Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

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Product Description:

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

Outdoor Furniture Description

The CMAX outdoor furniture line is based on an exclusive, Swiss design. All details are well-thought out to make sense, offer a distinctive appearance and provide the highest comfort. Probably the most important characteristic becomes visible only on taking a closer look – or rather feel: our outdoor furniture features maximum sitting comfort through back-friendly design of each individual lounge element and cushions with very thick and comfortable fillings.

Outdoor Furniture Features

Resistant to salt air / Won't crack or dry out

Versatile arrangement options with our sectional seating line

Comfortable, fully filled cushions guaranteed to hold their shape

Ergonomically correct construction for ultimate relaxation

Outdoor Furniture Image

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

Outdoor Furniture Specification 

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0014


What is your advantage?

We have good designs and quality. We provide one-stop purchsing service.

What is your minimum order quantity?

In general, we don't have MOQ, but in boom season, we hope you order one container.

What’s your payment term?

We generally accept telegraphic transfer, 30% down payment and the balance before delivery.

We also accept L/C at sight, D/P, western union, depending on your order amounts and pricing terms and credibility.

Do you accept customized design?

Yes, OEM is welcomed. We could make also your logo or with your hand tag and carton printing, etc.

What's your guarantee for the quality?

Usually one year after shipment against manufacturing defect, but our furniture can be used for more than 10 years when properly maintained.

What are the materials?

Our rattan furniture is woven by hand with environment-friendly PE rattan on strong powder-coated metal or aluminum structure with soft cushions and pillows. The cushions are usually replaceable and washable.

1)PE Rattan/PVC Rattan/Poly Rattan/Synthetic Rattan: durable and UV and weather resistant

-- Round Rattan is usually more durable than flat rattan and more expensive.

-- Plenty of rattan colors are available for selection and the well-received colors are listed as follows: Changing Brown, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Cream, Beige, Grey, White, etc.

-- Rattan Size: Our common round rattan diameter: 2.4mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3mm, 3.3mm, etc. Our common flat rattan width: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, etc.

2) Structure/Framework: Top Graded and powder-coated

--Strong metal structure is adopted if not asked. Aluminum structure can also be made at a higher cost. Aluminum structure is lighter in weight.

3) Cushions and pillows: water-proof and with zipper, replaceable and washable

-- Our common cushion thickness: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, etc.

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Q:What does a sofa cost to make?
Wellit really depends what sort of couch you want but my couch my boyfriend and I got from PLush and it cost 1300 but it is a black leather really nice one
Q:how to reattach wood panel on rolled arm of sofa?
If nails are in sofa pound them in. Get some Elmer's white glue and glue the panel to the sofa. You need clamps or rubber bands or something to hold panel for 24 hours. If nails are sticking out of panel then they need to be snipped or cut flush and then do the gluing. If you try to nail it will look crappy. I have a grandfather's clock that is glued panels and it has held since 1983.
Q:should i buy new sofas?
Don't buy micro fibre!! we bought a couch and theater seating in micro fibre. we went in to buy leather and were talked into micro.What they didn't tell us until two years later was that jeans are really hard on the fabric. REALLY hard.Now the front of the couch is worn and shiny.They said it was easy to clean but its not. If you plan to have company over alot, it won't stand up. Plus the warranty is VERY limited,Shop around don't buy the first thing you see.go for quality check your warrantycarefully.If you are looking for a cheap fix look in the paper for a used sofa you can slipcover.Cause once you find a girlfriend/wife, she'll make you buy new furniture anyway. Good luck.
Q:Curious Sofa by Edward Gorey Ending?
Um. It's three o'clock in the morning where I am so I won't be able to get my hands on the book for some hours but... The first point is this book, like most of Gorey's work is a game. If you read ABOUT him, you will discover he was more reticent about his private life than Andy Warhol (and this was apparently less of a pose). The book can be described as about innuendo more than anything else, so, while one might possibly say, the sofa ATE everybody, the proper response to that would be how inappropriate. In other words, he was writing a book about his attitude towards discussing sexuality, and this was why it was called A pornographic work. He clearly thought it was a good thing to convince people the sofa ate everybody, but he wanted to leave a little mystery about it. EDIT: Checking it, of course, has proved more complex than -- it should have. I finally have, though. What I said was almost correct. Simply put, yes. He is alluding to the story of the Egyptian -- queen, I think it was -- who invited her enemies to a feast then then in the middle of the meal let in the Nile, or the story of Dracula who invited some poor citizens to a feast in a hut he sealed and burned the house down. I won't say Sir Edward murdered everyone for the reason I cited above: it's inappropriate. Gorey wanted the end of this book to be as ambiguous as possible.
Q:Small sofa for 15 year old?
Keep looking! There are some great ones out there. Good luck!
Q:sofa washing?
There probably gonna steam clean it, and if you want to save money it will be cheaper to do it yourself, at your grocery store, like HEB, you can rent a steam cleaner with the attachments to clean your sofa and all for like $25 bucks, and none of the steam cleaner solution will affect your health, if you do it yourself, you can actually buy the solution that takes out allergens....smells good and works good...good luck which ever way you choose i'm sure your sofa will look good.
Q:what is better, sofa or sectional?
Q:Looking for a comfortable yet affordable sofa bed?
check okorder.com/ Personnaly I own the handy living one and it's pretty good, no probs till now good luck!
Q:Cleaning a suede sofa, stains too!?
Your suede couch is actually made with a micro fiber material and will be a challenge for you to clean by your self. A pro would spray a gentle upholstery cleaner on to the fabric, work it in with a soft bristle brush, and then rinse and extract the soil and cleaning solution. The entire couch must be misted down to prevent water marks from forming as the fabric dries. The last step is to wipe the entire couch down with soft, white, terry cloth towels. Be careful not to allow pets on your furniture as they will leave dirt, hair, oil, and saliva on the fabric that will make future cleanings very difficult. Pet accidents are also deadly to couches, mattresses, etc., often resulting in the affected piece being tossed.
Q:What are the features of Qing Dynasty chairs?
Variety, style and changeable, the pursuit of exquisite. There are a lot of previous generations were not the variety and style, style is with countless changes. Take the usual clean armchair as an example, on the basis of its basic structure, artisans have produced numerous variations of styles. Even if every single piece of design also attaches great importance to other changes. In the form of common imitation bamboo, To, imitation bronze, and even fake rockery wooden form. In turn, there are bamboo, rattan, stone imitation wood form.

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