heard of Patriot Vacuum cleaners?
Nope, never heard of it. Best way to buy a high-end vacuum cleaner is to go to a sales and service vacuum store and buy the high-end models a few years old that people changed their minds about. It's like buying a used luxury car, they depreciate much faster than cheaper cars. The service guys can tell you which ones are really worth the bucks.
Q:anyone know of a car wash that also has vacuum cleaners and such to clean your car out in Winston Salem, N.C.?
Whats wrong with using the one at your home? I use mine to clean my auto interior once a week for 4 o years.

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