Power Inverter DC11-15V AC100-120V, AC220V

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Q:Which Autobots and Decepticons r going to be in Transformer-2?? Any ideas?
Soundwave. Optimus Prime 3
Q:How to check watts of a voltage transformer?
The transformer should have a label on it giving it's output capacity in watts or voltamps. The device you want to connect to the transformer should also have a label giving the power draw of the device in watts or voltamps. As long as the transformer has a higher rating than the device you want to connect to it, things should work fine. I would want the transformer to have a little more power capacity than the load I want to connect. If I wanted to connect a 500 watt load, I would prefer at least a 550 watt transformer. A watt is the power used by a device. A voltamp is really the apparent power, but is very close to the actual power. For most purposes, they may be used interchangeably.
Q:doesn't the working of a transformer violate the ohm's law ?
Transformers don't need electricity to run!
Q:What are the technical parameters of the transformer?
I, temperature rise and cooling: transformer winding or the upper oil temperature and the temperature difference between the ambient temperature of the transformer, known as the winding or the upper oil temperature rise. Oil-immersed transformer winding temperature rise limit of 65K, oil surface temperature rise 55K. There are a variety of cooling methods: oil from the cold, forced air-cooled, water-cooled, tube, chip and so on. J, Insulation level: Insulation class standard. Insulation level of the method for the following example: high voltage rated voltage of 35kV level, low voltage rated voltage of 10kV level transformer insulation level expressed as LI200AC85 / LI75AC35, which LI200 said the transformer high voltage lightning impulse withstand voltage of 200kV, power frequency withstand voltage For the 85kV, low voltage lightning impulse withstand voltage of 75kV, power frequency withstand voltage of 35kV. Oaks High Technology Co., Ltd. The current oil-immersed transformer product insulation level LI75AC35, said the transformer high voltage lightning impulse withstand voltage of 75kV, power frequency Withstand voltage of 35kV, because the low pressure is 400V, can not be considered. K, the connection group label: According to the transformer one. Secondary winding phase relationship, the transformer winding connected into a variety of different combinations, known as the winding group. In order to distinguish between different groups, often using the clock representation, that is, the high voltage side of the voltage phase of the clock as a long needle, fixed on 12, low voltage side of the phase voltage as the clock short needle, (A) is a (triangular) joint, and the secondary winding is a (star) junction with a center point, and the group number is (11).
Q:Is the transformer output DC or AC?
There is also a direct communication, depending on what is the use of what. For example: for power distribution with the step-down transformer input and output are AC; and electronic circuit transformer is a double winding or multi-winding transformer, mostly safety transformer, the output is DC; China's auto-transformer is AC transformer The Autotransformers are not allowed to be used as safety transformers. So the output for the exchange.
Q:transformers calculations?
That is a good answer 7652 amps. 7300 amps is more realistic, considering transformer losses, but I don't think any one has built that large a transformer, so surprises are likely. Even at 1% that many amps, 3 phase is likely. Neil
Q:Will a 110V transformer work with a 100V contactor?
I assume the new transformer is 230/110v? If the contactor coil is rated 110v, it should be fine. Most contactor coils, as with most electrical equipment these days have a large voltage tolerance. However, you need to check that the contactor coil is rated for 110v. You may find it's rated for 100v to 120v.
Q:Transformer charging
There is a megger, that is, shake the table, with a handle, used to measure the electrical insulation meet the requirements do not,
Q:Is it possible to construct my own transformer?
Do not muck about with mains voltage transformers unless you really know the subject extremely well. You will be putting yourself and your property in danger if you do. Please consider purchasing an Isolation Transformer, rated to handle the load connected to its output. This will be expressed in Watts on the back of the appliance you connect. Seek an electrician's advice.
Q:Who Loves Transformers??? and when is PART 2?
Transformers actually exceeded my expectations. IT WAS AWESOME! :) The second one has so far been scheduled for June 26, 2009

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