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Product Description:


Ⅰ . Product Description:

NZY-SR retarded type water reducer is composed of high performance and high efficiency water reducer and retarded components, slump retention components, as well as other functional components, with high performance of water reducing, slow slump loss and Concrete hydration temperature rise.


NZY-SR can effectively inhibit the concrete early hydration and without affect the later strength, is ideal concrete admixture for high performance concrete, mass concrete and long-distance transport concrete products.


NZY-SR retarded type water reducer has both liquid and solid package.







Ⅱ. Main technical features of NZY-SR RETARDER


(1) A kind of polyhydroxy organic compound, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, and free steel-corrosion effect.

(2) Extend setting time, reduce mixing water (5%-30% water saving).

(3) Extend induction period of cement hydration, slow down hydration rate, delay cement hydration exothermic process.

(4) Improve workability, easy to pour and vibrate.

(5) Increase strength, reduce cement content.



Test Item


Solid Content%

Control value±1


Control value±0.02

pH value


Alkali contentNa2O+0.658K2O)(%


chlorine ion content C%


The fluidity of cementmm


Remark: Base on national standard GB8077-2000For test method of concrete admixtures homogeneity



Test Item

standard request

The factory technical indicators

High performance

High efficient

High performance

High efficient

water-reducing rate%





bleeding rate %





air content%





Setting time differencemin

initial setting





Final setting

1h slump change valuemm




compressive strength rate%











ratio of shrinkage%






Effect on reinforcement corrosion

Remark: Base on national standard  GB8076-2008 Concrete Admixture

. Applications of NZY-SR RETARDER

NZY-SR retarder is used in reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, mass concrete, pump concrete, road concrete, and waterproof concrete construction projects which require extension of setting time.

NZY-SR retarder is suit for concrete construction in summer or hot weather.

NZY-SR retarder can be used in slip-form concrete construction.

NZY-SR retarder can be used as supplementary materials for produce or remix other concrete admixtures.


Ⅳ. Packaging, transport and storage

(1) Powder retarder is available in 25±0.25kg film-lined bags. Liquid t retarder is available in sealed 200kg or 1000kg bucket. Other special package can also be available according to prior consultation.

(2) Special measures should be taken to ensure entire package. Keep waterproof during transportation.

(3) Dry and well ventilated warehouse is needed for storage. Quality guarantee of retarder is two years under normal conditions. If storage has surpassed the time, test must be done to confirm the validity.

Ⅴ. Health and safety

(1) Once splashed into eyes and skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.

(2) Inedible. When eating by mistake, drink sufficient water to urge to vomiting, and then go to hospital.

(3) No littering. Caution should be taken to protect environment.

Ⅵ. Customer services

Data in this manual is only for reference. Technical data about dosage and mix proportion is available if necessary. Professional services in site are also available. More information needed, please direct all inquiries to company.


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Q:what is heat hydration of cement.?
To simplify and expand upon what the other answer said: Concrete becoming a solid isn't a matter of the mixture simply drying out. It is a chemical reaction between the water and the cement. The chemical reaction gives off heat during the process. We keep adding water to concrete during the curing process so that there is enough water in the mixture to completely react all of the cement, rather than allowing the heat to cause some of the water to evaporate before it gets a chance to react. The heat of hydration is the amount of energy given off (as heat) during the reaction.
Q:Cement tretments...gloss?
Quick lesson.........cement is the powder in the concrete. To make concrete glossy, they have several sealers that will do the trick. Some are as simple as Thompsons water seal(junkie tho) and others are a 2 part sealer that has a reaction when you mix together. That is by far the best to use. Go to a local material supplier. Typically ones that deal with mostly contractor supplies have the best products. Ask them for a sealer that they'd usually use over an exposed aggregate sidewalk. That is what you want. Far as removal......once it's on, it's on. It'll have to be recoated to keep it looking fresh and new. If you want to remove it, it'll have to be stripped off and that is a pain.
Q:Cement Overlay?
if you haven't done it before you would be better off putting real tiles down i saw a program about that it wasn't an amateurs job but if you still want a go you'll need cement colouring and a type of large pattern maker for the tile shape and a whole load of cement plus you need to make sure your floor is strong enough to take the weight of all that cement
Q:Cement patio help?
Hi - You can add a dye to the cement before it hardens to change the color - but that won't help now, plus it would be hard to match the old color. If you live in a warm climate then one solution is to put an outdoor tile over the whole thing - using extra mortar in the low parts. When we lived in florida I put a red terra-cotta type tyle on our patio and it came out nice. You can also go to Lowes/Home depot and look in the paint department for an epoxy coating. They are common for garages, but they have them for walkways/patios too. Good luck.
Q:Is the cement used for dental crowns antibacterial?
Hi, dental cements like GIC(glass ionomer cements), Resin cements help repel bacteria because of the fluoride release. They dont have antibacterial properties but only protects the tooth from adhering(sticking) bacteria. Zinc Phosphates with eugenol has bacteriostaric properties but it dissolves in saliva easily.
Q:What makes cement concrete 'rock solid'?
When you mix Portland Cement, sand, gravel, water, and in some cases, an entraining agent, the mixture undergoes a chemical reaction due to the cement called hydration. This mixture hardens into what is called concrete. Gravel and sand in the concrete are what are called aggregates. The cement is what binds the sand and the gravel together. The gravel and the sand are what give the concrete its compressive strength (sometimes you add prestressed steel to give it better strength). If you simply used Portland Cement, it would fall apart easily. The sand is present to fill the voids, or empty spaces, between the gravel rocks. An entraining agent is often added (a liquid poured from a bottle) to remove the air from the mixture, resulting in a higher quality concrete.
Q:A block of cement...?
Look in your Yellow Pages under Cement,Transit Mix give them a call.The price where I live will be different than where you live.Try It. 10/10
Q:How to fix a leaking cement birdbath in a non-toxic way?
Use an aquarium safe silicon caulk. Most pet stores carry it as well as most large home improvement stores. It will say on the tube that it is safe for aquariums.
Q:420 kg cement how many cubic feet?
wet or dry? assuming dry: But there are many unknowns, see below. I'll take a number of 1000 kg/m³ and you can change as needed 420 kg / 1000 kg/m³ = 0.4 m³, which converts to 14 ft³ Cement (finely ground gray or white powder used to bind concrete mixtures) weighs between 830 kg/m³ and 1650 kg/m³ depending on its handling. The weight of cement that has been pneumatically loaded into a cement silo may be as low as 830 kg/m³, while cement that has been stored for a period of time exposed to vibration may be as heavy as 1650 kg/m³.
Q:Which is stronger PVC cement or Contact cement?
PVC. Contact cement can lose it's bond due to moisture and sufficient mechanical force. PVC cement dissolves the PVC so the two pieces' surfaces mix together and become one when the solvent flashes off (solvent weld. plastic model glue works the same way).
We are one of the largest concrete admixture-products manufacture in China. We can produce different kinds of high quality conveyor belt and transmission belt.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing,China
Year Established 1992
Annual Output Value Above CNY ¥ 4 Billion
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.4
No.of Employees in Trade Department 500 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 200000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 20
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range Average