Product list of Korea Doosan Engine type (DOOSAN) 19

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300 unit/month

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Germany

  • Model Number: Mxxx

  • Output Type: AC Three Phase

  • Speed: 1500RPM

  • Frequency: 50HZ

  • Rated Power: 520KW to 2300KW

  • Rated Voltage: 380/220V

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Export standard package
Delivery Detail:35 Day


Power Diesel Generator Set 
1) MTU engine 
2) Stamford alternator 
3) Fast delivery time 

Power  Diesel Generator Set



This series generator set adopts German MTU engine, with advantage of strong power, energy efficient, low noise, low emission, global service network etc.


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Q:research on natural resources, need help on a question?
Q:Current -carrying conductor question?
Current carrying conductor will always experience force, weather the magnetic field is from external or self induced magnetic field. The reason I know this is because I have been involved in testing 50,000 watt diesel generator sets by applying a dead short (1000's amps) across the output. And have observed double (00) cables jumping on the laboratory floor (like a garden hose when you slam the valve shut).
Q:Off Grid power options?
i don't know about your possibilities where you are but i would definitely suggest using as much natural lighting as possible and the alternate wood heating furnaces available
Q:Which fuel could be used to power electricity on a small scale?
Diesel or propane are good for long term use on small scale. You want a generator that runs at a low RPM to give a reasonable longevity between rebuilds. A diesel engine with a large storage fuel tank would be the best for small scale power generation. If you have a pipeline source for natural gas you can run a diesel engine on natural gas or propane. What makes a diesel the best choice is that it runs at about 1200 RPM and will run possibly for years without a snag other than oil and filter changes. A gasoline engine runs closer to 4000 or more RPM which causes far more wear and friction and isn't good for long term use. Gasoline is far cheaper and good for temporary generation like for normal power outages. Natural gas or propane generators, especially ran in a diesel style engine, burn very clean and can be cheaper if you have natural gas pipelines in your area, plus you wouldn't need a storage tank for fuel. Even a 10 KW generator could go through 20 gallons of diesel a day, so you would need at least a 500 gallon tank to last a month. Pipe line would eliminate this tank and truck delivery of fuels. If you are looking at off grid power, like solar or wind, it is best to combine the two. Solar heating is the cheapest way of heating water which could be used to heat a house and/or bath water. Wind is the cheapest for DC generation of electric which is stored in big banks of lead-acid batteries. Using LCD lights and low power equipment will minimize the amount of electricity you need to generate and store
Q:Diesel generator is not what is the reason for generating electricity
damage to the circuit or circuit breaker, short circuit or grounding.
Q:What is the most important parameter of diesel generator?
Rated power (PE): refers to the diesel generator set rated output in the case of the maximum power output, the unit is kW (kw) or MW (MW)
Q:On a large generator powered by a 6cyl. john dear diesel What would make the exciter rotor banding come loose?
If they need a scapegoat, you're it. However if it ran for 168 hours on a diesel engine and things were not RE-torqued/double checked
Q:charging a marine battery with a car battery through a power inverter?
Just run heavy gage wire from one battery to the other, pos to pos neg to neg, no big deal, however your alternator ain't gonna like working that hard and will go see Allah in a very short period of time, so a high output alt will be needed sooner rather than later, and with the price of gas and seeing the shape some of those ice cream trucks are in, I see a lot of melted ice cream in your future. maybe a small generator would be more cost effective. almost forgot. if the wattage output of your inverter is not enough to power a freezer,which take quite a bit, you'll smoke the motor out of your freezer in a matter of days if not hours. yea lots of melted ice cream
Q:how to compare efficiencies for a diesel and a diesel-electric engine?
You need to identify and analyze each of the components in each system. The diesel drive system consists of the engine with its auxiliaries such as water pump, oil pump, starting system etc. plus the mechanical power transmission system. The transmission system would include the transmission and drive train components. The diesel-electric system consists of the engine and auxiliaries, a different set of mechanical drive train components, an electric generator, one or more electric motors and an electronic control system. Note that the electronic control system is a major item. All of the electrical power output of the generator passes through power conversion circuitry in the electronic control unit. The engine is likely to operate at different speed and torque operating points in each case. The diesel-electric system may utilize a narrower speed range and a wider torque range. If the diesel-electric system uses energy storage, there will be a battery charge/discharge control unit in addition to the other control units described. The system may operate with a smaller engine that operates mostly at a fixed speed and torque.
Q:Whats a good price for a back up power generator?
For used medium size portable temporary units about $100 to $150 US per KW. Plus the required transfer switch and permits and inspections if you intend to power your house with it. This is for a manual start gasoline powered unit. As you add options the price goes up and may triple in hurricane season in the path of the storm. The quietest unit I've found are Honda, but they are more expensive. Any unit smaller than 15KW should be considered a short term unit good for maybe 2000 hours of run time. A 15 KW unit should be a permanent installation with a mounting pad and at least a 7 day supply of fuel on site. For this a licensed qualified professional electrical contractor should be consulted. As convenient as they may be, they can get to be expensive to install and operate.

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