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Product Description:

1.6000mAh Power Bank /Portable Power Bank/Mobile Power Bank for iPhone/iPad/Mobile Phone/PSP/MP3/MP4/power bank for phone/power bank for camera/power bank with flash light
2. Features:

High quality 6000mAh external backup battery for your iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4GS, iPod, iPad 1, iPad2, the new *Pad and mobile phones.
Designed to provide power for iPhone, iPad, iPod and mobile phones.
Built-in 5600mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery.
6000mAh capability, powerful with long operation time.
Be compatible with Nokia, iPhone, iPad, MP3, MP4, and other mobile phones...
The USB output, more convenient.
High efficiency of power conversion.
Electricity-saving function.
With 4 LED power indicator.
Partable, practical and long cycle life.
Safe and reliable, perfect for using on travelling and outdoor activities.
3. LED battery level indicator:
-4 lights = 95-100% approximately
-3 lights = 50-94%
-2 lights = 10-49%
-1 light = 2-9%
-1 blinking light = less than 2%
4. How to charge the power bank:

1. Use the supplied data cable mobile power bank, access to computer USB port for charging; Or through a data cable mobile power access DC-5V adapter

2. Discharge Instructions: Short press the power button, move the power on output, LED display power 3S, if the output is not connected to the load, the power itself off output

3. No matter in any state, long press the power button to turn 3S flashlight, then long press 3S flashlight off
Mobile power off the output when charging is prohibited to charge the phone...

5. Technical:
1. Winpower power bank with high quality for electronic devices
2. IMD craft for the shell, innovative, avoid scratching, beautiful and luxury
3. Winpower power ban with good soft ware to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current
4. One control, simple operation
5. High efficiency, and lower static power
6. Long time standby, over 500 circles at least
7. International warranty period: 12 months
8. This is high capacity power bank with LED light function

6. Optional accessories:

*1X power bank
*1X micro cable
*1X instruction book
*1X very nice gift box

Product Picture Showing :

Power Bank; Portable Power Bank; Backup Mobile Power Bank (PB-013)
Power Bank; Portable Power Bank; Backup Mobile Power Bank (PB-013)
Power Bank; Portable Power Bank; Backup Mobile Power Bank (PB-013)

Basic Info
Model NO:PB-013Socket Type:Global
Capacity:6000mAhLifepan:500 times
Input: 5V, 1A(MAX)Output: 5V, 1A(MAX)
Type: Mobile PowerPower source:Electric
Color:Black,White, Green,Yellow Export Markets:Gobal

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