P43T halogen bulb H4 auto lighting system 24v

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Factory price 5 inch 40W auto lighting system led spot light 
1.Stainless steel bracket 
2.high intensity LED 

1. Wide operating voltage range: it can apply to different types of vehicles .


2. Long life: more than ordinary advanced LED light bulbs, more than 30000 hours life .


3. Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better.


4. Light perception: a softer light to prevent glare.


5. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can in the rain or harsh environments.


6. Lumen is 90-120LUMEN / W, much higher than ordinary halogen 20-30LUMEN / W.


7. One year limited warranty.


8. LED work lights are widely applied to enhance lighting, eg.Vessels,Bus,Off-road vehicles,Trucks,Fire Engines,Forklifts,Mining,Trains,Tanks,etc


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Q:Car headlamp model query what software best
Single foot H1, feet H7, feet double wire H4, compare on the line, do not check! Xenon lamp exception, if not solve your problem, please ask!
Q:Feipu h4 car headlamp bulb how much money one
We bought the Yangzhou sellers of the transparent five more than a domestic manufacturers genuine Oh good quality
Q:How much V headlight voltage is best?
General 12v cart 24v
Q:What does the car light mean?
Headlights flash at the crossroads waiting for the car, when the green light, sometimes encountered before the car does not move the situation. May be a novice, tight tide, starting slowly, perhaps the driver did not pay attention to the changes in the lights, and so on when the red light. At this time, after the car will usually take a little measure, give the other tips. Some people will be crazy horn, but this kind of irritability urging not only lost the demeanor, may also play the opposite role. Some Cheyou anger just a little slowly open, deliberately suppressed after the car, the results we all suffer.
Q:Which supermarket in the United States can buy a car light
You can check to see if you are near autozone this chain, is dedicated to selling auto parts.
Q:Car headlamps angel eyes, demon eyes, double light lens What does that mean?
Angel eyes refers to the lens in the periphery of an increase of an LED aperture called angel eye
Q:Led car headlamps the first generation and the second generation of what is the difference
Lights, only one light-emitting point, and the latest flake COB is 12-18 light spots, due to more light spots, it will be brighter, heat will be faster. Light point is like humans, a person, even if your strength and then big, you and a person and you dial the river, you certainly dial 12-18 individuals.
Q:Why would all electric systems flicker in my car?
Check okorder.com/ If it's affecting gauges and other non-lighting stuff, it's not likely to be the headlight switch.
Q:Will the new car headlights fog affect other parts of the car?
You have little effect, for reference.
Q:How long is the car headlamps?
No accident you do not have to change it

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