Power Inverter DC11-15V AC100-120V, AC220-240V

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Drive Variable-frequency (VFD) is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the motor power frequency mode to control AC motor power control equipment. Inverter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC inverter), filter, inverter (DC AC), brake unit, driving unit, detection unit, and so on. The inverter by the internal IGBT to adjust the output voltage and frequency, according to the actual needs of the motor to provide the power supply voltage, and then to achieve energy saving, speed control purposes, in addition, there are a lot of converter protection functions, such as over current, over voltage, overload protection, etc.. With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial automation, frequency converter has been widely used.


2. Product Characteristic:

1 Frequency conversion energy saving. Motor use frequency converter is to speed, and reduce the starting current.

2 Power factor compensation energy saving. No power will not only increase the power loss and equipment of fever, more important is power factor lower leads to a decrease in power grid

3 Soft start energy saving. After the use of frequency conversion energy saving device, the use of inverter soft start function will enable the starting current from zero, the maximum value is not more than the rated current, reducing the impact on the grid and the power supply capacity of the requirements, and extend the service life of the valve. Save the maintenance cost of equipment




Input voltage

DC 12V (DC11-15V)

Output voltage

AC100-120V, AC220-240V

Continuous power








Peak power








Output frequency

60+/-3Hz, 50+/-3Hz

Output waveform

Modified sine wave

NO load current draw


Low voltage alarm activation


Under voltage shutdown


4. Reference Picture:

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Q:Should i get killzone 2 or 25th anniversary transformer?
killzone 2!!! Is the best FPS game rigth now
Q:Transformer question electrical machine?
the only reason that i will think of is is an electric powered gadget is that it does paintings, It consumes power (losses) and it particularly is hooked as much as the provision?? besides the indisputable fact that I too have in no way heard if them being spoke of as a gadget in 40 4 years interior the commerce
Q:Transformer specifications trouble?
The transformer's primary should not disturbed, if possible. If not, then replace the primary wire using the same wire gauge and number of turns. The secondary winding needs a wire that handles about twice as much current as the primary's winding, which would require a wire that has twice the cross sectional area. I don't think that capacitor filtering of the bridge rectifier's output is necessary, but it would cause a lot of hum. If the capacitor is not used, the current and voltage feeding the magnet will be relative the average value (.63 of peak value), rather that the RMS value (.707 of peak value), Therefore, the peak value of the secondary winding would be 60/0.63 plus bridge rectifier drop or about 95 volts. Its RMS value is then 95*.707 67 volts and the turns ratio would be 67/102 .56 to 1.
Q:Who likes or watched Transformers?
You can't be a real fan if you haven't watched the original animated series. The movies are crap, they just have nice special effects.
Q:Help with a Toroidal Transformer. best answer will get max points!!!!?
DC power into most transformers will result in smoke output. All transformers operate on AC. Your description leads me to believe that this is a power transformer with two outputs (not a Toroidal). 26.2 vac ORanGe 0 v (ground) BLacK 26.2vac YELlow and the other output 14.0vac BLU 0v (ground) BLacK/BLUe Your info does not indicate how many amps you can draw from the outputs, but I would suspect that it would be small (1 amp). The 26.2 vac outputs can be used without the ground to produce 52.4 vac output. It is normal for these two outputs to be out of phase.
Q:Rules for the operation of cooling devices for oil - cooled transformers
C, work or auxiliary cooler failure after removal, should be automatically put into the standby cooler;  D, strong oil circulation cooling transformer operation, must be put into the cooler, no load and light load should not put too much cooler (no-load state to allow short-term cast). All the load into the corresponding number of coolers should be in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer, according to the temperature and load switching cooler automatic device should be kept normal.
Q:Is It Bad to Live Above a Transformer?
Transformers can produce powerful electromagnetic fields, but there is no definitive answer on the safety of living next to transformers. Some people believe the electromagnetic fields cause health problems, and others do not. Bona fide research on health risks has produced sometimes contradictory results. One thing is for sure, high capacity transformers occasionally explode if they get overloaded, but these types of transformers are not allowed inside of buildings.
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Soundwave. Optimus Prime 3
Q:iz there a new transformers coming out?
Transformers 3 is estimated for a July 1, 2011 release.
Q:Why the computer water does not use transformer oil
In terms of cooling medium, the cooling effect of water is very good, it is used in the weak is the most used to achieve the purpose of cooling and the lowest operating costs.

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